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  1. My playlists are usually ‘OST arrangement, a cue or two I like from the expanded release’.
  2. I might buy this anyway, but the disc drive on my laptop broke awhile ago, so I have no way to burn or listen to CD’s anymore.
  3. The Empty Man by Christopher Young I wish I could find his synth scores more interesting.
  4. I’m usually fine with albums as they are, but completely understood those feeling this one was too action-focused. I like it for that (makes for fun car trips), but I’m a spaz.
  5. WOW! I didn’t think something like this would happen for another decade!! That we’d have to wait decades from now for an Intrada release or somethin’.
  6. Imagine talking about Man of Steel when you could instead gush about how sexily awful AvP: Requiem is. That hospital massacre is really something.
  7. So, which film has worse cinematography, Alien VS Predator: Requiem or Solo: A Star Wars Story?
  8. Solo is a 4-star for me rather than 5 star because of the album’s lack of a satisfying ending. Needed a finale suite! I haven’t heard anything from HGW that’s left any impression on me.
  9. So do I!....but I’ll keep my distance from the chap in question.
  10. Orca, The Thing and The Mission are the only works of his I'm familiar with. Any recs?
  11. Hard to say when so many great scores get buried under sound effects so they hardly got to carry the movie or anything.
  12. I voted for Land Before Time, Fievel Goes West, Legend of Zorro and The Rocketeer.
  13. Or just listen to the OST because it has all the music you need to appreciate the score!
  14. Just say it’s John Powell, Jerry Goldsmith, Christopher Young and Bruce Broughton and move on!
  15. You stay away from ME, you cad! ....okay I'll admit I never listen to those first two...
  16. Just be wary, most of anything he did after 1990 will put you to sleep.
  17. To give nerds something to buy when they release the same score again but with extra music?
  18. It’s not about the movies themselves, seeing as how something like those disposable Blue Sky animated movies have stronger thematic material than anything Gia’s ever written for a ‘real’ movie. Powell could churn out something rapturous with something like Horton Hears a Who while Gia struggles to come up with anything compelling for his big time productions. Or of course the sheer amount of times Goldsmith gave great scores to garbage movies.
  19. He lacks that special sense of narrative purpose, if you'll pardon my...lack of a less pretentious way of putting it. For example, there's several spots in Fallen Kingdom's underscore that he could have intertwined either the main theme or Blue's theme or whatever, but he just doesn't and just has the usual dull meandering underscore or hammering action rhythms that don't say anything (even if I'm nonetheless entertained). Why not have the raptor theme intertwined in Double Cross to Bear or Operation Blue Blood, for example? Why not intertwine that splendid main theme into the action music throughout the whole volcano section? It's like he's just hired to provide background noise rather than feeling compelled to tell a story. He's almost got it with the spectacular renditions of that main theme, but he doesn't really commit to it enough.
  20. Grandpa’s described Giacchino’s attempts at action music in the past as being ‘very angular and stabbing and hammering’. Not entirely sure what he means, but what the hey.
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