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  1. Hmmm, don't be too sure. The toys give away some things. Man, these look good! Better than most of the American stuff!
  2. Among other good ones mentioned, The Hunt for Red October by Basil Poledouris is great.
  3. My idea for Indy V was for Jones to meet Short-Round somewhere by accident. Just bumps into him and SR is dressed liked Indy (fedora, jacket). Indy is surprised and SR is initially embarrassed. He goes on to explain that he has basically been living like Indy in his own neck of the woods. Explanation of how/why they departed, but he has been doing, and the search he is on for an artifact, which Indy happens to know about ... blah, blah, blah... Indy gives direction with SR doing lots of the action.... possibly handing a series over, but definitely bringing the films to a close.
  4. I twas never going to be that good because Marvel has used the original actors and "de-aged" them. This was a complete deep fake face-swap. Not perfect, but better than Leia in Rogue One! Battle for Mandalore. I also think the Kid will return eventually--Mando's last words were more than sentiment.
  5. Been enjoying this in the background while I work today. Will need to listen more closely later, but so far I'm really enjoying it!
  6. The movies are definitely different in tone. But I found Balfe's work too dour.
  7. WOW! I absolutely LOVED his M:I score! Great use of the original motifs from the TV series, in my opinion.
  8. I hear you. Maybe it's all of my other sci-fi viewing, but I connected immediately with the idea from the bullets and wall scene. It was also fun for me learning how the inversion worked alongside the Protagonist figuring it out as he completed his mission. Agreed!
  9. Well, my son and I saw TENET last night... and LOVED it. I held off reading the comments in this thread until this morning. Not sure we saw the same movie! (haha). Regarding characters... Neil and the Protagonist were great. Both were good at their job but had sly moments of humor as well. Both of their characters were "inverted." The Protagonist starts the film knowing very little and feeling out of his element. He ends ready to emerge as a leader among his group. Neil was insistent on the "it happened, move on" approach, but for his friend, bucked the plan, doubled back on himself and ultimately died for him. Sator's wife had the clearest arc. She went from wavering in love for her son and to weak to kill her husband to being completely committed to both. It was also easy to feel sympathy for her situation. Story... excellent. The idea of inversion carrying over to the movie itself where halfway through or so, the character begin moving backward through the story was genius. The set up we saw earlier really paid off (in my opinion). The concept was great and I loved how Nolan hung a lantern on it as the one character responded to the question of how it worked with "Don't think too much about it." Understanding exactly how it worked would have taken some of the mystery/interest out of the stakes and spectacle. Music... I enjoyed it. I was surprised how much it organically blended into the film. A few times I had to stop and think about whether I was hearing sound effects or the score. Before I give it two thumb sup, I would need to hear it on its own. Göransson's work on The Mandoloarian series is uneven. At times, it is amazing and spot on with the story; other times it feels like mere background music. But that could also be due to the relative length and nature of a series vs a movie.
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