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  1. I just watched the first two episodes and I have to say that this really feels like a direct continuation of The Clone Wars, which I'm totally fine with. The animation looks great, and the characters are starting to get more and more interesting, especially ones like Hunter and his relationship with Omega. As for the score, Kiner further develops his style from that show, and so far I have catched a couple of references to previous themes, both by Kiner himself and by Williams. So far so good, so I hope they keep this level.
  2. I get that, and I don't like to waste my time on scores I don't like, so I do the same. But how can you know if you like a score if you only listen to the first 20 seconds of one track? I think some scores need a couple of listens before you really start liking it.
  3. I didn't said I didn't like him, because I do like some of his other stuff, like for example some parts of ZSJL, but this score was disappointing and a missed opportunity. Also, can anyone recommend me some of the best scores of the classic Godzilla movies? I've listened to some of the Ifukube ones, but I want to listen to more of them.
  4. The first video with JNH's Kong theme makes me realize the huge difference there is between Junkie XL's score and what could have been done with a better composer (McCreary for example) I'm not saying I don't like him, but his score for this movie was forgettable and didn't have any strong thematic ideas to support the action and the emotional scenes as well as it could have. And why did he decided Ifukube's themes were too old fashioned but then went ahead and composed a theme that it's almost exactly like it, but with a few notes changed? McCreary's arrangement of the classic themes was done in such a way that they were fitting for the movie, even if its a "modern" movie.
  5. I love The Fountain. It's the album I've listened to the most (by him) and I think it works perfectly in the film as well as an album experience. I also like what he did in Black Swan and his arrangement of Tchaikovsky's ballet themes, and his score for one of Black Mirror's episodes, San Junipero, was quite nice.
  6. I think the wailing women idea is really fitting for the character and for the Amazons, but it should have been used more sparsely, and together with some other theme for quieter moments, and then have the classic riff play in action bits with her. And I think for that the theme she had on her own movie or the one Zimmer did in the sequel would have been great to counterbalance the more epic side of her music, which ends up being a bit tiring and repetitive I also just want to say that I really love the Foundation theme, which is basically a theme for the Justice League, that gets a couple of really powerful variations: This variation is really epic, and works perfectly with the scene it's in (2:31):
  7. I think he is one of the most interesting lesser-known composers working right now, but it's too bad that he does not work that much. I like Nocturnal Animals and A Single Man a lot, and Romeo and Juliet is one of my favorite scores of the last ten years or so. I really hope this new one is in the same style of those, because I'm not really a fan of his more horror-sounding scores.
  8. I got to watch the movie yesterday and I quite liked it. It was fun and visually stunning and I think the music worked perfectly with it, and when it got to shine on its own, it is really good, like the Running on Raindrops scene or the emotional climax of the movie. My only problem is that I wish it had a couple of motifs for each of the tribes, and apparently only Talon gets a motif (well, more a distinct type of instrumentation), also associated with the baby thief and the monkey-like creatures. You can hear it in Journey to Talon, Escape from Talon, Noi and the Onguis and also during Plans of Attack. Apart from that, I only caught two themes, the main theme (Sisu's theme?), and then a more emotional theme. And then I think there a re a couple of recurring motifs that don't seem to have any bigger significance, like the action segments in Betrayed and in Storming Fang. The second half of Betrayed is classic Howard and I love it. BTW, is the album chronological? From what I remember more or less it is, but maybe some cues in the middle section are out of order.
  9. They shared two tracks of the score today, which are the themes of both titular characters. Godzilla's Theme sounds like a mock-up of Ifukube's Theme with some classic Holkenborg's electronics. Part of it reminds me of Mad Max Kong's Theme is like a development on Steiner's classic descending motif. The brass at times sounds like it was made out of samples, but then it has some nice orchestral passages with some woodwinds (recorder?) Honestly, I'm Team Godzilla, but the theme for Kong sounds much more interesting, at least in this two tracks.
  10. That's one of my favorite bits of the score along with the main theme, and it reminds me a lot of Fantastic Beasts Love Theme (the theme in the Thunderbird cue). I have to say that at first I didn't quite liked the score that much, but after some repeated listens, it has grown on me and the main theme is quite memorable in its own way.
