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  1. I'd say just get it now. You might have to wait until Black Friday or something otherwise.
  2. Don't miss out on the Kontakt full sale. If you buy this free sample product, you will get a code that lets you register the sample in Native Access (Native Instruments software) and then you can get Kontakt via a crossgrade at only about 125 dollars. Kontakt full is required for many sample libraries.
  3. ANH sounds alright. Nope! Absolutely not! Endgame has one of the most disgusting mixes I have ever heard! My ranking of the ST mixes are 1. The Last Jedi, 2. The Rise of Skywalker, and 3. The Force Awakens. The TFA mix is okay in some areas (the textures in celeste and harp Rey's Theme have an interesting sound) however the dry sound is not ideal. The Main Title recording is really disappointing.
  4. What?? That's not even one of the best cues. For the most part, just a 4-note ostinato.
  5. The fast tempo theme in TLW end credits sounds goofy. The substitute conductor got it better with the first film's recording.
  6. Don't miss out on the Spitfire spring sale.
  7. The Mummy is an exception to the rule. What an atrocious mix. JP set isn't bad, just not as good as the original mixes.
  8. I prefer the OST mix to the LLL. The remastering sounds too forced, like they made each section too crisp and then mixed it back together.
  9. Is so ironic that Junkie XL brass sounds way more realistic than Junkie XL's real orchestral recordings.
  10. A custom mix in BBCSO Pro can help make the low brass sound better anyway.
  11. I had a nightmare trying to download the old Hollywood libraries on Composer Cloud (missing Play plugin) and then it tried to tell me that I can't use Opus Hollywood Orchestra. I want to be done with EastWest once I can unsubscribe. Yeah, BBCSO brass is decent now, but nothing else. Can't decide if CineBrass supplementing low brass or high brass is more important.
  12. I would want to use it as a companion brass library for BBCSO. So IDK, maybe a stronger high brass section would be more important. But it seems that Core does not come with muted brass.
  13. So, CineBrass Core vs. CineBrass Pro? They are both the same price on sale. Which is better?
  14. CineSamples is having another sale, on their own website this time.
  15. Another reminder to only post links to the official "Topic" channels if it is on a regular album to ensure that the thread is futureproofed. Seeing more unavailable videos here than there should be.
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