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  1. ANyway, there has been some discussion that this score is like John POwell mixtape, all powellism thrown in , and the themes being so familiar. With that said, this is what i found in regards to the similarity. Buck's theme ( main theme) The first part of the theme(?) does really remind me of a lot of tunes. ------ First heard in the first track: And scattered in many tracks after that, such as this: The 4-notes start ( well, actually the whole structure tbh) is similar to the beginning of Powell's PAN theme: And the next 4 notes heard like this: is also similar to this part from Alexandre Desplat's Lily Theme in Harry POtter ------ The second part of the theme(?), this is so familiar sounding that some of the statements are almost identical First heard in the first track: then to ( my favourite!) its majestic statement, such as this: Particularly this part is really similar to this part from Alexandre Desplat's theme from HP again: in fact, before HP, the whole structure of that theme has been used in Rango: which was actually kinda inspired by Powell's evolution theme, so it's full circle! Talking about Evolution, this part: and also this part: does really scream Evolution! that somwhow you wish the Evolution theme will eventually come out instead: This theme: HTTYD Extended Theme Well this is obvious:
  2. Full credit! Source: http://hans-zimmer.com/index.php?rub=disco&id=1808 Wake The Girls (2:37) John Powell Train North (4:02) John Powell Skagway, Alaska (2:31) John Powell Snowy Climb (1:25) John Powell, Paul Mounsey First Sledding Attempt (2:27) John Powell The Ghost Wolf Of Dreams (1:06) John Powell Joining The Team (2:59) John Powell, Batu Sener Ice Rescue (2:26) John Powell, Batu Sener Sometimes Nature's Cruel And Gods Fight (4:57) John Powell Buck Takes The Lead (4:54) John Powell, Batu Sener We Carry Love (3:02) John Powell, Batu Sener Couldn't Find The Words (2:22) John Powell, Paul Mounsey Overpacked Sled (2:31) John Powell, Paul Mounsey Newfangled Telegram (2:23) John Powell In My Bed? (2:54) John Powell Buck & Thornton's Big Adventure (4:36) John Powell, Batu Sener Finding Bears And Love In The Woods (2:57) John Powell They're All Gone (2:51) John Powell Rewilding (3:48) John Powell Animal Nature (2:34) John Powell Come Say Goodbye (2:09) John Powell What An Adventure (3:02) John Powell The Call Of The Wild (2:51) John Powell Quite disappointing that the highlight of the score such as "Buck takes the lead" and "joining the team" are not truly solo Powell. But its understandsable as those two tracks are like a combination of separate little tracks stitched together. So i guess Powell did the heavy part of the track, and the easy one to Sener. Nonetheless, im happy that this is mostly a solo Powell score
  3. Well, to be honest, on first listen, is a tad underwhelming. What i hope to be a "wholesome" playful score, this score turns to be a whole lot more serious, softer, and sadder. Add to that, what i assume to the main theme ( first heard in the opening track) is not that strong IMO,and in fact, this is the might be rare time where i dont really like Powell's theme ( that somehow mainstream sounding scottish-like tune in the b section of the theme, ugh) Overall a bit disappointing ON THE FIRST LISTEN. Considering the wait and expectation, and being so called "Powell fan" myself But i hope this can grow on me on repeat listen
  4. And its available in Aussie and NZ already! First, sample!: https://music.apple.com/nz/album/the-call-of-the-wild-original-motion-picture-soundtrack/1498520127 Well its on youtube already: and many others..
  5. 1 minute sneak peek of the score! https://web.facebook.com/johnpowellmusic/videos/537025947163086/ That 0:37 onwards moments!! woww, Really reminiscent of Evolution score! what a really wide smile i have right now!!
  6. John Powell form the movie premiere: Picture courtesy of https://www.gettyimages.com.au/detail/news-photo/composer-john-powell-arrives-at-the-world-premiere-of-20th-news-photo/1206137291 I love that he's embracing it Anyway, some of the reviews are up, and if i take a consensus, they all seem surprised of how entertaining and beautiful the movie turns out to be, despite the CGI.
