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  1. Idiots feeding the information to Gracenote with iTunes be like: "Vienna Philharmonic/John Williams/John Williams (b. 1932)/Williams, John/JOHN TOWNER WILLIAMS/John Williams, cond." I always use just the orchestra name in the artist area and put the composer in the composer area.
  2. At this point, someone should just fund a complete re-recording of the OT scores by the LSO. They should have done that when the Special Editions came out. Trying to make the original recordings sound perfect keeps creating more problems.
  3. Theme from Angela's Ashes The Book Thief end credits
  4. I don't like how most concert recordings do a slow down before the first theme statement. I really want a recording that stays true to the films' tempo so I can replace it on TLJ so it can have its own fanfare.
  5. I hope JW gets a cameo as a cleverly-named character.
  6. I say this poll is rigged. Gilderoy Lockhart is a perfectly legitimate concert arrangement. There are some rare cases when a cue works as a concert arrangement.
  7. I read about digital watermarks being a thing and that has made me want to still get CDs even though some albums can be bought at a higher bitrate now. Do these sites have digital watermarks on their albums? Have they made them subtle enough to not be heard?
  8. I have the same question. Has someone edited together a full version yet?
  9. Confirmed: There was no ghostwriting by the orchestrators. This didn't age well haha.
  10. I saw the line about Lehman and immediately came here to see if you were already talking about it.
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