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  1. I wish these concerts were available on demand ... i missed it !!!
  2. I am off to the one at Leeds Arena on saturday ... looking forward to it
  3. yeah one kind fan on here sent me half of the concert but would love the first half
  4. This past August, the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Players of the Boston Symphony and their local union, local 9-535, agreed to a three-year contract that included provisions for local radio and live streaming. Unfortunately, regional radio and on demand streaming fall under the jurisdiction of the American Federation of Musicians. Although the national agreement expired in April, negotiations for a successor contract will only begin in October. Consequently, regional broadcasts of Boston Symphony Orchestra concerts will not be available until the negotiations between the American Federat
  5. concerts are no longer available on demand unfortunately Beginning with the 2017-2018 concert season, WCRB will continue to broadcast and stream the BSO in Saturday evening live performances from Symphony Hall, with encore presentations on Monday nights. These broadcasts, however, will not be available for post-broadcast on demand streaming via WCRB's and the BSO's web sites. In addition, these broadcasts will only be heard on WCRB. They will not be heard on affiliate stations around New England.
  6. Threads like this make me cringe . Emmbarrasing
  7. ... sarky tione . Thats what you are all about ....dont you like the taste of your own medicine?
  8. Exactly , Well done for finally realising , that i am an outsider who didnt know who this person , or any of you are .... thats why you need to show some respect !!! please define how his response was measured and respectful... yet mine is delorable ?
  9. Hang on a minute . , be respectful ? he is exactly the opposite !! stop making excuses for him. . Ill go on the internet wherever i want ..It wasnt a derogatory post on FSM i was simply asking for feedback .
  10. You must have small man syndrome or a small dick to react like that . I have seen some of your posts and yu come accross like a dick , which you are I an not surprised some FSMers take dislike of this forum with egotistical idiots like you running it . You seem to dislike outsiders and are like a bunch of spoilt kids . Im sure John Williams would approve of your stupid rants and tasteless comments .
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