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  1. The album mix sounds like Ramin Djawadi recording. How sickening!
  2. She didn't mention William Ross once in all the media fanfare prior to the show (possibly due to an NDA, who knows), then promoted her own ghostwriters on social media after the first episode without acknowledging Ross (who scored nearly half of the show), said "George Lucas" told her not to use themes, and said that her composer journey was more similar to Giacchino's and Powell's rather than Goransson's. Maybe she thinks it was similar to them because of the JW theme, but the problem is, her portions of the score barely used it. I would certainly feel sick if I was getting all the media attention for a score in which the final product is only ~50 percent~ mine.
  3. I have a difficult time believing JW would micromanage what themes can be used to such an extent. Could be another bold lie from Holt. And JW also has no right to say what themes can be used. Lucasfilm owns the themes.
  4. New Abbey Road selection from Spitfire. This time it's a horn section! https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/abbey-road-one-thematic-horns/
  5. I don’t like Holt‘s stormtrooper theme. It’s a weak theme. Low brass in octaves with nothing else going on isn’t epic. It’s lazy. It’s what a first year composition student would write for an assignment.
  6. I only listened to the single that was released. What happened to Giacchino??? This isn't very good.
  7. This music stood out to me when I played the game. Is it on the soundtrack album?
  8. Another missed opportunity because somehow, people want another score from Mr. XL.
  9. Just look up which classical composers are winning awards here and there. I dislike much of the music I hear.
  10. American classical music needs a personality like Lenny who will lift modern classical music out of its current unlistenable avant-garde experimental hell.
  11. There's also a video of him taking an opera symphony way too fast on purpose, to the detriment of the singer.
  12. I don't like Lenny. He said some bizarre things, like apparently how European classical/romantic music is bad and that American classical movements should move away from it.
  13. Joseph Shirley had the arrogance to say that Tatooine, after all the JW style classicism that graced it, now had a, well whatever you want to call the sound that was Book of Boba Fett. That somehow Tatooine's "sound" changed after ROTJ. It's nothing but an attempt at a clever excuse.
  14. Thanks! Here's a 1500 by 1500 version, since some devices will not display album art as big as 2800 by 2800.
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