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  1. Treasure Planet by JNH Felt like listening to pirate music I hadn’t already heard. I recall this being the best of his three (well, now four) animated Disney scores
  2. Tried listening to the T&J score. Yikes. I’m guessing using the original theme was not in the cards for either Lennertz or Henry Mancini, but the latter’s at least pleasant.
  3. Where’s my thread whenever I whine about something?! Ex-CUSE me for not being as important as this Scorsese dope!
  4. Broughton’s Honey I Blew Up the Kid might be my favorite comedy score. I should listen to that today!
  5. Giacchino also has weaker story sensibilities compared to someone like Powell. Several spots where that theme or any theme would have fit nicely, he instead just does meandering underscore.
  6. I don’t remember most themes in Horner cartoon scores, but can whistle/hum Sid the sloth’s theme despite having not listened to the Ice Age scores in many months. That acknowledged, John Powell is my favorite composer (followed by Chris Young, Goldsmith, Broughton and John Scott), but I’m not compelled to find reason to look down upon the others’ virtues.
  7. That playlist was by far the highlight of Christmas today for me. I needed that.
  8. I’ve never watched a Star Wars movie all the way through. I can only remember bits and pieces from various things, mainly quotes from the prequels like hating sand or having the high ground.
  9. I love that Chewie’s introduction sounds like something out of a classic monster movie score!
  10. Rescuing Sarah is a mostly percussion whacking for five minutes.
  11. I love all the atmospheric stuff in Lost World, but until ‘A Visitor in San Diego’, most of the action material’s rather bland and basic.
  12. Only reassuring to give ya on a grasp on where I come from in terms of my tastes! Can’t drum up much of any interest in anything Star Wars. Even as a wee tyke, I recall sitting through the original movies out of obligation than being compelled by what I was seeing. Space ventures just were never my thing. Powell just jives with me for whatever reason. Even when he’s scoring for a genre or subject I’m otherwise not interested in, I’m compelled to delve into listening. I don’t give a rat’s poop about the character Chewbacca, but Powell can sure trick me into believing otherwise!
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