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  1. Can't find it on the Netflix FYC site, can you share the link?
  2. Lorne Balfe - Bad Boys for Life (2020) Source: discogs.com 1M0 Main Theme 1M5 Delivery Room 1M6 Mexican Prison 1M7 Ambulance Escape 1M8/9 My Son/Family Legacy 1M11 Negotiating 1M12A Mike Gets Shot 1M12B Prayer 2M13 Phone Call 2M14A Isabella's Photos 2M15 Mike in Hospital 2M19 Marcus Tells Mike 2M19A For You, Papa 2M20 Cop Shot in Miami 2M20A Mike & Rita 3M24 Drone Surveillance 3M25A Garage Shootout 3M25B Impaled 4M32B Balcony Fight 4M34 Trust Me Son 4M36
  3. Michael Giacchino - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) Source: Sessions 1M1 Submarine Homesick Blues 1M2 A Sight for Tyrannosaur Eyes 1M3INS This Title Makes Me Jurassic 1M3ORIG This Title Makes Me Jurassic [Bars 1-] 1M4 Malcolm Before the Storm 1M6-7 The Theropod Preservation Society 1M8 The Wild Blue Yonder 1M10 The Call of the Riled 1M11 No Such Thing As Scaring Too Much 2M12 Maisie & the Island 2M13ORIG March of the Wheatley Cavalcade [No Percussion, Bars 33-41] 2M13REV March of the Wheatley Cavalcade [B
  4. Hildur Guðnadóttir – Trapped: Season 1 (2015) Source: cocatalog E01: 01 – Under Takes Over 02 – 2 Circles, for Violin 03 – Folk faer andlit/People Get Faces 04 – From the Other Place 05 - #283 06 - #294 07 – Black 6 08 - #304 09 - #320 10 – Cool Gray 1 11 – Fire 12 – Trapped Title Theme 13 – Kids in School 14 – Finding Body 15 – News About Body 16 – Recovering Body 17 – First Look Body 18 – Criminal Investigation Pt.1 19 – Criminal Investigation Pt.2 20 – Captain Talk 21 –
  5. Roque Baños - Celda 211 (2009) Source: BMI 1M1 1M2 1M3 1M4 2M1 2M2 2M3 2M4E 3M1 3M2 3M3 3M4 4M1 4M2 4M3 4M4 5M1 5M2 5M3 5M4 5M5 6M1
  6. James Newton Howard - The Huntsman: Winter's War (2016) Source: Sessions 1M1v8 Main Title 1M1v9 Main Title 1M2v10 King's Funeral 1M3v7 You Didn't Know 1M4v7 Fire 1M5v5 A Kingdom of Her Own 1M6v9 To the Castle 1M7v15 The Children Arrive (Alt.) 1M7v15 The Children Arrive 1M8v22 Training the Children 1M9v5 The Best Ones 1M10v6 Pippa/Eric & Sara Win Battle 2M2v13 Sara Surprises Eric 2M3v9 Sara & Eric Caught 2M4v18 Sara & Eric Due 2M5v6 Mirror Massacre 2M6v3 Eric's Remembrance (Alt.) 2M6v3 Eric's Remembrance 2M7v3 Eric Joins Williams Force
  7. Trevor Morris - Hunter Killer Source: BMI Repertoire 1M1 Opening 1M3A Pentagon 1M3B Skipper Glass 1M4 Hunting 1M5 Glass to the Arkansas 1M6 Sealed Orders 1M7 Glass Prepares 1M8 Addresses Crew 1M9 In Base 1M10 Tajikistan 1M11 Mission 1M12 Glass & Cob 1M13 V3 1 USS Arkansas 1M15 Russia 1M16 Don't Be That Guy 2M17 Remains of Tempa Bay 2M18A Ice Break 2M18B Did We Just Start A War 2M19 Exercises My Ass 2M20 Storm 2M21 Landing 2M22 Blast Signature 2M23 Launch the Mystic 2M24 Open the Hatch 3M25 Seal's in Action 3M27A What Are Yo
