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  1. Chris Pratt creeps me out. I'm sorry BDH wasn't allowed to carry the movies without him.
  2. I might still grab it, as I love these scores to death. But if I miss the chance, eh, we’ll probably get a Super Mega Deluxe Edition in ten years with “even more improved sound quality! You can hear the chairs moving, omg!!”.
  3. ...26$ for shipping from the UK store? Yeah, I’ll stick with the album as is.
  4. HTTYD2’s album was fine. As is Hidden World’s. And HTTYD1. Kind of regret buying 1’s Deluxe.
  5. The Omen by Jerry Goldsmith If we’re referring to my childhood, anyway.
  6. Why does it list the actors? Do they perform in the soundtrack or somethin’?
  7. They referenced Jurassic World at the end of this Jurassic World 3 trailer? How exciting!
  8. Mentioned the upcoming movie to grandpa and got this response. ”Don’t Worry Darling? That sounds like a stupid 50’s movie with Rock Hudson and Doris Day.”
  9. Am I the only one who avoids Titanic every time I listen to My Heart Will Go On?
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