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  1. I can't wait to see what Mr.Williams has in store for us in the BFG!!
  2. They played this very good. I actually had the chance to watch them march up in 8th and I in D.C.
  3. My last score was Harry Potter: and The Sorcerer's Stone. I remember putting in on while I pulled an all nighter to study for a test.
  4. I have played a variety of his pieces. But in concert band we played Duel of the Fates which was really hard once we brought it up to tempo. This being said I was fairly new to the trumpet at this time.But it sounded awesome. I also have a few books of his work that are fun to play in some down time.
  5. So I thought that I would share this story with everyone about the time I almost meet John Williams. I have always wanted to meet John Williams.(and I'm sure a lot of people here on this site would like to as well) And seem to never be able to catch him at his performances. Yes, I know that there is an address that I can use to mail to him. But that wouldn't be the same as meet Mr.Williams in person. I had to do a lot of interneting but I found my golden ticket. Now finding him was all figured out. The main reason I had this idea to find him was because I was going to California for Spring Bre
  6. NAME: Alex Wilkerson LOCATION: Virginia,Usa AGE: 14 SEX: M PROFESSION/EDUCATION: Student FAVORITE JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): All of them FAVORITE NON-JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): Pokémon, Braveheart, Monsters Inc, Legend of Zelda, Phantom of the Opera, Sweeny Todd, Hms Pinafore FAVORITE FILM(S): Star Wars saga, Throw Mama From the Train, FAVORITE DIRECTOR(S):Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Quentin Tarantino, SPECIAL INTEREST(S): Music, Trumpet playing, video gaming, Bagpipe playing, SCOTLAND! VISITING THIS BOARD
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