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  1. ya it its, such a beautiful piece. on of my favorites. thanks joey ill look into that.
  2. Im trying to order Shindler's List and Dry Your Tears, Afrika. But i cant seem to find just the Conductors Score. can someone help me.
  3. how did u find those KingPin. I go on Hal Leonard Constantly and nothing ever changers.
  4. ya, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone(just the suite for orchestra) came today speak of the devil. Im by the way does anyone know were i can find the recording to Nimbus 2000, and The Sorcerer's Stone, and Escapades. I cant find a trace of those recording.
  5. i thought soo too but i thought heard he used Sonar 5, Finale, and VSL but i guess its Myth.
  6. o ya basically the main titles. ya i was wondering were the 2nd part was in the movie two. i was thinking at the end but it sounds a little different
  7. Does anyone know what software JW uses to compose, also does anyone know what type of samples he uses. thanks
  8. Im a cello player and. i play on a Stohr which 20 years old and a great instrument. before purchasing it i was looking for a musch more older cello. So i went to a shop called William Gengakki Violins in atlanta. They have got a great selection of instruments. and a ton of cello. so i sat down and played every single one, some very cheap and some very, VERY EXPENSIVE. I Played some very old cellos that had popular names but just played terrible for me then i found mine which wasnt all that expensive compared to rest. So age does not matter.
  9. I've Played it and it and i was never reminded of JAWS, but i can see what your saying about the accents.
  10. HAHAHAHA im sorry that who i ment. We just played Variations on America and thats who poped in my head. woops
  11. Well actually the Star Wars score resembles alot of Charles Ives work (I.E. Firebird suite) o ya brand new user=)
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