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  1. The sound of Joker works really great. But it should be nominated for Best sound design, not best original score. And I'm not saying this to diminish its craft or effectiveness. Just that many recent entries in the original score categories are neither originale nor score.
  2. 0:11 onward is pure Williams action music although trailerized with RC like drums.
  3. I think this is Williams as I said earlier. And if it is, I think it will shut the mouth of a great many folks
  4. That "nooooooooo" really works. It's actually like there are danger and tension. Which is something I never felt during either TFA or TLJ (even though I liked those to movies)
  5. Right at the beginning of Rey’s Theme the cue. Not rey’s theme as in thematic ideas.
  6. Score is great outside the movie Regularly listen to it.
  7. Reminds me of Nicholas Hooper cue for when Belatrix fries a whole corn field probably to make popcorn in HBP. Although it’s way higher notes in hooper cue.
  8. Dialogue is nice, musique is like The falcon, but I would have liked more thematic material in there. Let’s wait
  9. Yeah it’s a shame for Powell. What reassuring is that he does not strike me as a guy who’s running after awards. I like to think he does not care
  10. Once again a nice interview of Powell! He really his a composer I like and easily take the second place after John Williams imho. BTW: he talks a bit about Williams
  11. If I may, the kerning on "Original music by" is a tad too big Oher than that, it's stellar work!
  12. At this point I don't care who composed this because it sounds great and I want to hear it in its full glory. Now, my bet is that it's Williams.
  13. What saddens me is not that they are still recording and asking Williams to write new music or do rewrites due to scenes changing until the very last minute. What bothers me is that it won’t prevent the music to be butchered in the editing process.
  14. https://cosmicbook.news/george-lucas-saving-star-wars-test-screenings-disaster
  15. It appears it's the only thread regarding Qobuz, sorry to bump it but this dropped 3 days ago: https://www.engadget.com/2019/11/11/qobuz-drops-lossy-music-streaming/ High quality audio for less
  16. Just saw the movie which is significantly better than Shinning imho
  17. Yeah this YouTube channel has lots of great videos
  18. Does not make it good or interesting though... Side note: I would have liked Bear McCreary on this!
  19. Yep, will probably go to the Paris show https://www.gdp.fr/en/artistes/hans-zimmer-live/
  20. I can’t stop listening to this since it came out. It’s genuinely great work.
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