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  1. Guys I don't know if you understand french, but here is the explanation of my song : (If you really want a translation, I can do it) Choix des instruments Les instruments que j’ai utilisé pour la réalisation de ma pièce ont tous un lien avec le personnage de Kylo Ren. Ils représentent ses émotions, ou sa démarche: La Harpe, représente l’innocence juvénile de Ben Solo (futur Kylo Ren). Avant d’être un seigneur Sith, il était un élève Jedi. Les Percussions sont là pour donner le caractère guerrier du personnage.
  2. I would like to thanks everyone. I read all your comments. It's really interesting and Marcus your sentence "Being a young composer, Kylo Ren very likely comes across as both "big" and "bad" to your mind, whereas Williams scores him the way he perceives him", perception is everything. And John Williams, way (no offense JW) older than me, as more tools to perceive a character. I'm still young and "naive". You are right, John Williams has more shades, hues, the way he perceives Kylo Ren in his music than me. Good point !! (I would like to apology for the poor englis
  3. And just to be clear, I'm NOT bragging around saying I did something better than John Williams, it's just a FAN music, I did it for fun. I don't have a real orchestra at home, I'm a young composer. So, no need to bring pop corn to watch people discrediting my work.
  4. Hello everyone, Being a fan of Star Wars since I was a kid, I couldn’t have been more excited at the idea of a new trilogy. I went to see Star Wars: Episode VII and was not disappointed. The only thing missing for me was this: The music for the big bad Kylo Ren was lacking. I went online to see if he had some sort of official theme and he did, but it wasn't really representative. Looking back at the original trilogy, I found this surprising because the theme music for Darth Vader, The Imperial March, is impossible to forget. Kylo Ren being so closely related to Vader, I decided to challen
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