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  1. Apparently, one of the final awards approved by the Queen https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11244771/Queens-final-knight-John-Williams-honoured-creating-music-blockbuster-films.html
  2. found the link to LA times article from 1990 https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1990-04-26-me-152-story.html still on the lookout for that interview - will post when I find it
  3. I remember reading an interview with Joseph where he admitted using drugs (back in the day) and that cocaine basically ruined his voice - and that he found out that he was out of Toto from their (then) manager. Will try to find that interview...he was also arrested in 1990 in one of the largest raids in LA - charged with drug possession and was released on bail (presumably paid by his father) Great to hear his voice is back - I've watched a few concerts from 2019 - he sounded fantastic!
  4. I believe that has something to do with Jeff Porcaro's widow suing them and banning them from using the name toto - it's a long story (from what I heard) but basically, they can no longer perform under that name... nothing official - but Lukather said something like that when he announced their last gig. He didn't want to elaborate because toto apparently lost the case in court
  5. he didn't leave - toto doesn't exist anymore ;-)
  6. watching the digital extra right now - there's fantastic footage of Williams getting ready behind the bar ;-) and - there's also interesting story about 51 "pieces of junk" he's surrounded with ;-)
  7. ahem - sorry if this has been posted before, but...I was just reading an article in the Variety and saw this:
  8. definitely - although JW is my favorite, I "discovered" orchestral movie scores by watching Hitchcock movies and I fell in love with Bernard Herrmann's scores...
  9. I was watching Toto new blu ray the other day and in an interview Joseph was talking about his dad being an arranger and bandleader for one gig JW did with Sinatra. An hour before the show Sinatra asked JW to lower the key for one song (doesn't mention which one) - that's probably the reason why there was never a second gig ;-)
  10. Thanks much, Jay - I copied the link and somehow that space ended up in the address I pasted - it's all computer's fault, lol
  11. thanks much for the upload! is it just me or two links aren't working? one of them is https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIUf9NX oi-k - I got redirected to google 😉
  12. From LA times review "But something else was at the heart of the program, which continues through Sunday and is being recorded live for release in a month or two on Deutsche Grammophon." So - that's why it's being recorded 😋
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