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  1. Hi there, For the past year, i've been creating my own random composition. I have no background in music, aside from listening and analyzing music. I just want to share and hear what your thoughts about it, and what could be improved. JP inspired: "Run" https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xKkNvJ85oE7cFgXP3maBuxKdgYZ3v3FN/view?usp=sharing "Oro" [spanish flair] https://drive.google.com/file/d/17I5LNVmFEP9p21MYkzVrOFs-Z6tf68Jj/view?usp=sharing JNH inspired: "Ambush" https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bqekvj0qFTTCkUPESjx
  2. For those craving for John Powell’s new music: https://www.instagram.com/p/CMCzeExhquk/?igshid=ysxzqvz5p6ns it’s on spotify now:
  3. Have seen the movie. And being Indonesian myself, it's really great to see our cultures vividly, vibrantly, and creatively represented there. Well, them Hollywood Liberals really do the right thing here with cultural representation (NOT among other things 😁) Anyway, another great news is the score is very wonderfully and prominently mixed here, especially the Running on Raindrops scene, and maybe every other scenes to be honest. The score is very effective on screen, and now, i get it why JNH, and the studio, chose the more "electronic" route,
  4. Okay, this score is not just a "modern" JNH. There is certain je ne sais quoi in this, be it the ethnical part, the percussion, or JNH's own magic. Anyway, i do hate the score for not "unleashing" the full JNH potential. A lot of great moments are cut short Like this moment. This thriumphant tone is pure JNH's claasic: or this one: Or this segment, where it channels "The Crystal Chamber" from Atlantis Or perhaps this; the "staple", the distinct JNH's melodramatic writing that we've accostumed
  5. It’s already on Youtube Some of the tracks grow on me, and the overall impression of the score is a bit better after repeat listens. Especially the tracks where they state the main theme. What do you guys think of the theme? I know this is a simple theme, and frankly, this is more suitable to be a countermotif than a full “main” theme (I suppose thats why it sounds similar; i guess the similarity comes from JNH’s own, as he often uses these kind of progression (Peter Pan comes to mind)), but it’s getting catchier after several listens. The theme, in its
  6. ^^ I really hope that's the case, as JNH stated in recent interview: "...When they were temping “Jungle Cruise,” a score I'm really proud of that will come out in July [2021], they temped it with 145 minutes of action music that were all my demos. That was a really satisfying thing. It's twice the amount of work, of course, because if they change the scene, or if they want you to redo it, you have to redo the whole demo. There's a lot of work there...." https://www.rogerebert.com/interviews/sometimes-you-get-lucky-composer-james-newton-howard-on-news-of-the-world
  7. Haha let me rephrase it, EDM maybe the correct term. Any music with bassdrop in it.
  8. Just finished listening too. I think this is maybe this year's Mulan, where people expected the score to be return to form for the composer, but the reality is not that simple For those still expecting this is going to be like JNH's classic, well stop expecting now 😁 Frankly, if people dont know any better, this score could've been mistaken to be RCP/Lorne Balfe's. And i don't blame JNH, i assume this is the studio/director's choice (we livin in a dubstep world now), because for many small bits in this score, you can hear JNH's magic is still there. He's
  9. Well it looks like it, Anyway, explaination from John Powell: https://www.instagram.com/p/CKCBgRBhMS0/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Whilst “Lockdown” has been a way of life for us all recently, a few weeks ago it became a rather wonderful reunion for me. When Doug Liman, who hired me all those years ago for The Bourne Identity, asked if I could jump on board a ridiculously fast scheduled production called “Lockdown” I was delighted to oblige. Doug and his team had created, shot, and edited the film in no time at all, so part of the attraction was to join them in the
  10. Saw the movie (well skimmed it actually) I mean why even bother hiring John Powell in the first place. Little to none music for the first 3/4 of the movie, only a classical,piano score. Only when it enters the heist scene does the music start to become prominent. Even that still a rather copy-paste job. ( but there is one or two passage that i truly expected to play longer and build to something big, but no, it didnt happen ) And no, the end credits is not where the jewel is. Only a song, and eventhough there is another classical, piano music at t
  11. Well, the movie is going to be released Jan 14, i assume the ost release is likewise. 😅
  12. No update on the OST? Is it already released in NZ and AU area? Well, i think i can assume that JP’s contribution is so limited that it cant guarantee an ost release. Even JP didnt give a gradual teasing/sneak peek like he always did when he scored a movie. But i’d love to be proven wrong.
  13. We are going to get a brand new Powell score next week!!
  14. Finally! cant wait! Interestingly, WarnerMedia announced that the movie will be released next month in HBOMAX: https://pressroom.warnermedia.com/us/media-release/hbo-max-highlights-january-2021 That’s fast! How Powell can muster the orchestra recording in its pandemic arrangement within this short period of time? or, will it be primarily “electronic” score? Eventhough this is a really amazing news, but i think i will contain my expectation. Dont expect orchestra grandeur in this one.
  15. Wow! "Everyone : HZ can't do orchestra! I miss the old HZ " "WW84's Zimmer : Hold my beer 🍺" This is the score that we've been waiting for from HZ! This whole soundtrack is a throwback to 90s Zimmer This track is pure highlight! ^^ I love how CORNY it sounds, And that's what we want! This is like HZ's spin on Olympic-like fanfare ( delibarate pun on JW's 1984 Olympic?) Lion King Throwback: this "love" theme Crimson Tide throwback: These strings movement ❤️
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