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  1. Taylor could have avoided being so annoyed by having artistic integrity and keeping Doyle from the start.
  2. Balfe is scoring Wheel of Time as of today. I called it two years ago that him getting His Dark Materials was a slippery slope toward him/RCP scoring everything related to fantasy and possibly getting the LOTR show.
  3. Idk about 1989 digital tech being bad. The CD quality digital audio standard has been the same since the early 80s. Elfman's Batman was a digital recording from 1989 and it still sounds fantastic, to the point where the original CD sounds better than attempts to remaster it 10 year ago.
  4. Really? I heard it sounds worse than the Concord album. Or is that what you're referring to?
  5. Just rerecord it. Make a compilation of rerecordings of the OT, Indy 3, and Hook to apologize for the atrocious mixing of yesteryear.
  6. Anne-Sophie Mutter would never let JW go on dates with a guy.
  7. Ah yes, old Finale SmartMusic SoftSynth samples. Good times.
  8. This is a great effort. But I just don't see it working. JW would have kept re-inventing the sound with each new director. He would have dropped themes and made new ones. He surely would not have used William Ross's Lucius Malfoy theme for the Death Eaters... I hope Deathly Hallows has some exciting JW-style action music.
  9. They look good, however I will have to stick with BBC Symphony Orchestra and CineBrass for a while and make the most out of it.
  10. Does anyone know if these jazzy covers have lossless versions somewhere? They're by a group called Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra. It seems that only this group's newest albums are available to buy online.
  11. What sample libraries did you use?
  12. You guys gotta stop using SoundCloud to promote your music. They use a codec that is only 64 kbps. Terrible!
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