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    Evanus reacted to toothless in New ‘Lord of the Rings’ Movies in the Works at Warners, New Line   
    Then we need Shore to come back for the next three movies! 
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    Evanus reacted to Chen G. in New ‘Lord of the Rings’ Movies in the Works at Warners, New Line   
    Also a release of whatever Shore may or may not have had cooking for The Rings of Power that wasn't used...
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    Evanus got a reaction from Chen G. in New ‘Lord of the Rings’ Movies in the Works at Warners, New Line   
    If the chances of getting complete Hobbit score releases are higher because of this, it's worth it 
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    Evanus reacted to Nick1Ø66 in New ‘Lord of the Rings’ Movies in the Works at Warners, New Line   
    The Hobbit isn't terrible. If it were made first, it would probably be considered the greatest fantasy film made to date. It's not in the same league as LOTR, of course, and it suffers in many ways by comparison. But I don't think it's "terrible" a film, and I've been one of its harshest critics on here.

    But speaking of comparison, if The Hobbit is made to look worse in comparison to LOTR, it's certainly improved, in my eyes at least, in comparison to Rings of Power. 
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    Evanus reacted to Chen G. in New ‘Lord of the Rings’ Movies in the Works at Warners, New Line   
    I love the way fandom works. You make a movie I like = good. You make one movie I dislike, regardless of anything you've done prior, and away with you and don't dare coming near celluloid ever again, or so help me!
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    Evanus reacted to Barnald in New ‘Lord of the Rings’ Movies in the Works at Warners, New Line   
    If nothing else, I feel like Hobbit Complete Recordings are more likely if Warner Bros see Middle-earth as an active property.
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    Evanus reacted to Luka in Live action “How to Train Your Dragon” coming 2025 - John Powell   
    That'd be too good to be true.
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    Evanus reacted to LSH in Live action “How to Train Your Dragon” coming 2025 - John Powell   
    I'm probably in the minority here but I'd much rather Powell be doing something fresh in the coming few years. We have a perfect trilogy of scores from HTTYD. 
    Get him back to Star Wars, if anything.
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    Evanus reacted to Cerebral Cortex in Indiana Jones 5 TV spot music could be from the new score   
    Amazing the difference is between playing something resembling the real deal versus a cheap imitation. Actually got goosebumps from this.
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    Evanus reacted to JNHFan2000 in Star Trek: Picard (2020 TV Series)   
    New composers for season 3.
    Stephen Barton & Frederik Wiedmann.
    Very excited about this. It seems that they are really doing a Goldsmith homage. Which seems like the proper thing to do for the final season
  11. Thinking
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    Evanus reacted to Mr. Who in Ridley Scott's NAPOLEON (Martin Phipps, 2023)   
    I’m disappointed that HGW isn’t scoring this but Phipps is good.
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    Evanus reacted to gtna in The Mandalorian SHOW discussion - Spoilers Allowed for all aired episodes   
    Joseph Shirley was recently listed on IMDB as the composer of S3. Also he retweeted the trailer. Ludwig is silent about it, and said it's a secret when asked about it.
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    Evanus reacted to artguy360 in Obi-Wan Theme in The Rise of Skywalker!   
    I love how JW accidentally wrote the Game of Thrones theme in the finale of AOTC.
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    Evanus reacted to Bounty95 in The Rise of Skywalker - COMPLETE SCORE Discussion - SPOILERS ALLOWED!   
    Damn, seeing this thread bumped reminds me of how much I desire to listen to the whole score. I'd kill for an update from Mike lol 
  16. Surprised
    Evanus reacted to BrotherSound in The Rise of Skywalker - COMPLETE SCORE Discussion - SPOILERS ALLOWED!   
    Me, too!
    Here’s list of just what’s on the OST and FYC for which alternates are known to exist (or are likely to exist):
    Journey to Exegol (2nd half)
    Falcon Flight*
    To Kijimi
    Join Me
    The Old Death Star (1st half)
    Destiny of a Jedi
    Healing Wounds
    The Battle of the Resistance
    Approaching the Throne
    Coming Together
    The Force Is With You*
    A New Home
    *more than one alternate
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    Evanus reacted to Muad'Dib in Thoughts on Natalie Holt Tweet   
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    Evanus got a reaction from Tydirium in Thoughts on Natalie Holt Tweet   
    Still annoyed by how crappy her score for Obi-Wan was. I hope they pick a better composer for Ahsoka :/
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    Evanus reacted to Jurassic Shark in Thoughts on Natalie Holt Tweet   
    The score to Rogue One doesn't seem so bad no, eh?
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    Evanus reacted to thestat in Nicholas Britell - ANDOR (2022)   
    The Brittell score is what it is - Gilroy made JNH detonalise......
    This is what an unbridled Brittell might have done:
    Jesus, this is good:
    Amazing command of orchestra and melodic subterfuge - just fucking brilliant!
