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  1. More recent films that have come closest to perfection in their genre for me are: A.I. Artificial Intelligence (although what genre is it... maybe it’s a bad example...) Jurassic Park Pride and Prejudice (2005) Your Name (a little bit more approachable Ghibli-like film) Stardust The Incredibles And finally... Home Alone I suspect there are a lot of films before my time that set and transcend the bar for their time period that I have yet to see.
  2. Thor there are some great scores in here and many that I've never listened to, so thanks for the opportunities to add to my seasonal cycle of albums! It really is amazing how consistently Accidental Tourist and maybe for those warmer autumn enjoyers Stanley and Iris evoke that sense of Autumn. They are perfect scores for the season. I've heard Pete N' Tillie is similar Williams. I need to check it out. I actually really love E.T. for autumn as well! It's too good to save for just those lovely fall days, but it is perfect. Just ominous enough. I would love to check
  3. There was a 2006 thread for music that evoked the Autumn season, which contained both tracks and albums, as well as scores and non-soundtracks. There have also been some great new releases since that time. So I wanted to start a new thread to hear of your favorite soundtrack albums (only) that you play during this season. Here are some of my favorites: Accidental Tourist - John Williams Stanley and Iris - John Williams War Horse - John Williams Jane Eyre - John Williams Jane Eyre - Dario Marianelli Journey - Austin Wintory Never Let Me Go - Rache
  4. Thanks THX, I see that now, was kinda buried when I was looking through that post. Appreciate all the work you do gathering these each year. It's something I look forward to when FYC season rolls around.
  5. Is anyone else experiencing Permission Denied on the Disney Links?
  6. Great thread! Have been wanting to see Images for a while. Had no idea it was on Prime, and it probably never would have shown up on recommended!
  7. Absolutely haunting in the restatement of the finale . The entire arc of Anakin - the child-like Anakin's Theme, the Love Theme, and the foreshadowing Imperial March - followed by a sardonically calm conclusion with the harp. Perhaps the only moments of peace Anakin had during his entire life were immediately after his secret marriage to Padme.
  8. Am I not seeing the same thing? The amazon link to the physical CD has 26 tracks, all the same length as the iTunes and Amazon Digital albums, which also have 26 tracks... I was confused by this because I got the Amazon digital album which describes itself as Deluxe, but don't see a difference at all. Loving the score so far. It's like a totally different Giacchino has emerged. In a lot of ways, it feels like Lost World, with a lot of tense, directionless (but enjoyable) filler music, where as the first Jurassic World had so much of autopilot Giacchino 4-chord phrases that was just
  9. Oooh, quite nice is an understatement! Score of the Decade, IMHO. I got it as a 14 YO on vacation, and listened to it on repeat cross country, played it in high school, conducted it for my undergrad graduation... special place in my heart. I also feel like it was his most inspired score. Up is brilliant, but starting to rely on his tropes. Ignoring Lost and the forced innovations due to a limited orchestra, it wasn't until John Carter of Mars and Rogue One did I hear some adventurous scoring again, and even that I suspect was mostly due to his orchestrators. The chordal nature of the vast majo
  10. Thursday night was a phenomenal concert. While there were some struggles with conducting, following the orchestra's lead, missing cues, etc... the stamina, energy and joy he had while conducting were quite heartwarming. In spite of the difficulties, there were many amazing moments. My favorite was during With Malice Towards None. In the middle of one of the solo trumpet miniature cadenzas, the Maestro exquisitely suspended the orchestra and adapted to the soloist. You could tell that he was really loving he opportunity to let the music breathe, without being limited by the screen.
  11. I have an ER shift that ends at 2 on Thursday. One that starts at 6 am on Friday. In-between, driving the three hours there and back, for what is sure to be a spectacular concert. Most excited about Jane Eyre! 4th time in concert for me. First was 2010 with Pittsburgh, thought that might be my one and only chance. Since then, also got to see Hollywood Bowl and Boston. What a time to be alive!
  12. I hear ya. One silver lining is that we may get more total JW composed music performed, even if it's less JW conducted music. In all reality, the show probably wouldn't have been much longer. I've seen JW conduct each of the past two years, and his 'halves' of the concerts have been more like 2/3. If he was the solo conductor, that 2/3 really might have been it.
  13. 6:10 on the OST for the Battle of the Heroes reference. Not sure if it's all that intentional, however. Edit: Also the FYC. I think... I made an edit, and now I'm not sure which is which. In any case, it's about a minute and a half before the end of the first track!
  14. Thanks for posting! I was keeping an eye on tickets, but they were way too expensive for me. (Well... for my wife!) But now we get to see him from an entirely different perspective!
  15. Aside from A.I. two other pieces that are up there are Vide Cor Meum, used in Kingdom of Heaven, and Hannibal, by Patrick Cassidy. And Ave Maria by Philipe Rombi, either the vocal or instrumental version. I sense a religious theme.
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