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  1. Getting caught up with this fascinating discussion (as well as Pando's gorgeous early 1M5 mockup). Have been working through an analysis of the motives/development/aesthetic of TFA and the timeline of Williams' writing is fascinating. Is this information mostly derived from sheet music or are there other sources to the sequence of events here? Just excited to learn from whatever's available. There's something about the scant fragments and unrepeated motives throughout the score that I actually really love (that hurried string motif in 'That Girl With The Staff'; the ev
  2. Recording content as we speak - extremely eager to restart our engines 😊
  3. Ah, thank you for clarifying. That's a shame, though nice to see the OT soundtracks were available in hi-res for that final Sony master. https://store.acousticsounds.com/d/112441/John_Williams-Star_Wars_The_Ultimate_Digital_Collection-FLAC_192kHz24bit_Download
  4. And are available in hi-res 😊 https://www.hdtracks.com/star-wars-a-new-hope-original-motion-picture-soundtrack
  5. In the case of INNER CITY, that was based on an original cue title (as were some of the other titles on the original LP). Of course, as we saw with the recent TROS cues, maintaining the original title is a somewhat rare case. I do love some of these spruce-up changes between cue name and soundtrack though. One from TFA comes to mind - 'That Lady With the Stick' became 'That Girl With the Staff'
  6. It may have been available slightly sooner, but found my order of a few of the individual pieces (digitally) via sheet musicdirect. It’s dated Dec 29, 2015. The physical books may have been available slightly later than that date, but if memory serves I recall seeing them in stock at a local music shop before the end of the year.
  7. Yeah it's fascinating. I suppose it's possible that the quality of the tapes they transferred was poor, but what Malone suggests about Dolby NR calibration seems plausible. If not decoded properly when transferring the tapes, material recorded with Dolby NR would appear quite hissy in the top end. If you play back or transfer old tapes recorded with Dolby (have worked with some recorded with Dolby A) you'll notice it right away. Bob Margouleff talks about it here in regards to a poor tape transfer of Stevie Wonder's 'Talking Book' sessions (see clip). If this were the cas
  8. Thanks for the clarification. I had recalled reading that the novelization was delayed, but revisiting that info today it looks like it was pushed roughly 2 weeks (March 3rd to March 17th), nothing quite so major.
  9. You may find Chris Malone's article the most illuminating here. Honestly, his entire piece is so well researched and such a delight to read (and frequently re-read, in my case). http://www.malonedigital.com/starwars.htm#.XihhLlNKjOQ (PDF link within) Discussion of the ROTJ top end in the 2CD Special Edition set begins at the bottom of page 28.
  10. I was curious about that as well. If memory serves, both TFA and TLJ had their piano sheet music published within a week or so of the theatrical release. || Warning || entering tin-foil hat territory... || I've been thinking about a few interesting & at first seemingly unrelated features of the TROS soundtrack/score/production (forgive me if someone has already leaped to these conclusions). Delay of sheet music publication. Inclusion of The Imperial March in a prominent position in the End Credits suite. Relatively minimal screentime of the highly
  11. Thanks Jerry! The next episode is live as well:
  12. Thanks so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it! The difference is very much intentional - we're experimenting with ways of distinguishing the spotting session episodes from the commentary, etc so are trying more of an editorial approach with these and then embracing more informal conversation for the other episodes. I hope it'll feel like a sort of balanced meal once the whole series is finished, but we definitely want to get feedback on how it's coming across. Thanks so much! This week's episode is a brief little intermission between our 2 part cue-by-cue analysis:
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