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  1. I have to travel to Fresno for work every two weeks, and while the drive is arduous, it's made up for after discovering a vintage record store that has an embarrassment of John Williams original pressings. I don't think they know what treasures they have! I'm giddy and wanted to share with other Williams lovers!!
  2. I was lucky enough to attend the Grammy Tribute last night. John Williams attended! He also gave a wonderful speech which paid tribute to the orchestras he has worked with. He was introduced by Gustav Dudamel. The event was surprisingly underattended. We were invited to move to a closer section to fill in the seats for the camera. Other attendees included Neil Diamond (who performed "Daydream Believer" with Micky Dolenz followed by "Sweet Caroline"), Emmylou Harris, The Meters and Sammy Hagar. Tina Turner accepted by video but nobody from Queen participated. We instead had to suffe
  3. I didn't dig, and doctor/patient confidentiality is to be respected, but he did say that he is warm, friendly and relaxed. I didn't ask out of respect.
  4. I attended a dinner last night, and one of the guests (a neighbor of the host) happened to be the doctor for John Wiliams. We had a great conversation - and I was able to hip him to the more jazzy, early work of "Johnny Williams". Most of the time living in Los Angeles is a drag, but on occasion the planets align just so and you get to have dinner and great conversation which would only happen here.
  5. Delighted to find this at Record Surplus in Los Angeles last night. "1941" is not on Spotify. Sounds and looks fantastic!
  6. I have been lucky enough to attend this concert almost every single year since moving to Los Angeles and it remains a highlight. Anytime that I start to think about how much I hate LA, I remember "Oh....but John WIlliams will be at The Bowl" and the storm surrenders for a while. An absolute MUST if you are even a casual fan, and you can find pretty reasonable tickets if you don't mind sitting in the bleachers. On the plus side, The Hollywood Bowl allows concertgoers to bring their own picnic which can save you money at the concessions.
  7. I just have my doubts that a fifth Indiana Jones will actually be made.....and more importantly SHOULD it be made? Harrison Ford will be 77 in 2019, and "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" certainly doesn't have me clamoring for another installment. Hopefully clearer heads will prevail.
  8. IMDB includes some optimistic titles (such as Indiana Jones 5), but I certainly hope that Williams is on board. I thought "Bridge of Spies" was a fair film, but not having a John Williams score accompany a Spielberg film certainly takes some of the cinematic wind out of my sails. For those of you that exclaim "The Color Purple", I reply with a sincere "meh".
  9. On my playlist? I just checked and it seemed to work. If you are in another country it could be an international rights issue. I know but I added it since I'm going for the whole "Complete" thing. For example, he is only credited as arranger for "Fiddler on the Roof", but I included that as well since I think it's an important stepping stone in his development.
  10. Here is a direct link to the playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/1231292280/playlist/6GWabNyLAmKZiRJmYUppWt It links to Facebook because I initially posted this to my Facebook page. I was surprised also at the many missing John Williams scores - especially since some were Oscar nominated. Hopefully Spotify will keep adding them, although I'm sure there are licensing and legal entanglements involved. Thanks!
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