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  1. Hi, guys, how was the Violin concerto No.2. after all, compared to the first two plays? I like and prefer the Tanglewood premiere of the piece more than the second playing from the Symphony hall, although I like it as well. Thank you.
  2. Hi guys, are there an online tickets available somewhere, like the Deutsche Grammophon did with the world premiere of "Violin concerto 2" back in 2021? Thank you.
  3. Can you tell me what music is he conducting on this video, and can I find the video on YouTube? Thank you.
  4. Happy Birthday Maestro! Be healthy many more years filling our souls with your greatest talent.
  5. Just love this slight gesture down and his serious look at 2:59-3:00. Love, love, love watching John Williams conducting.
  6. Yes, better said, I didn't clarify correctly. Favourite indeed for both film composing and conducting.
  7. Yes, I also consider him the best composer(also the best conductor, because he has great moving and facial expressions) who ever lived.
  8. I mean a video of the performance not just an audio, but perhaps buying it.
  9. Do you know when? Also on YouTube there's only a 47 second excerpt of Highwood's Ghost conducted by John Williams. Is somewhere a whole video of the concert?
  10. Is the piano concerto Prelude and Scherzo played by Gloria Cheng will be ever uploaded as the Violin concerto no.2(it was on the second day)?
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