  7. Yes! Thats exactly the term. He clearly has no pressure in this. (While i also think he has no pressure working on Ferdinand too, but i think the result is too somber/soft, not too playful/loud; and his music was still limited to Spanish flavour) Anyway, The tunes above does remind me, in a way, of Drumline's theme:
  8. Another clip! With full tune fully heard. I love that the tune sounds like Powell's old style tunes, like Drumline, or any of his pre 2010 score. This really puts a big smile on my face right now. Really cant wait. Update: Powell called the tune "Working Riff" and "Dog Team Tune"
  9. Both are a very good thing in my book, cant wait! I second to someone who once said here that he missed the "old" sound of Powell, fun and not too serious ( Bolt, Ice Age, Robots, HAncock, anything pre 2010 scores). Hearing his score again, i did appreciate ( expecially in this age) that in Solo or HTTYD 3 ( or any recent work), he really tried his best to be inspired by classical music. As if he created the score for the sake of the music itself. But to honest, if i throwback and hear it again, i get the feeling that the music seems "heavy" (?) ,and at some point, it becomes tiresome somehow So if he indeed does emulate his Bolt into this, then i will be more than happy
  10. New clip, with nice little theme at the end It becomes apparent why they went with CGI. Aside to not harm real animals, i think they wanted to add more animated expression onto animal's face. But the final product, judging by the clip, is up for debate Anyway, a guy from FSM board just posted his initial review of the score: "I went to a screening of this film this week and as expected the score is great. Very much Powell in his HTTYD mode (one theme in a couple of cues almost seem like straight lifts). Lots of classic Americana orchestrations with fiddles, guitar etc, lots of energetic highlights and some beautiful mystical material. Can’t wait for the album!" In 1 week!
  11. Yup, i know it is. Im just quite angry with the result. Oh well, all things considered, i think the general consensus, people love Parasite. Especially AMPAS members, ...or do they? do they even see the screeners given to them? were they suggested by their peers to do the politically correct things? the preferential ballot system practiced by the academy is a one of a kind system by itself. So only God knows. Anyway, time for me to move on, and see how 2021 Oscar will fare. #TheIrishmanIsTheBestPictureIMO
  12. Well, tbh ,Parasite itself is not movie made for politically correct reason. Director's previous movies Okja, Snowpiercer etc also deal with the same issue, so in that case. lets assume its labor of love/ trademark for the director to do these kind of movies. But IMO, in the end, Parasite is not that special of a movie. It's the practice of AMPAS members awarding a movie based on political reasons that i hate. The Irishman, 1917, Once Upon, Marriage, are movies stem form director's passion and not made for political reasons, and they are also a better movie. But dont tell the Academy, because they prefer to pat themselves in the back like a good boy they are.
  13. I dont get the buzz for Parasite. I have seen it and it is nothing special tbh. I dont know, is it because Hollywood hasnt seen a kind of social juxtaposition thats being presented in the movie or not? ( because i live in SE Asia and those kind of social disparity is our daily consumption; further proof those Hollywood liberals , as per Ricky Gervais said, is out of touch of the real world) One thing for sure, Oscar and other awards, onward, will prefer to bestow an award for POLITICALLY CORRECT movie, not because of one’s merits ( oscar be like: “hey i give South Korean’s movie the top prize, am i not diverse enough?, this is yuge, this has never been done before!”) Well i know the underlying message of this political practice is good ( about representation, about how everyone, no matter their race and creed, can also succeed, etc etc), but it is sad nonentheless oh well,..
  14. You can hear the action score in this clip! ^^ some of it sounds a bit experimental-y, new Powell. Well to be honest, it's not really clear with all those sound fx ( as always the case with Powell's score, sadly, well i hope it's not in the final theatre mix) But in all, sounds really promising ( as always the case with Powell's score) and what looks to be a great main theme too! 2 weeks guys!
  15. Score runtime: Total runtime: 67'23 Wake The Girls (2:37) Train North (4:02) Skagway, Alaska (2:31) Snowy Climb (1:25) First Sledding Attempt (2:27) The Ghost Wolf Of Dreams (1:06) Joining The Team (2:59) Ice Rescue (2:26) Sometimes Nature's Cruel And Gods Fight (4:57) Buck Takes The Lead (4:54) We Carry Love (3:02) Couldn't Find The Words (2:22) Overpacked Sled (2:31) Newfangled Telegram (2:23) In My Bed? (2:54) Buck & Thornton's Big Adventure (4:36) Finding Bears And Love In The Woods (2:57) They're All Gone (2:51) Rewilding (3:48) Animal Adventure (2:34) Come Say Goodbye (2:09) What An Adventure (3:02) The Call Of The Wild (2:51) Source: http://hans-zimmer.com/index.php?rub=disco&id=1808 2 weeks cant go fast enough
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