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  1. WAV is unusable because of the lack of support for metadata. Microsoft and Apple really need to update the WAV file standard.
  2. I used to use Apple Lossless but now I use AIFF. I noticed more detail and clarity on AIFF files compared to ALAC. No, I'm not bluffing. I think some devices struggle to decode Apple Lossless. FLAC is not an option because I'm in the Apple ecosystem...
  3. The Aaron Venture project looks interesting. They are recording all 4 sections of an orchestra and optimizing the samples to have a premium sound with as little RAM usage as possible (looking at you, Spitfire). It has a very classical sound. The brass and woodwinds are out. Strings are coming out this year. Hopefully they make a bundle once all the sections are out. https://www.aaronventure.com/
  4. I don't like His Dark Materials that much. You don't end a main theme on an inverted VI chord! You just don't! The chromatic low brass transitions everywhere are lazy and unpolished. Looks like Willis is indeed from RCP. He should be in second place from his two scores alone. https://www.christopherwilliscomposer.com/about
  5. Why do these battles between legendary characters matter if Junkie XL always gets to score them?
  6. The Back to the Future comparison makes sense because both themes have jarring chromatic key changes within the themes.
  7. Yep. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Newton_Howard#Film
  8. Remember the JNH curse. We generally get good scores from him on even years and bad scores from him on odd years.
  9. It's fun to talk about. Plus the irony that half the people here don't like Gordy Haab's music but love "Falcon Flight" even though it seems that Haab's creative voice is all over that track.
  10. By the Titus/300 comparison, I meant that the two excerpts are compositionally almost identical, not that it was a similar situation.
  11. Uh, the second one is Titus/300 worthy. Reused alternates from TFA is also a likely possibly, especially because Abrams was familiar with what JW wrote for TFA.
  12. Although some here think Haab's music is autopilot Williams imitation without good themes, I think his music is very impressive. We're lucky to have it.
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