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  1. You’re welcome 😁 Yes you are right, hearing it closely again, the B part is indeed still a “Lily’s Theme” As a matter of fact, i guess there are no “Jungle Cruise theme” or “Lily’s theme”. Maybe they are both part of one larger theme, presumably called “The Jungle Cruise March” and as it happens, the main character ( the “cruise-er” ) is Lily. So it is a similar situation to “The Raiders March” which a lot of people refer to as “Indy’s theme”. I just found out too that the “Fanfare” is just a slowed down version of the Lily’s theme, and in major. So i g
  2. Now i've seen the movie (the movie's so-so), i can dissect the themes/motifs. And also i quite understand now why we feel like the themes are "underused", because it's tightly connected to the characters and what kind of scenes they play into. Anyway, here it is: Jungle Cruise's (Main Title) Theme First heard, of curse, during the main title sequence, in this track: (If you've seen the movie, i love how the theme plays (and how the scene is shot) similar to "To The Spaceport" track from JNH's Treasure Planet) ^^ There seems to a
  3. Now the score is already on Youtube, This is one of many highlights of the score, but this particular one is standout (and it is not the suite):
  4. Yes, indeed, like the above poster said, it’s really really great to hear this kind of energetic, lively, score in this time (especially in this pandemic condition) Maybe a lot of composer have tried to conjure an “adventure” score this past years, as an “ode to classical era”, but almost all of them just a bunch of notes thrown that goes nowhere. Jungle Cruise is an exception, JNH still manage to give memorable themes, “finesse” and overall a way more cohesive structure that those others composers have failed to give. Granted: Jungle Cruise is indeed LESS cohesive
  5. Somehow, i really love the positive reaction and acknowledgement of this score, despite the “traditional” sounding of it, which mainstream medias usually despise. As The Rock has mentioned, the composer’s job is oftenly overlooked ( except you have Zimmer or Guðnadóttir or Göransson as surname) —— Anyway, slightly off topic. I’m also fond of how JNH reacts to this praise, or in projects in general. Based on his interviews, i can assume he is the type of person/composer, who is affirmative, confident, and really like to edify himself. He is not hesitant to
  6. JNH’s score has been hugely lauded, even by mainstream critics. But first, acknowledgement from the main star:
  7. Sample: Full track list: Jungle Cruise Suite (08:20) Nothing Else Matters (01:26) Breaking Into the Archives (04:02) Stop Her! (02:33) A Steamer to Brazil (01:57) Jungle Cruise (01:53) Nilo (01:12) Frank Breaks In (01:18) Preparing to Set Sail (02:53) Market Chase (02:45) Sub Attack (02:14) Encantado (01:18) The Rapids (03:42) Lily Snoops (02:29) Trader Sam (01:24) The Tree Fight (05:56) Lily Finds Frank (01:17) Joachim and the Bees (01:10) Nothing Else
  8. Another clip with new music, this time with i assume to be the main theme: Kudos to those who have guessed that the music in the trailer IS INDEED from the movie (the theme at least) And one other thing, i love how well the music is mixed in the movie (judging by those clips)! Anyway, really can't wait for this 😭
  9. Hi there, For the past year, i've been creating my own random composition. I have no background in music, aside from listening and analyzing music. I just want to share and hear what your thoughts about it, and what could be improved. JP inspired: "Run" https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xKkNvJ85oE7cFgXP3maBuxKdgYZ3v3FN/view?usp=sharing "Oro" [spanish flair] https://drive.google.com/file/d/17I5LNVmFEP9p21MYkzVrOFs-Z6tf68Jj/view?usp=sharing JNH inspired: "Ambush" https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bqekvj0qFTTCkUPESjx
  10. For those craving for John Powell’s new music: https://www.instagram.com/p/CMCzeExhquk/?igshid=ysxzqvz5p6ns it’s on spotify now:
  11. Have seen the movie. And being Indonesian myself, it's really great to see our cultures vividly, vibrantly, and creatively represented there. Well, them Hollywood Liberals really do the right thing here with cultural representation (NOT among other things 😁) Anyway, another great news is the score is very wonderfully and prominently mixed here, especially the Running on Raindrops scene, and maybe every other scenes to be honest. The score is very effective on screen, and now, i get it why JNH, and the studio, chose the more "electronic" route,
  12. Okay, this score is not just a "modern" JNH. There is certain je ne sais quoi in this, be it the ethnical part, the percussion, or JNH's own magic. Anyway, i do hate the score for not "unleashing" the full JNH potential. A lot of great moments are cut short Like this moment. This thriumphant tone is pure JNH's claasic: or this one: Or this segment, where it channels "The Crystal Chamber" from Atlantis Or perhaps this; the "staple", the distinct JNH's melodramatic writing that we've accostumed
  13. It’s already on Youtube Some of the tracks grow on me, and the overall impression of the score is a bit better after repeat listens. Especially the tracks where they state the main theme. What do you guys think of the theme? I know this is a simple theme, and frankly, this is more suitable to be a countermotif than a full “main” theme (I suppose thats why it sounds similar; i guess the similarity comes from JNH’s own, as he often uses these kind of progression (Peter Pan comes to mind)), but it’s getting catchier after several listens. The theme, in its
  14. ^^ I really hope that's the case, as JNH stated in recent interview: "...When they were temping “Jungle Cruise,” a score I'm really proud of that will come out in July [2021], they temped it with 145 minutes of action music that were all my demos. That was a really satisfying thing. It's twice the amount of work, of course, because if they change the scene, or if they want you to redo it, you have to redo the whole demo. There's a lot of work there...." https://www.rogerebert.com/interviews/sometimes-you-get-lucky-composer-james-newton-howard-on-news-of-the-world
  15. Haha let me rephrase it, EDM maybe the correct term. Any music with bassdrop in it.
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