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  1. Can these be purchased in lossless anywhere? Not sure if they're on Qobuz. Edit: I found it. https://www.qobuz.com/us-en/album/harry-potter-20th-anniversary-return-to-hogwarts-soundtrack-from-the-special-john-williams-synchron-stage-orchestra-wizarding-world/tr2yodhrrjrbc
  2. Huge news: Cinesamples just announced a subscription service featuring (scaled down versions of) their libraries called Musio! It will compete with EastWest Composer Cloud and has a monthly subscription fee of 20 dollars and a yearly fee of 150 dollars. There is a two week free trial automatically given to you at signup. The Musio player takes the Orchestral Tools SINE Player approach and lets you download just the patches that you want instead of entire libraries at a time. https://www.musio.com/
  3. Variety did. Variety is a third party source. I want first party sources.
  4. I’m going on the record that I think there is a considerable chance Williams’ involvement with Kenobi is a false rumor that Disney decided not to quash to help build hype. Which would be despicable if it’s true.
  5. EastWest Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition is currently on sale for 400 dollars!
  6. Crimes of Grindelwald is an excellent score. Not sure how people here like Secrets of Dumbledore better.
  7. JNH’s original cues before the temp track rewrites are now at the top of my unobtainium wishlist.
  8. This is officially my least favorite score of the 11 Wizarding World films (yes, I'm a Hooper fan ) Almost all of the highlights are near-verbatim reprises of material from the first two scores. The tone of the cues shifts so fast that JNH doesn't have time to develop many of his ideas. I could not remember a single new theme other than a celeste obstinato. It's mostly not bad music - well orchestrated and usually a nice atmosphere. But the huge lack of notable fresh material is quite shocking. The action cues people are gushing over are just William Ross'd versions of action material from FB 1 with new JW-like orchestrations. And for a film called "The Secrets of Dumbledore", it's absurd that Dumbledore's Theme from COG only appears once in full! I don't even want to count the theme's brief appearance in "The Promise" because that entire cue is a William Ross'd reworking of "Restoring Your Name" from COG. There is also too much boring RCP-like suspense stuff. I'm very disappointed because I thought this would be my score of the year. The upcoming Hogwarts Legacy game BETTER have a good composer brought on! I can't take two disappointing Wizarding World scores in one year...
  9. McQuarrie didn’t just let go of Kraemer. He ghosted him. Completely unprofessional and unethical to do to someone who had been his collaborator since the beginning. McQ told Kraemer that working with him would pay off like a savings bond. Then McQ broke that promise with a snap of the finger.
  10. Dune is not a good score. It’s nauseating and hurts the film, which needed something less dreary to compensate for Denis’s drab style. I don’t care about however many degrees of world building if the final product makes me sick.
  11. Battle of Christophsis was Kiner's peak in my opinion. That's one heck of an early peak though...was he just so overworked that nothing else could come close? I remember hearing in the commentary of the 2008 film that the director had Kiner work the hardest on the Christophsis cue (and perhaps keep re-writing it) out of any of his compositions for the film. And boy did it show, but I just wish his music was always that good.
  12. Why would Kiner brag about a full orchestra? It's not like he cares. No one who cares about that kind of thing would purposely put a mockup version of a cue on an album. ICYMI, Kiner put the mockup of the cue "Battle of Yerbana" on the last Clone Wars album instead of the orchestral version used in the show. To make things worse, it wasn't Kiner's cue. It was Glen David Russell's (I think). Kiner himself made the decision to put the mockup on the album, according to a Lucasfilm representative. GDR says there was no hard feelings. If a head composer made the decision to release a mockup of my ghostwritten highlight cue instead of one that was actually recorded, I'd be pretty upset.
  13. Latest Spitfire Abbey Road expansion: Trumpet section! This is the number 1 thing I've been wanting from this series!!! https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/abbey-road-one-thematic-trumpets/
  14. If you need a drum set library, the new Spitfire Originals library has you covered. If you buy it before the end of March, Spitfire will give you a 10 dollar gift card toward your account!
  15. Yes! This has been the bane of my existence for the past year. I just can't get into DAW composing the same way as notation, and most sample libraries do not work well with notation software. The only compromise so far is using NotePerformer on Finale and exporting the MIDI do be done with better samples.
  16. Everything on Cinesamples is 40 percent off until the 23rd. Use the code "40off" at checkout. Studio One might be a good choice since it supposedly has good notation support and some integration with their notation software, Notion 6.
  17. That's always the excuse made by composers in justifying their rationale for making something bad on purpose.
  18. Don't ask Kiner to do it. He purposely put the mockup of the cue "Battle of Yerbana" on the Clone Wars 7.3 album while the show used the recorded orchestral version. A Lucasfilm rep said Kiner did this to add "something special" to the soundtrack or some crap.
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