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  1. It depends. Are tickets to big concerts at La Scala sold out before the general sale?
  2. Only if you disregard the fact that he flew to Vienna in a plane.
  3. I'm not taking any chances. Preserved or not, I'll be cherishing that botched Leia's theme horn solo until the day I die.
  4. If he is an actual fan, he's quite an oblivious and egotistical one. Firstly, he could've read the room and taken cue from the other fans around the entrance, who were thanking and applauding John Williams without intruding on his personal space. That was the appropriate thing to do. It also doesn't take a lot of research to know that John Williams hasn't signed stuff in years, and that he is generally surrounded by bodyguards for a reason. When a star is willing to sign something, they will show it clearly. John Williams was heading straight for the door, like he did during the concert in Berlin. Charging into him with a pen and paper isn't gonna end well. I don't have much sympathy for the justification that he was just a massive fan and really wanted an autograph. To me, John Williams is also a godlike legend. I can't stop enjoying his music, I can't stop buying the CDs/LPs/Blu-Rays, I can't stop talking about him to my friends, I've participated in this community for years, I've done four podcast episodes about his scores, and I've been to 7 concerts where John was conducting, sacrificing my time and finances to such a degree that nothing else in my life even comes close to that. I could sell my soul for an autograph or even a wink from John Williams. But that doesn't give me a right to barge into his personal space. If you're truly a fan, that also means you treat your object of fandom as a human that deserves respect more than anyone else in the world. Autographs are a mutual activity that demand consent from both parties. As a fan, one should have some self-control, know what's appropriate in a given moment, and know the lines that you're not supposed to cross. When a fan cannot behave like a proper fan, then one shouldn't be surprised that people will treat them like any one of those obnoxious autograph hunters.
  5. Looks like the same guy from the Berlin concerts ๐Ÿ˜€
  6. During the first concert, as I was sitting in the balcony, I could see that the mics were clearly recording, as they had red lights on. The music is definitely not lost, but whether there's a CD in the works, I don't think anyone knows for sure.
  7. The ticket said we were in row 4, and when you add the three(?) front rows to that that would make it row 7.
  8. Those people were me and my sister! ๐Ÿ˜„
  9. They have Prayer for Peace as an optional encore
  10. Tbh the whole hall should have sung Happy Birthday, that would've been amazing.
  11. Do we have a meetup planned, or have we had enough of each other?
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if John Williams made a statement on the situation before the concert. Gustavo Dudamel & The Berliner Philharmoniker did last Saturday, they held a moment of silence, and they even projected the flag on the sides of the hall. I imagine the mods here will have no choice but to ban both of them.
  13. I've just tried asking them about whether or not they're gonna record the concerts. Their response was that they cannot disclose their future plans.
  14. Your sole interest in this petition is just having all the flubs documented. I protest!
  15. Aw, that sucks. Well, if you're ever in Berlin for any of those concerts, let me know, as I might be there, too.
  16. Yes, I try to attend all of them, especially the ones during the weekends. I had to skip a couple of mid-week concerts, because flying to Berlin and back wasn't possible due to work. However, I will certainly make it to the next one, which is the Dudamel concert on the 26th. Are you going to that one? I remember that you had planned to.
  17. Well, this has certainly put an unexpected dent in my finances. I'm already attending two Berlin Philharmonic subscription series, and I have a trip to Dublin for the Hans Zimmer concert in March. If John Williams keeps doing surprise concerts in Europe like this, I will go bankrupt. It will be absolutely worth it, though.
  18. One doesn't need to be a nerd or fan to recognize CE3K music, as it's a worldwide blockbuster film. Spielberg's works are popular everywhere, China included. I agree that catching all instances of plagiarism is practically impossible, but as we're talking about a known theme and a big global event like the Olympics, I still think they could've done better. John Williams does recognize Stravinsky's influence in his score for Star Wars, so it's no secret. Besides, Stravinsky had been dead for several years, and by then The Rite of Spring had long entered the Western classical canon. So one could describe that track as a homage, rather than nefarious plagiarism. Even if one doesn't want to engage with Chinaโ€™s legal system, one can still publicly point out plagiarism and ask for an apology. Chinese people hate being lied to, they hate plagiarism, and they have a cancel/shaming culture for those kinds of things, especially seen in social media. It wasn't some random school concert, it was the Olympics, watched by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. John Williams himself is a musical icon in the Olympics. He deserves appropriate credit whenever his music is used in such a context. I wouldn't be surprised by this. Admittedly, I'm writing all of this as a fan, and I realize I might be far more zealous about his music and its recognition than he is.
  19. I'll try asking some musician friends in Beijing if they know anything about this. The Olympics should have safeguards against this kind of stuff, particularly when the CE3K theme is relatively well known. Whomever vetted the submitted music wasn't doing their job properly, and the composer should be ashamed. In any case, John Williams and his legal team should be informed about this. They definitely have a plagiarism case here imo.
  20. I think this is far from the first time that Olympics are doing selections from the classical repertoire, but I'd have liked something more unique, like the pieces in Tokyo Olympics. Maybe some actual Chinese classical music would've been better. What was annoying is that the pieces started repeating after a while. They should have covered the whole procession with music, rather than half of it, and then looping it back from the beginning.
  21. Yeah, I noticed that as well. Here's the whole sequence with the (almost) CE3K fanfare: BeijingTrimmed.mp4
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