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  1. I will be monitoring its box office success like my life depends on it!
  2. Seems like you read all the wrong reviews only. There were a few universal complaints that completely ignored the point of the movie, however, especially some highly regarded critics praised the movie. No one will be able to give the film a proper rating from only one view. There are no logical gaps, you'll find out. And it's not only more hated but also much better than Inception due to Nolan not giving a fuck about any mass appealing effects.
  3. There is the existence of another masterpiece at risk.
  4. I can enjoy this score as well, without expecting too much musical or harmonical changes or shifts. The "voice" Zimmer created here is just the essence of the whole score. Pleasantly otherwordly and not too Zimmer-ish. For the film I'd have wished maybe for one or two more moments without music, but that won't really affect my general impression. After all, Villeneuve and Zimmer found plenty of scenes to remain unscored as the most expressive way to let them unfold.
  5. Don't do that. Watch it in theater. Which is part of the problem.
  6. I'd say it was Nymphomaniac Part I-like. Just a cutoff. The Lord of the Rings movies all have their individual subtitles. Dune is different. There is not even Dune 1 and Dune 2 - it's Dune Part 1 and Dune Part 2 - it is clearly indicated that this experience is gonna be designed as one five hour work.
  7. I did, but that is not the same. There she was a good actress, here she was a god actress.
  8. I was like "Who is that actress?", because her filmography has never really made her stand out or given her a chance to use her potential. I had to make sure that I hadn't taken any drugs, because the experience was so transcendent. This is an absolutely imposing spectacle which, nevertheless, has nuances to offer that blockbusters are rarely able to. However, it was way too short. It just ended in the middle. I could have watched Part II right after that. Five hours like three hours.
  9. LLL - Amistad Intrada - The Patriot Varese - Presumed Innocent
  10. Realisticly, what we could get at any time is one of 15 scores: SpaceCamp The Accidental Tourist Born on the Fourth of July Presumed Innocent JFK Sabrina Nixon Sleepers Seven Years in Tibet Amistad Stepmom Angela's Ashes The Patriot Catch Me If You Can The Terminal That is everything excluding Disney stuff, post-2005 stuff and scores with license or source issues.
  11. Wow, you ranked it over The Favourite... BTW, 99% is just too much.
  12. I listened to Return of the Jedi yesterday and had a shitload of fun with it. Almost forgot, how good it was. Of course, I'm referring to the 1993 Anthology program.
  13. That thread was fun! Certainly transgressed a whole bunch of forum rules.
  14. Now there's not that much left for Varese, since many titles left the list since 2015 as you can see: "Gremlins 2: The New Batch", "Chain Reaction", "Executive Decision", "The Omen", "The Haunting", "Small Soldiers" and "Raggedy Man" => expanded by VS since 2015 "Air Force One", "U.S. Marshals", "Looney Tunes: Back in Action", "Along Came a Spider", "Lionheart" and "Love Field" => expanded by VS since the 2019 poll "Leviathan" and "The Final Conflict" => turned out not to be owned by VS in perpetuity "Criminal Law" and "Fierce Creature" => turned out to be complete already "Planet of the Apes" and "Escape from the Planet of the Apes" => expanded by another label Right now, there's 18 scores controlled by Varese Sarabande in perpetuity that could potentially be re-released.
  15. Why not release 14 Years in Tibet right away. EDIT: Trigger warning: Jurassic Shark joke!
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