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    Evanus reacted to rough cut in Benoit Blanc film series - Knives Out, Glass Onion   
    OK then. I also thought Glass Onion was an enjoyable film, but I think the lack of willingness to have an interesting, intellectual discussion with actual arguments is an indication that there simply is no counter argument and that pride comes in the way of admitting fault - with the result being that the lack of arguments is to simply bow out by saying “I don’t want to” or “you’re simply wrong because you’re wrong”.
    The first reply @Jay I can at least somewhat respect - I have no intention to force anybody to do anything - but the latter @Yavar Moradi is not only a cheap excuse but it is also insulting - and not a very smart reply. It says more about the author who wrote it than perhaps intended.
    I tend to think that we can all like what we like - and like different things - without the consequence that different opinions by default should diminishes someone’s enjoyment. Especially when an invitation to discuss is done with respect and in good tone.
    Shame that’s not the case.
    But I will not drag this anymore, let’s pick up again on another discussion, in another thread, on another topic and let’s hope it can be more fruitful.
    Can’t wait to discuss Knives Out 3! 😂
  23. Haha
  24. Angry
    Evanus reacted to Drew in Natalie Holt's OBI-WAN KENOBI (2022)   
    Natalie Holt is Spitfire Audio-run Composer Magazine's composer of the year. I wish I was making this up.
    "As we approach the end of 2022, there's one composer who has consistently impressed us with her passion, versatility and modesty in the face of soaring success."
    Composer Magazine also took the cowardly route and blocked someone on Twitter who called out their nonsense.
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    Evanus reacted to Groovygoth666 in Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (Rian Johnson 2017)   
    This is interesting because I had the complete opposite experience leaving the theatre. I had gone with a friend and our showing was the Force Awakens and Last Jedi back to back on opening night. After the screening both me and my friend got up, walked out and it wasn't until we got out of the cinema that we finally spoke about it. "Well I'm not sure what to make of that" he said, "yeah.... I'm not sure if I liked it" was my response. Honestly for me this was the first time that I genuinely didn't enjoy something from a franchise I love (and being a Star Wars, Transformers, Ghostbusters and Dragon Ball fan that's saying something)
    Never understood the criticisms of "Poppins" Leia, the sequel trilogy is canonically what, 20 year's after the OT? Leia using the force this way isn't that much of a stretch and I haven't seen many people complaining about Star Lord saving Gamora while in space in GOTG so Leia being in space and saving herself shouldn't be that much of a stretch either.
    As far as Luke goes, Mark Hamill did a fantastic job with what he was given, personally for me though it doesn't ring true to his character. 
    Absolutely, of the few things I enjoyed in TLJ the connection between Rey and Kylo was one of them. Getting to see them play off each other that wasn't during a fight was really interesting to see. Agreed that Anakin needed to be this interesting.
    Poe's character was changed from TFA to TLJ. Rian needed him to be the hot headed pilot, which he wasn't in TFA, so it felt like we were getting someone completely different. What's frustrating is like you put it, ultimately he has no point. While it feels like what Rian wanted was for him to be the rebel against authority who learns humility, it's so haphazardly handled. 
    The main problem with the Finn and Rose side quest is that you could cut all of it and it would almost have no impact on the main story.
    For me it's not how does the First Order have enough money to make these arms dealers rich, it's how does the New Republic enter trade with these arms dealers while ignoring the rise of the First Order and not become suspicious of how they're getting armed.
    For your last point this feels kind of more a failing on TFA. The political landscape isn't really all that clear in the films. Sure the books/comics have tried to clear this up. From the films what we can gather is, the Resistance is it's own thing. Seemingly Leia believes the First Order to be a threat while the New Republic doesn't for reasons? And with the destruction of the New Republic and it's fleet by Starkiller in TFA, the Resistance is all that's left at the start of TLJ.
    I'm honestly confused by broomstick boy. The film seems to suggest he's a slave, what with him sleeping in the stables with the Fathiers and their owner threating him and others not once but twice. And Canto Bight is surely part of the New Republic right? So why would he be happy to see the Rebellion/Republic logo when Finn and Rose show it to him? Baring in mind the New Republic had only fallen the day before, so he's not under First Order control.
    The fight between Rey, Kylo and the Praetorian guards is great on paper and is an incredible visual fight. Unfortunately though the choreography is terrible. Guards standing there waiting for their turn to attack, having to digitally remove a weapon so no one would ask "why didn't they use that to kill Rey" are things that ruin it for me. With the opening battle too many questions come up, such as why did the dreadnought target the base instead of the Radus, how the hell are the bombers of any use, they are incredibly slow and cumbersome in space somehow, not to mention that three get taken out by a crashing tie fighter accidentally. The Battle of Craits biggest problem is probably that the first half is just a rehash of the Battle of Hoth. Ultimately a huge problem for me is the set pieces are visually interesting, but as far as story/ plot goes there is much to be desired.
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