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  1. Try this: https://traffic.megaphone.fm/HSW6095063502.mp3
  2. When I read the title I thought by myself "Oh no, not Dies Irae again ..." And yep - there is was ...
  3. BTW: Does anybody know why Star Wars Oxygen was discontinued? Was David Collins tired of his more or less clueless counterpart?
  4. Maybe. But you can see it also the other way round: He had so much confidence in JW's skills that he didn't need a spotting session.
  5. As far as I remember, LOTR 3 (Return of the King) not even got nominated, but also won the Oscar. And there was MUCH more reuse of thematic material from the previous scores than in TLJ ...
  6. Thanks a lot! But strange enough: You can clearly see JW conducting the main title for TLJ. This make it even more confusing why this recording was not used on the CD.
  7. This rather sounds like a quotation of the "Dies Irae" motif, which Williams also used often in his scores (Ep. 2-4,7, Home Alone, etc.)
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