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  1. I saw A Summer's Tale yesterday, directed in 1996 by Éric Rohmer, a French director known for his youthful romance dramas and a filmmaking style that's well-aligned with the French New Wave, where his career began. He likes simplicity and realism, frequently works with non-professional actors, despises anything that, in his opinion, breaks the fourth wall, such as non-diegetic music, and likes to group his films into thematic cycles. A Summer's Tale is part of a 4-film cycle titled Tales of the Four Seasons (Contes des quatre saisons). In this film, Rohmer also continues to study y
  2. At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if Lynch and Williams turned into Ents.
  3. The theatres have opened up in Norway, so for the past month, I've been able to watch films again, after six months of waiting. The last one I saw was Millennium Actress by Satoshi Kon, a fictional account of a Japanese actress, which is partly based on the real lives of actresses Setsuko Hara and Hideko Takamine. So if you're into classic Japanese cinema, you'll enjoy this film, as it also includes many references to those old films. I really like the filmmaking style of Satoshi Kon. Just like his earlier film Perfect Blue, here he also blurs the line between reality a
  4. Yeah. I'll try to use most of them, so I feel less guilty about leaving an empty seat for those amazing concerts. There are some convenient dates, like Fridays and Saturdays, and flights to Berlin are quick and cheap. In the e-mail they sent me, they said "when it is time". Sounds vague, though dramatic.
  5. By the way, for anyone struggling with the IBAN system, just contact them here, write what tickets you want to book, and they will reserve the seats for you within a day. Just got my seats for the concerts on the 14th and 15th!
  6. Yeah, but if you purchase a subscription for the concert series C and K, you can get tickets for the concerts on the 14th and 15th already now. That's what I am trying to do. There aren't that many seats left, and I think they'll be gone by August.
  7. Thanks for the info! I'll try booking the tickets by phone, then. I can only hope they open up other payment options for the Saturday concert. Not having an online booking option for that one would certainly result in a mess.
  8. How do you actually pay by IBAN, though? I've never done it, and I assumed I should input the IBAN and BIC for my own bank account in there, but it just says it's invalid. Isn't IBAN used for the recipient of a payment anyway, and not the sender? It's so weird, and there are apparently no other options, at least online.
  9. How stable is their website? Does anyone have experience with it? I want to get a few tickets in decent locations for the 16th, and I wonder if it's going to be the Vienna scenario where everything crashes, or if they actually do have a decent queueing system.
  10. I can't recall any details like that. I was just enjoying the concert too much. Did anyone record that part? Maybe it's captured somewhere. I saw that a lot of people filmed the Star Wars performance, during both concerts. From the first concert, the only details I remember is the solo horn mistake in Jurassic Park theme, and the moment where half of the orchestra fell behind in Adventures on Earth, with John Williams strenuously trying to re-sync all of the sections. I also remember more abstract feelings. For example, I was totally blown away by the Close Encounters suite on the first day
  11. What's the story behind that quote? It always seemed like such a random reference to put into the score. I think it sounds great, though.
  12. I'd also like to thank @Trumpeteerfor this amazing journey. For me, being in my 20s, it's difficult to really comprehend what a 60+ year musical career really means, and what it means to have composed 100+ film scores. The realisation that you'd have to spend an hour each week for 2 years in order to get an overview of every John Williams film score, really puts things in perspective. I've never fully appreciated John Williams until I started listening to The Baton, and it really helped me grasp the sheer scale and variety of his creative output. Watching all of those films is now on my bucket
  13. Yeah, but then we'd have to suffer through another year of complaints about flubs from @Jurassic Shark
  14. As I said, the whole Berlin thing is just a cover story. As soon as he's done with the orchestra, he'll secretly drive to München, where he will have the time of his life. The man has worked intensely for more than 60 years. It's just the right time to start using his own savings on the pinnacle of German culture, i.e. beer.
  15. I am not aware of any other plausible reasons for going to Germany in October.
  16. He might want to be in Germany in time for the Oktoberfest
  17. I'll list some of my favorite films from 2020, but how exactly do you determine the year? There are always ambiguities here, as some may consider the year of first screening (which is usually a limited festival premiere) as the release year, while others take the year of wide release, when it first becomes available to a broad audience, as the release year. This is why, for example, films such as High Life often appear in the lists for 2019, rather than 2018, even though it was first screened in 2018. Anyway, here are three of my recommendations: 1. WOLFWALKERS I am quite disappo
  18. Congrats to @gkgyver! I feel like that piece could be part of a larger concerto. It made me think of The Five Sacred Trees.
  19. If you start watching The Last Jedi on December 31st at 23:38.35, Luke Skywalker will drink the green milk at exactly midnight.
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