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  1. Apocalypse Now and Full Metal Jacket are two very different movies.
  2. It is probably my favorite best picture winner. But is it objectively the best? Debatable.
  3. Was rooting for Johnny, but I enjoyed Joker’s score very much. Congrats, Hildur!
  4. Kirk Douglas, ‘Spartacus’ Star and Legend of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Dies at 103. Rest in peace.
  5. Yeah, this is definitely fake. Since when has 4Chan ever been a reliable source for anything?
  6. Don’t you think you should actually watch the film before making statements such as this? Also, Phoenix was absolutely mesmerizing in the role. One of his best performances, imo.
  7. 1917 An utterly captivating war film that packs an emotional wallop I didn’t see coming. Great performances from the leads, a solid score from Thomas Newman, and superb direction from Mendes. Deakins knocks it out of the park once again; the cinematography doesn’t feel gimmicky but actually adds to the immersion of the film, making you feel like you’re really there with these characters. It’s a gorgeous looking film. Couldn’t recommend this enough, I really loved it.
  8. The Dark Knight Rises, by Hans Zimmer Avengers: Infinity War, by Alan Silvestri Good stuff!
  9. I liked how they managed to give Dory's father a receding hairline.
  10. It doesn’t even bother me at this point.
  11. It was the album that got me into film music, really.
  12. I'm not the one who started this. I said the issue was resolved and you're the one who's continuing it! Makes me wonder if you're this starved for attention in real life.
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