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  1. What do you think of the typical numerous Thomas Newman source cues spread about the album?
  2. I agree, I find the Americana very generic (it's Lincoln that convinced me that it can be enjoyable at all) and I'm not even that fond of the Dry Your Tears theme. Cinqué's Theme, however, I love every rendition and variation of it. It may be one of my five favourite themes by Williams and since it's carrying large parts of the score, that score is one of my favourite scores by Williams.
  3. Retribution is quite a spectacular thing, considering it is unheard! I really wanna hear what it continues like, when I come to think of the film scene it was supposed to accompany!
  4. Which part is sensible. One part is unreasonable, because he thinks the score is boring, the other part is unreasonable, because he buys the expansion of a score that he thinks is boring. If you wanna complain about something Presumed Innocent-related, complain about the new artwork.
  5. Imagine that scene unscored, how disillusioning it could come across: Djimon Hounsou gets up and shouts - silence. The white folks just staring at him, not in awe, just confused, until the prosecuting attorney demands him to shut up and sit down. He believed that it could be of any help for him, but it just isn't that easy and neither the film nor the score imply that action being of any merit. Sadly, Spielberg never really dared to enter the reign of disillusioning his viewers.
  6. Didn't we have the same scenario, when Intrada expanded Extreme Prejudice last year? On the old release "A Nice Fellow" was really an alternate version of a cue that made the first half of "The Funeral". Both these cues went into the track "You Ready?" on the new release, meaning the actual "A Nice Fellow" debuted on it.
  7. And it's just my third favourite score of his from that year - which makes it obviously (not only the year I was born, but also) my favourite year regarding John Williams' output.
  8. Might be the most exciting special edition release since the Harry Potter box set! After all, it's one of my 10 favourite Williams scores!
  9. This reminds me to get back to my James Bond box and marathon watch the Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton movies.
  10. Well, there goes my #1 holy grail and hands it over to The Witches of Eastwick! @Jay Is that the mysterious title with the fantastic bonus section presentation that you've been talking about?
  11. So, Cinque's Theme and Cinque's Memories of Home are concert pieces and no film cues?
  12. Wait, we were talking about "despise", me having mixed feelings on a Spielberg movie these days is much too probable to bet against it.
  13. It's interesting that he mostly combined cues that had quite different moods so that the transitions also meant a rapid change of pace: "Out of the Rain", "The Café" and above all "Bloody Christmas".
  14. They are placed in my shelf in chronological order of the score's release dates (the oldest score on each set is decisive), so no, I didn't notice that.
  15. My Goldsmith collection soon will be devoid of any OST albums! L.A. Confidential added!
  16. One of the best rock songs I've heard in a looong while!
  17. This is a perfect description of the movie La La Land.
  18. Until then, you can go watch Im Westen nichts Neues and Crimes of the Future to pass the time.
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