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  1. Anyone got this because of the fade-in of Entrance of Mr. Hammond being removed?
  2. Wonderful! I was about to buy the Perseverance CD for too much money. Now I get much more for less than 20€. I say, Quartet is on par with La-La Land!
  3. I'm talking about the studio recordings of the newer Virgin Years of the two.
  4. Because in the director's cut the film starts to make sense and show some qualities.
  5. Why not just put the typewriter chord in the main program? There's your alteration!
  6. For me the next-best Polanski after Chinatown and Rosemary's Baby is Death and the Maiden.
  7. Nope, you are not the only one. Both films are absolutely gorgeous masterpieces.
  8. What a great opportunity to twist our concept of what a action hero should be like - you think Mangold will grab it?
  9. Why does giving a shit about inconcistencies equal turning one's brain off?
  10. Considering that it is directed by a lately very competent James Mangold, I would not rely on that kind of pessimism.
  11. These two would have worked better the other way round.
  12. I somehow feel like that one should have made it into the main program... That may be number two on my list.
  13. There is one clear winner for me: "Return to the City (Alternate)" or how Williams named it "Death March"!
  14. To call it a scandal is kind of an exaggeration. It is some lawyers getting all worked up about nothing. The only reason that the film is still banned is the circumstance that it hasn't been re-evaluated ever since. In the early days, Arte could show whatever they wanted to, because it was primarily a French channel. I used to watch a whole bunch of movies there that were ridiculously still banned in Germany.
  15. - upcoming La-La Land release: "Oh, I'm so excited about what Jim Titus came up with, everybody please share photos of the booklet!" - upcoming Intrada release: "Oh man, hopefully, there's not too many errors, can I open my eyes now?"
  16. There's on thing I have to get off my chest: Isn't it extremely cool to post in a forum, where each and every comment about flubs and omissions on a John Williams expansion can potentially be passed on to Mike Matessino who is then able to take all that into consideration for an upcoming reissue? The complaining here can only originate from people being bothered by their own overwhelming urge to re-buy everything that has slight improvements.
  17. You people should stay away from that movie ... it's just painful to watch.
  18. This is what I've always thought of as the perfect 2CD program. Two nicely rounded listens. On the box set the problem really is Disc 2 that has the main theme repeated countless times at the end.
  19. The best part is the explanation for Brody's passing due to fear of the shark AFTER blowing one up and roasting the other one.
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