  11. Not available in my country. That's weird because the other 7 albums seem to be available.
  12. I don't know why I couldn't find the score on YouTube but your link worked, so I will put some timestamps for the themes I mentioned. The Love Theme is this: It appeared in Everything in Under Control in Episode 4, at 0:07: And in Episode 5, in two tracks. Evaluation at 2:17 And with Pietro's return, at 1:36: Vision Theme appears in Dead or Alive a couple of times (0:30, 1:01, etc.) In Hexpansion (Episode 6) at 0:57 And in Episode 8, which does not appear for me in YouTube, you can listen to it a couple of times. In Some Assembly Required at 0:21 and 1:05. And in Genesis at 1:17 Hope that helps.
  13. I think Episode 8 has my favorite track from the whole series so far, Genesis. It has both Wanda's Theme and the Love Theme developing in some really emotional and dramatic variations, and the second half has some killer action. The Love Theme gets an official name in this episode, but I realized it had been introduced earlier in the show, like in the track Everything Under Control, from Episode 4 or halfway through Pietro in Episode 5. The tracks are not on YouTube so I cannot post the timestamps. Some Assembly Required is also very emotional and has a great take on what I think is a theme for Vision himself, which also featured strongly in other tracks such as Dead or Alive, or Hexpansion. And the track called Sokovia is really beautiful and the melody reminds me of something I cannot put my finger on. Maybe a theme from earlier episodes that I haven't been able to recognize? About the last episode, I won't go into details, but it has some great statements of all the main themes that have been developed through the series, both in dramatic and action oriented cues.
  14. When Wanda is entering the memory of her and Vision at the Avengers compund, I think a dark slow variation of it plays briefly. I may have misheard it but I think it was there, and it would make sense to be played when she mentions the Avengers.
  15. My bad! I didn't notice it had already been posted.
  16. I think episode 8 had the best score of all of the episodes. I know we say that each week but I think it's true. The themes recieve great development, with some really emotional moments, and I think I even caught a reference to Silvestri's Avenger's Theme. Also, I found this video that makes a really interesting connection between all the theme songs and Beck's score, Wanda's Theme in particular. Really interesting.
  17. Apparently an original song has been recorded for the movie. And in the article says the score will be released next friday! Really looking forward to this. http://filmmusicreporter.com/2021/02/19/disneys-raya-and-the-last-dragon-to-feature-original-song-lead-the-way-by-jhene-aiko/
  18. The real world cues are getting better each week, and I've started to pick on some thematic material that is being developed across the episodes, especially derived from Wanda's Theme. The songs are great in the show and the sitcom music, while fun, it doesn't do much for me on standalone listening. I think this will work better when all 9 albums are released and we can create a long playlist for the real world cues and another for the sitcom / parody tracks and songs
  19. I agree that his development of Silvestri's Avengers theme was great. But what he did in Justice League is really don't like it. He just trashed Zimmer's material for Batman and Superman and his arrangements of WW's theme didn't really fit with the theme. And I think it's safe to assume that if the Doctor Strange movie is related to the multiverse, all main characters (at least some of them like Wanda and Peter) will be involved in some way or another. I think that's what they are setting up on the WandaVision series.
  20. I think if Elman is to return, he should keep Giacchino's themes for Doctor Strange and for Spider-Man. If he wants to use his own Spider-Man theme that's cool, and it would be a really great nod, but I really hope he keeps thematic continuity. Marvel had been improving on that department lately, and I think it would be a bad choice to just trash all that away. But Elfman is usually great so I'm hoping he will do what is best for the movie
  21. Yeah, I don't think those are bad movies either, but they weren't very well recieved at the time of their release. I quite like John Carter and I think it has some interesting world building and some great action sequences. And the score is one of my favorites from Giacchino. The Last Airbender on the other hand, just awful, and it didn't deserve such a fantastic score
  22. From what I've heard, Giacchino and Newton Howard both have lots of experience working in bad movies, and they usually deliver their best scores in those projects. From Giacchino, the first one that comes to mind is Jupiter Ascending, also John Carter or Tomorrowland And from JNH, some of Shyamalan films, the Fantastic Beasts movies, Maleficent, and the list goes on and on.
  23. I have to go with the opening theme from Godless. I recently finished the miniseries and the theme gets arranged and developed greatly during the series. Quite a memorable theme and it ends up being kind of an earworm Overall, both Rivera's scores for Godless and Queen's Gambit are really great and some of my biggest discoveries of the past few months.
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