  8. Bear McCreary - Knights of Badassdom Source: ascap.com 1M1 The Sigillum Dei Aemeth 1M2 Appeasement of the Gods 1M3 Paintball Stealth 1M4 The Paintballers & the Book 1M7 Beth's Breakup 1M8 Joe's Power Ballad 1M11 Hung's Solution 1M12 the Kingdom of Eliphaz 1M13 Dragon Ride 2M14 The Game Master 2M15 Gunther 2M16 Slighty Badass 2M17 Jobriath of Revitte 2M18 Summoning the Armies 2M19 Hung's Lesson 2M20 The Summoning 2M21 Plus Three Ass of Perfection 2M22 Demon Apes 3M23A Fre
  9. This list have some wrong things Look just at: 4m38 San Francisco 1987 & 5m38 Your Mom Died A Hero Both are from the same scene & one of them is just the album version..... But it's almost the same
  10. Hans Zimmer, Benjamin Wallfisch & Pharrell Williams - Hidden Figures (2016) Source:cocatalog.loc.gov 1M01 Katherine's Early Years 1M03 Mission Control 1M04 West Computing Group 2M06 Dorothy Mary in Windtunnel 2M07 Mary Engineer 2M08 Katherine Enters Office 2M11 Coffee 2M12 I'm Already There 3M15 Bedroom Pictures 3M18 Slice of Pie 3M21 Redacted IBM 3M22 Redstone Calculations 3M23 Interrogation Oer 4M26 Library 4M30 Montage 5M35 Katherine Tells It 5M36 Bathroom Sign 5M38 Shepard Launch 5M40 Kitchen Kiss 5M42 Mary & the Judge
  11. John Powell - Rio (2011) Source: cocatalog.loc.gov 1M3B Capture 1M5 Linda Finds Blue 1M7 Morning Routine 1M8 Taunting 2 Tulio 1M9 Fly 'N' Decisions 1M14 Great Big Momma Bird 2M15 Faux Paradise 2M17 Linda's Concern 2M19/20 Break In/Bagged 2M22 Missing 2M23pt1 Locked Up 2M23pt2 Locked Up 2M24/25 Family Rooftop 2M26 Feeding Nigel 2M28 Chained Chase 2M29 Bedtime-Flyers 2M30 Conscience 3M31 Idiots 3M31B Idiots 3M33 Lover's Quarrel 3M35 Juicy Little Mango 3M37 Merce
  12. Jed Kurzel - Alien: Covenant (2017) source: cocatalog.loc.gov 1M01 Logos 1M03 Covenant 1M04A Neutrino Burst 1M04B Packing 1M05A Team Meeting Stereo 1M05B Cabin On the Lake 2M06A Space Funeral 2M06B Sails 2M07 Planet No. 4 2M08 Away They Go Stereo 2M09 Launcher Landing Stereo 2M10 What Field Pt.1 2M10 What Field Pt.2/Pt.3 3M11 Spores 3M12 Juggernaut 3M13 Med Bay Creature 3M14 Tall Grass Attack 3M15 Dead Civilization 3M16 Survivors of Prometheus 4M17 80km 4M18
  13. Lorne Balfe - Pacific Rim: Umprising (2018) Source: sessions 1M01 Logos & Backstory Montage 1M04 Sneaking In 1M07 Jake Finds Scrapper 1M08-09 Scrapper Chase 1M11 Not Again 2M01 Shatterdome Arrial 2M02 Amara is Amazed 2M05 Pentecost 2M07 Simulation Fail 2M08 Could Have Been Great 2M09 Gottlieb Greets Newt Pt.1 2M09 Gottlieb Greets Newt Pt.2 3M01A Unwelcome Yager 3M01B Are You Reading This? 3M02A Mak-Morial 3M03 Flashback 3M07 Get It Done 3M09 Alice 4M02 Family Fight 4M03 It Isn't Something 4M04B What is That? 4M05 A Kaiju Brain
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