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  1. There seems to be various versions of this soundtrack "out there" but they all vary in tracks, titles and lengths. Does anyone know which is most film then composed/recorded version, the complete, the expanded or the extended? It's confusing!
  2. I designed this as the back of a shrt, sort of like a rockband touring shirt, with an image of Steven Spielberg on the front. Haven't posted it anyplace as a "design" to purchase. Uncertain if it would even be allowed. No, it's not fully or exclusively Williams but it's pretty darn close. I'm actually working on something that may allow me to produce this, or similar, garments and other assorted items. I do really like the OP's original idea as well.
  3. I'm happy with the theatrical posters for the ST in the Prequel style. Just something that matches well, doesn't have to be Struzan if he didn't do any/good posters for 79.
  4. If I could put in a request for the ST in the style of the PT as then there'd be a complete set of 9 for those entire saga. I don't have much time to tinker with custom covers again right now or I'd give it a shot myself.
  5. As actual physical tickets aren't much of a thing these days, this is what my nieces and nephew will be getting for Christmas from their best uncle. I've temped up TESB and ROTJ as well in anticipation.
  6. Just purchased my tickets to A New Hope LTP with the CPO. Now only 11 months to wait.....
  7. I'd missed the part at the bottom where Williams is listed as being there. You'd have to think it will end up like the 80th birthday celebration where Williams picked up the baton for the Imperial March. Much more interested in going again.
  8. Where was it noted Williams as a special guest? The release I read simply stated it was Williams' music conducted by Newman, which is disappointing from the standpoint of going to see a Stones concert without Mick of Keith. Even if they are sitting and listening with you, still not the same. My travel plans might be altered by this.
  9. So Hollywood director Steven Spielberg made a Steven Spielberg Hollywood director's choice? Got it. Hate on the director who contracted the composer and found a way to use the composed music to elicit the exact feeling the director, who hired the composer, wanted. This board is a good reason why classical music in general gets such a terrible reputation. You can't be nice about anything and rather have to interject your own nihilistic and complete fanboy-ish ideals onto everything. I don't listen to recording sessions and gleam over what was recorded and never used. If
  10. Um, the "film version" is the version in the film. If we got a complete soundtrack of all the music for the film that SHOULD include the music that, you know, is actually in the film. And those whining that it's not better are only doing so because no matter who says what about anything if it isn't in the Maestro's original music sheets it will always be wrong to you. It's a triumphant moment that works perfectly as noted by the film maker himself who, you know, has a pretty damn good idea of what makes a film fantastic. There's no reason BOTH versions weren't on the LL
  11. Sucks that there is no film version of T-rex Rescue and Finale on the LL release. It works much, much better than the original scoring. It gives Rexy the heroic fanfare she deserves.
  12. I have the Blu-ray. It is not. Nor on the 4K. Doubtful it will be on the 3D Blu-ray either. I mean they couldn't bother to put the Atmos audio track on the Blu-ray so why would they put this? Studios are stupid. 2nd Star Wars movie I am not purchasing and I own 5 copies of the OT on VHS.
  13. Have you discovered a place to obtain the "not available to Canadians" version? you can PM if it's too hush-hush for prying ears to discover.
  14. About time they announced! Since I can't make Chicago for my own 40th this will be my celebration to myself.
  15. Hollywood Bowl lists Movie Night for Sunday, Sept 2. Doubtful there's 3 Williams concerts this year as there have been for the past 2 years, if at all.
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