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  1. The Film Symphony Orchestra album is on Spotify, but unfortunately not on HD Tracks.
  2. Oh, so now the composer we were defending has pulled a Lorne Balfe. Time to rethink our rhetoric.
  3. This is the only decent-sounding alternate recording of "The Rebellion is Reborn" that I know about: I don't think we'll hear a cover of "The Rise of Skywalker" until the pandemic is over. Don't like the Prague recordings of the TPM suite? Don't forget about this release:
  4. Google Drive says that you prevented playback and downloading of your music.
  5. Well, Junkie XL Brass from Orchestral Tools sounds better than Holkenborg's own orchestral brass recordings.
  6. Kevin Kiner is cancelled. That does it. It was very easy to tell by how the orchestra was mixed on CW and Rebels that he doesn't care at all if the orchestra sounded organic. No one with that kind of attitude should touch Star Wars.
  7. The Hannigan releases went under my radar until yesterday. This is great! I got them on HD Tracks. I never thought I'd hear this music in lossless. In the likely case that you don't like the EA Composer Series album covers, here are some custom covers I found:
  8. No love for War Horse? * The Reunion * Remembering Emilie / Finale * The Homecoming Nevermind, someone already said that.
  9. Another reason to sign this if you haven't already: https://www.change.org/p/the-walt-disney-company-release-the-complete-soundtracks-from-the-star-wars-episodes-by-john-williams-on-cd
  10. I don't want them starting with the only one that actually sounds good on the 1997 release...
  11. Another thing to add to the list: We still have't gotten official piano arrangements. In fact, Disney is literally preventing independent transcribers from publishing their arrangements on Musicnotes until they approve the "official" ones. The problem? It's been almost three months!
  12. Oh no, a director who reliably wants eccentric Beltrami scores. How about no.
  13. I didn't say that. I said that your headphones suck if you think Empire sounds better than Jedi. They both sound bad in different ways.
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