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  1. Well it looks like it, Anyway, explaination from John Powell: https://www.instagram.com/p/CKCBgRBhMS0/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Whilst “Lockdown” has been a way of life for us all recently, a few weeks ago it became a rather wonderful reunion for me. When Doug Liman, who hired me all those years ago for The Bourne Identity, asked if I could jump on board a ridiculously fast scheduled production called “Lockdown” I was delighted to oblige. Doug and his team had created, shot, and edited the film in no time at all, so part of the attraction was to join them in the
  2. Saw the movie (well skimmed it actually) I mean why even bother hiring John Powell in the first place. Little to none music for the first 3/4 of the movie, only a classical,piano score. Only when it enters the heist scene does the music start to become prominent. Even that still a rather copy-paste job. ( but there is one or two passage that i truly expected to play longer and build to something big, but no, it didnt happen ) And no, the end credits is not where the jewel is. Only a song, and eventhough there is another classical, piano music at t
  3. Well, the movie is going to be released Jan 14, i assume the ost release is likewise. 😅
  4. No update on the OST? Is it already released in NZ and AU area? Well, i think i can assume that JP’s contribution is so limited that it cant guarantee an ost release. Even JP didnt give a gradual teasing/sneak peek like he always did when he scored a movie. But i’d love to be proven wrong.
  5. We are going to get a brand new Powell score next week!!
  6. Finally! cant wait! Interestingly, WarnerMedia announced that the movie will be released next month in HBOMAX: https://pressroom.warnermedia.com/us/media-release/hbo-max-highlights-january-2021 That’s fast! How Powell can muster the orchestra recording in its pandemic arrangement within this short period of time? or, will it be primarily “electronic” score? Eventhough this is a really amazing news, but i think i will contain my expectation. Dont expect orchestra grandeur in this one.
  7. Wow! "Everyone : HZ can't do orchestra! I miss the old HZ " "WW84's Zimmer : Hold my beer 🍺" This is the score that we've been waiting for from HZ! This whole soundtrack is a throwback to 90s Zimmer This track is pure highlight! ^^ I love how CORNY it sounds, And that's what we want! This is like HZ's spin on Olympic-like fanfare ( delibarate pun on JW's 1984 Olympic?) Lion King Throwback: this "love" theme Crimson Tide throwback: These strings movement ❤️
  8. So this is our confirmation then? Nonetheless, when JP feels challenged, then pretty sure we'll get another hit in the bag? ( does he ever miss though ) Really can't wait!
  9. New track, before the soundtrack get released next Wednesday. I'm honestly surprised. It's more orchestratic than i expected it to be, especially the second half. It somehow reminds me of "Battle for Pride Rock" in The Lion King. And as a lot has pointed, it has a really good energy and brings back "the old " Zimmer. This sounds really promosing. Cant wait for the full soundtrack. Really, what happens with Zimmer? I mean, in a good way of course. Does he find something that really inspired him lately?
  10. I've been a silent reader in this thread 😁 But, gosh, IMO, chapter 15 may be the best episode of this season ( for me, almost ties with the spider episode), And it's unsurprising though, because Rick Famuyiwa directed it ( he also directed the best episode of the first season!) And the writing too, really felt upgraded ( no surprise again, Rick wrote it) I just couldnt stop smiling seeing the banter between Mando and the Bill Burr character ( i think the script helps it) And it goes very intense when it needs to be, and jolly, how it really reminds m
  11. We know imdb is not your most realiable sources, but.. John Powell has been listed as the composer for Doug Liman’s next movie, Lockdown. Wait,.. Interestingly, imdb also lists Batu Sener and John Michael Caldwell for Lockdown. They are both Powell’s inhouse team. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt13061914/fullcredits?ref_=m_tt_cl_scc So this may be true, but this is interesting choice. Maybe Powell loosening up, or... Powell is in desperate need of fresh cash ( as Powell has admitted himself when asked about choice of movies he’ll score)
  12. Screenshot from JP’s latest IG story: I really love how JP seems to know and try to relate with filmmusic fans’s specific wishes and concerns, such as really long tracks and complete track title order. It wont be surprising if Powell may have taken a look at this forum, FSM or filmtracks, to hear what we say.
  13. Well, Powell said yes! ===== Wow, 40+ min more Powell, yass!! i hope this can become a precedent for others to follow, especially for Powell himself to his earlier scores
  14. Its on spotify now. Well, after hearing it in full. Theose short samples can be deceiving indeed. This is no Jerry Goldsmith. And it’s far from his original score. And in fact, this is far from HGW’s own outing like Kingdom of Heaven or Narnia. This score is more in the vein of Prince of Persia. With a weaker, pedestrian theme. ( please do not even try to compare HGW’s Mulan theme with Goldsmith’s) As a major score release since pandemic broke out, this is underwhelming, especially when you expect HGW to channel his KoH.
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