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  1. Oh man, you’ve got to see Onward. Felt like a return to the Pixar I grew up with. Quite a fun romp.
  2. Just get the Goat Rodeo ensemble to join! Yo Yo Ma, Chris Thile, Edgar Meyer, a few others... the G.O.A.T. joins the Goat Rodeo!
  3. I can. I’ll work on it tonight. Reply or message me if you haven’t heard back from me by tomorrow as a reminder.
  4. Sinatra is my third musical passion after JW and Edvard Grieg. I had no idea about this connection! Guess I’m not a real fan…
  5. Yep it went flying and he finished without it! And then joked around a bit. I didn’t catch how or when it returned to his stand, but he turned around and there it was. Kobe was mentioned prior to the piece in a brief, loving statement from JW and that’s when the audience went wild. They definitely reacted during the clip of him, but it was less celebratory if I recall correctly.
  6. Simone was the biggest. But a lot of them got significant applause/cheering, actually. Bolt. Phelps. The Williams sisters. You could also tell the audience really connected when the music got intense towards the final build up when the athletes were showing their preparation and nervousness before starting. Awesome stuff. Being from Wisconsin, I whooped when they showed the gold medal winning curling team. Probably startled/confused the locals.
  7. JW looked spry and anticipating the orchestra and music rather than following. (I last saw him in Chicago and Boston about 3 years ago and he looked fatigued/distracted.) Typical recent concert fare. Three encores. The highlight of the evening was the ‘84 (?) Olympic theme set to recent highlights of winter and summer games. This was truly phenomenal video editing and synchronization. The audience loved it. I would love to see it released.
  8. I always like one of those little gems that doesn’t get as much stage time. Main Theme from Sabrina, a selection from Lincoln, and the suite from Jane Eyre, were some of my favorites of concerts I’ve been to. For the heavy hitters, I would love to hear Close Encounters. For the little gems, Stanley and Iris or Accidental Tourist would be magical. I love listening to them when the weather gets cooler. The River would also be cool. Some great Americana in there. But most of all I want to hear Crimebuster. i don’t have high hopes for any of those, CE included.
  9. Gonna be there Friday night. My second time seeing the Maestro at the Hollywood Bowl. Every time I have the chance to see him, it feels like such a gift from the universe.
  10. This will be a pretty great set to pick up! I have a few of these from over the years. But to nab them all will be a treat to enjoy! It has me thinking… Is there a resource here or elsewhere that lists the official JW arrangements and the recordings they appear on? Not limited to just conducted by Williams.
  11. I’m listening for the first time, and the opening Suite was so disconcerting to me. The strings sound sampled. I’m not convinced they aren’t. It sounds so dry and lifeless and mechanical. All of the notes simply evaporate. Indiana Jones this is not.
  12. The score for Stardust, especially Flying Vessel from about 1:15 on. This is one of my favorite scores, with so many fantastic themes and leitmotifs. Great adventure and fun. (The movie is a blast too, fun and quite rewatchable, a little tongue in cheek fantasy).
  13. 1. The Reunion from A.I. 2. Across the Stars from AotC 3. Escape/Chase/Saying Goodbye from ET 4. Harry’s Wondrous World from HP1 5. Journey to the Island from JP Man I really wanted to get Jane Eyre and Home alone on my list. Nice selection.
  14. There were ADA seats available for the 24th when I got my tickets... but I wasn't sure if I could get those, if it was morally dubious, or if it wouldn't have seating for me. So I kept my conscience light and my wallet a little heavier and went with the lawn.
  15. This sounds surprisingly saccharine for the historical setting. It’s lovely, but I wonder how it will be used in the context of the film.
  16. The trumpets sure got quite the work out. It’s interesting, I would not have identified 9 or 10 unique “fanfares” off the top of my head. Even listening to them, many of them feel organically related (the droid battle march being the significant exception) and not just in the John Williams “sound” kind of way. I wonder if it’s his consistent orchestration and use of the trumpets that start unison and then spread out, the fast staccato repetitions, and the soaring above the rest of the orchestra, or what other features he uses, but all of these are instantly recognizable to me as Episode One, and it does feel like a unique soundscape he created.
  17. Bummer. I was really hoping to go. Guess I’ll have to give it an early shot...
  18. The final track of the OST for Attack of the Clones ends with some of the most haunting musical storytelling I have ever heard. As the arrangement of Across the Stars concludes, an echo of Anakin’s theme plays, and then the double basses foretell of the coming disaster with a deep and sinister Imperial March motif. Gives me chills every time, as the innocent boy, the fated lover, and the tragic anti-hero are all captured in a moment. That is the final twist that elevates Across the Stars to being a supremely brilliant composition.
  19. More recent films that have come closest to perfection in their genre for me are: A.I. Artificial Intelligence (although what genre is it... maybe it’s a bad example...) Jurassic Park Pride and Prejudice (2005) Your Name (a little bit more approachable Ghibli-like film) Stardust The Incredibles And finally... Home Alone I suspect there are a lot of films before my time that set and transcend the bar for their time period that I have yet to see.
  20. Thor there are some great scores in here and many that I've never listened to, so thanks for the opportunities to add to my seasonal cycle of albums! It really is amazing how consistently Accidental Tourist and maybe for those warmer autumn enjoyers Stanley and Iris evoke that sense of Autumn. They are perfect scores for the season. I've heard Pete N' Tillie is similar Williams. I need to check it out. I actually really love E.T. for autumn as well! It's too good to save for just those lovely fall days, but it is perfect. Just ominous enough. I would love to check out Signs, but it's a bit pricy for a used CD and its not available digitally or on spotify.
  21. There was a 2006 thread for music that evoked the Autumn season, which contained both tracks and albums, as well as scores and non-soundtracks. There have also been some great new releases since that time. So I wanted to start a new thread to hear of your favorite soundtrack albums (only) that you play during this season. Here are some of my favorites: Accidental Tourist - John Williams Stanley and Iris - John Williams War Horse - John Williams Jane Eyre - John Williams Jane Eyre - Dario Marianelli Journey - Austin Wintory Never Let Me Go - Rachel Portman The New World - James Horner The Spiderwick Chronicles - James Horner Pan's Labyrinth - Javier Navarrete The Village - James Newton Howard King Kong - James Newton Howard
  22. Thanks THX, I see that now, was kinda buried when I was looking through that post. Appreciate all the work you do gathering these each year. It's something I look forward to when FYC season rolls around.
  23. Is anyone else experiencing Permission Denied on the Disney Links?
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