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  1. I watched Yojimbo this morning. I think I prefer A Fistful of Dollars just for the score. They were pretty much exactly the same though The Cat Returns I actually loved this movie. It reminded me of a fun medieval fantasy film like Sleeping Beauty or something. It was cute and touching, but I wish they had spent more time in the Kingdom of the cats.
  2. I don't want to go to war today
  3. I'm not sure if anyone's posted this. but it looks like Wintory has scored a new thing: Looks like it could be interesting
  4. That theme was pretty good yo. And I've been hearing decent things about the movie, but it's probably still gonna be crap lol
  5. Star Trek: The Motion Picture Boring. Looked and sounded cool though Dark Crystal The atmosphere in this movie is dope.
  6. The Seventh Seal Fascinating, but I'm still trying to piece all the parts together in my brain. It was shot pretty good
  7. I quit at the mummy train episode. I don't know if that's season 8 or not though
  8. Best thing about the poster is Spike's ship from Cowboy Bebop on the right. Makes me a little more interested in the movie, but who knows
  9. It successfully accomplished what it set out to do, so I'll give it that. I'm just not sure if doom and gloom movies with bleak endings are for me.
  10. Of course it wasn't bad, it just made me angry. The best part was when Bennell rescued Elizabeth from her house.
  11. I was surprised by how good Dragonslayer actually was when I first watched it. I was expecting some rinky dink sword and sorcery film, but it's actually pretty good. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) It was pretty good, but I was angry at the ending cause I really wanted it to have a good ending and it didn't. Oh well
  12. I've only seen A Fistful of Dollars but I can totally see it. It felt much more like a samurai flick than the other Westerns I've seen
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