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  1. QUOTE(Miguel Andrade) QUOTE(robthehand) As for un-discussed scores, I don't hear much talk of I Passed for White or Bachelor Flatt. I wonder why... Not even I ever heard I Passed for White!!! Maybe it's because it doesn't exist? I mean, if even Miguel hasn't heard it... Sory - jumping in late here since I never have time to post but have been around for eight years, but I'm afraid I have actually seen "I Passed for White". Okay, maybe not seen, but skimmed. It's out on DVD, or at least was 4-5 years ago when I Netflixed it, and I managed to at least rip the main and end title. What can you say? It's early Johnny. Actually not a bad melody, but nothing to write home about.
  2. FYI, just watched that scene and checked out the menu music, and it's indeed from the "Spalko's Dossier" cue.
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