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  1. Maybe he only just caught up to the Force Awakens trailer… he’s been so busy scoring every other film and TV series!
  2. I don’t particularly care who does Rogue Squadron (as long as it’s not Rian Johnson), I just want it made. Disney and Kennedy are clueless if they think that a Rogue Squadron film wouldn’t have a good chance of being commercially successful and a fantastic film. Of all the “legacy” Star Wars media, Rogue Squadron, from the books to the comics to the video games, probably had some of the greatest reach.
  3. 2 CDs - JNH’s King Kong expanded 1 CD - Shore’s rejected score One can dream.
  4. My soundtrack interest was formed when iTunes was first released, and for the longest time, I’d check every Friday/Tuesday for new soundtracks from Films, TV, and video games. A lot of my limited teenage income when to digital albums in those days! But now, I’ve got a large library with lots of good music, Spotify, etc… and I feel like I’ve lost touch with new releases. I’m not talking about expansions, deluxe editions. Just new music. I get a lot of info from this forum. Sometimes my interest gets piqued and I’ll check something out. Spotify seems to be useless for finding new scores unless I’m explicitly looking for a specific album. Unless I’m looking in the wrong place? Do you have a favorite or frequently used resource or website to discover new soundtracks?
  5. What’s the Spider-Man no way home more fun stuff if not an extended cut? Genuinely asking, I’ve not seen anything else about it. I suppose it’s coming out in theaters, not D+.
  6. Well, episode 2 was back to being Mando-esque travel to a new planet and dink around for the whole episode just to leave it at the end. The pacing of the first episode, different locations, beautiful cinematography, showing the sacrifice and dedication of Ben’s monotony… it was the best Disney+ SW episode yet. But then right back to bad chase scenes and just plot getting jerked along. Also Leia better hit her head real hard and forget this whole thing happened otherwise her holo message to start ANH is just ridiculous. Are they going to shoehorn a fix, or just continue to ignore the reason that all this exists in the first place - A New Hope. That’s what Rogue One got right. It didn’t mess with a single thing about the OT. It filled in the gaps and made the story MORE powerful. I hope this series doesn’t force a story where there clearly shouldn’t have been one.
  7. The final chord also sounds like it arrives just a bit too early. Doesn’t have the space to arrive at the culminating moment. It’s anticlimactic for me actually. JW wouldn’t have done this, but an editor might have… EDIT - just listened to it again, it really sounds like a poorly spliced edit. Wonder what it was supposed to do.
  8. The theme itself is exquisite. It’s instantly memorable, hummable and versatile. But the application in the concert work is missing a great B section or development. It’s just a little too repetitive. Don’t get me wrong. I love it, especially the individual elements. The ostinato when it comes in gives me chills and captures the turmoil of Kenobi.
  9. Revisiting the OST, and immediately, I’m struck by the rubato of the piano introduction. It is such a breath of fresh air to hear artistic expression and phrasing rather than a rigid, metronomic attempt to recreate a virtual mock-up with pesky human performers who need to be purged of their individuality. Something that is missing in most of today’s modern scores, or at least the ones that I try to familiarize myself with. I am really quite hopeful the remaster brings to life some of the churning bass strings, which have this early A.I. quality to them.
  10. Ugh. I had much higher hopes before seeing this. Seems… quite derivative.
  11. Just got back from seeing the film. The album is hard to listen to. But wow, does this work splendidly in the film. I had two rather music theory/analytical thoughts about the score. I’m not always a Giacchino fan. I can tell when he’s inspired and when he’s just dialing it in. And I’m not sure if this was inspiration or just luck, but I find it fascinating that the two heavily used motifs, the so called 4 note “theme” and the Ave Maria, hearken back to previous composers’ contributions. The four note theme is really just the tonic and submediant with an added rhythm. For instance D minor followed by Bb major. This is the same two chord foundation that defines Zimmer’s Nolan trilogy score. (As an aside, the climax of The Dark Knight is when we finally get the statement of the Bb chord as resolution. Zimmer toys with us all film long with false substitutions. It’s a very powerful musical tool.) Now, these two chords are even outlined in Elfman’s fanfare. The melody of that theme starts on tonic and rises up to the submediant before resolving back to a member of the tonic (D - e - f - Bb - A). So Giacchino’s 4 note theme is really just the foundation of Batman music, at its simplest and most relentless. That feels intentional. The Ave Maria connection is a little harder to explain. But there is a Zimmer melody played in the low strings which begins with (D - c# - d - e - F) that is eerily similar to the Ave Maria transposed to the minor key as we hear it in The Batman (D - c# - d - F). When Riddler hums Ave Maria, he adds in the very common slide note on “ri” of Maria. Add that slide note into the melody, and you get the exact same 5 note sequence as the Zimmer melody, just with a different rhythm. And that feels kinda like an accident that I’m just imagining and nobody else is ever going to come up with. But I like it just the same, and it was an instant connection when I heard the pre-release track. Like many of you, now I’m going to have to listen to the album again as a stand-alone experience and see about paring it down.
  12. Wintory writes with the intricate layers, technical instrumentation and complex voicing that you just don’t hear out of Hollywood/media composers these days. Other than Williams. Great to hear him revisit this absolute masterpiece. The original is one of my favorite albums of the 2010s. I need to explore more of his works.
  13. Heard and thought the exact same thing!!
  14. This was far too dark for me. I’ve been reading through Marvel Comics on Marvel Unlimited, starting with the All-New, All Different era (circa 2014 ish I think). Moon Knight was in there, and it was easily some of the darkest stuff they published, including The Punisher and Jessica Jones. Seems quite true to the source material. But I love the MCU for the fun and escapism. This offers nothing like that for me.
  15. Presumed Innocent takes the title of darkest for me. I agree there are so many ways to interpret the word and so many scores it could be applied to. WotW is what first came to mind, but I’d really call it most violent.
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