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  1. Anyone knows anything about the music from Peter Greenaway's Nightwatching? There's no information on IMDb, no uploads on YouTube and no soundtrack available. Where this magnificent music comes from, remains a mystery for me...
  2. You have the Air Force One Deluxe Edition? That one is insane, like they just clicked on "normalize" for every cue. The cue "Empty Rooms" has two very loud orchestra beats in the middle, that's why the quieter rest of the piece is barely audible. To be fair, it is quite a common issue with film music releases. That is the thing that confused me the most about the recent flawed releases: The flaws were mostly very obvious - I spotted these infamous clicks on Extreme Prejudice during my first listen - so it seemed like there was no such thing as quality checks and listening passes.
  3. I don't entirely agree on that one. In general, it makes sense, but the music you choose doesn't necessarily have to be straightout supportive of the situation the listener is surounded by. The opposite strategy, for example, can also lead to high intensity.
  4. There's hardly any score that I found so annoyingly repetitive at first, but then suddenly started admiring so much! Again, does someone know which recording/release that performance is from?
  5. Looking forward to Shock Treatment being re-released as part of LLL's Goldsmith at 20th series.
  6. How many times? Regarding hair: I'm looking forward to be able to distinguish all the people that occur only in the second half of the old movie. Back then they only seemed to cast old men with white hair and I was like "who's that again" or "is that the same guy as in the previous scene". Now, by means of the new movie I could easily classify the characters from the old movie.
  7. I love her She's also in the new Cronenberg movie.
  8. Several of those options seem to be original Thor quotes. I'll go with number 7.
  9. A German Blu-ray was supposed to be released... in 2018... but there's still nothing.
  10. Is Barbara and Rusty that beautiful string passage that is part two of Case Dismissed on the OST?
  11. Where's the cue to the scene where Commodus kills his father? I've just listened to this on Qobuz and, man, it is much better to listen to this without the film.
  12. JFK and Catch Me If You Can are two scores that I would like to have bundled with the OST due to the great songs and source music. But man, I'm happy the expansion of Always abandoned those awful compilation of songs.
  13. I can excuse the dated synths in Gremlins, because it seems to me that they want to sound dated and weird. My ranking would go as follows: The 'Burbs (tongue-in-check and satire has never worked better in a film score) Small Soldiers (the creation of a theme that melts together the terms "military" and "toys" alone is impressive) Gremlins 2: The New Batch (as crazy and intelligently funny as The 'Burbs and Small Soldiers, especially the Dracula motif for Christopher Lee) Gremlins (my fourth Goldsmith score, I have kind of a nostalgic connection to it) Explorers (I don't listen to Goldsmith's take on E.T. nearly enough) Looney Tunes: Back in Action (the stop-and-go style is both entertaining and annoying) Matinee (we'll see, what the Intrada release can do about this placement) I've never heard Innerspace, where's the re-release, MV?
  14. Too bad there cannot be a Complete Jerry Goldsmith Collection the way it exists from Bach and other classical composers. One day maybe.
  15. @Yavar Moradi Regarding Matinee: Do you have an explanation for Intrada being able to expand this 90s Varese title?
  16. I see you still need The Shadow expanded. We need that one constantly in print.
  17. Oh my god, this reminds me of the awful new Basic Instinct Blu-ray cover! That said, your artwork is of course not awful.
  18. I'm confused, why Intrada. I'm of course happily confused.
  19. Is he the one who wanted 3CDs for Inchon?
  20. Referring to new music. I have listened to and love the OST and I have seen and love the film.
  21. None of us has heard the music yet, but everyone has seen the artwork.
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