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  1. Thanks - some great suggestions here!
  2. The developing timbre palette of film music: The emergence of world instruments for non-ethnographic association It's a work in progress. I've mentioned most of the scores you have mentioned. I was hoping JW was going to be an early contributor to the oeuvre.
  3. I'm so delighted to finally find this out but equally disappointed that I can't use it as an example in my journal article! Thanks so much for letting me know!
  4. What percussion instrument is used in Chrissie's Last Swim when she is hugging the bell tower buoy?
  5. In the first shark attack, Chrissie's last scene, there is a moment when she is hugging on to the bell tower buoy. The music changes at this point and there is a brief utterance of tuned percussion which to me sounds like a Gamelan. Does anyone know if this is what Williams used? If not, what was it?
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