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  1. Well...serious question: how sad would people be if we stopped doing Soundtrack Spotlights? They've kinda taken over the entire podcast in a way I never intended/expected... I miss doing regular episodes as well as regular Interview episodes (and had a half dozen lined up to do about half a year ago, with no idea when I'll finally be able to make them happen). That said, we do have a plan of sorts to handle the present glut of releases: 1. Jens and I just (finally) recorded with Doug Fake for over 3(!!!) hours last night, on the LSO Rio Conchos/The Artist Who Did Not Wa
  2. I'm not sure, but it's the only example I'm aware of where he conducted and recorded a complete movement of a classical work. Yavar
  3. Okay, serious question: How is Ming-Na Wen 57 years old? Like damn, the woman in that photo looks like she's in college (graduate school, at least). Is she a vampire? Yavar
  4. That was based on the best elements he was able to find at the time. I pushed him a bit more to find an illustrated image to use for his custom cover, and he did, coming up with the following alternative option: But it still bugged me, having the non-illustrated (but rather a painted over film still) image on the right, even though the main image was better. So I bugged him a bit more and he finally made this fantastic version which I think is definitive:
  5. I haven’t purchased the version that came out this past December either. I’m happy with my 2015 LLL edition and I think they only tweaked it slightly when they paired it with Von Ryan’s Express. Yavar
  6. Maybe it’s all relative, but I always thought The Blue Max sounded relatively poor until I heard the LLL edition from some years ago, so maybe I had low expectations going in, which were exceeded. Yavar
  7. You reckon incorrectly. The Blue Max is the only Tadlow Goldsmith recording that disappointed me. The rhythms are a bit off in a few of the action cues, and it overall just doesn't have quite the same fresh energy as the original. It's not bad by any means but I really wish they'd spent the money to record some Goldsmith that was otherwise lost, too. That said it's a great score so I understand the desire to revisit; I'm just greedy to get stuff I don't already have in complete form (and sounding quite good, in the LLL restoration). I almost exclusively listen to the original Blue
  8. Have you heard the Tadlow recording? There is no comparison. The old album doesn't have terrible sound by any means (compare that with another classic score given a great sounding complete new recording by Tadlow: Exodus by Ernest Gold) but it's not even close, in this case. (And there are 60s recordings I think sound great.) Yavar
  9. About 15 min of music in the film that's unreleased on album...and of course it's all good -- it's Medicine Man!: https://www.filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=109823&forumID=1&archive=0 Yavar
  10. Presumably...NON-Jerry Goldsmith? But this has been an insane time for Goldsmith releases unlike any other in history, so who knows? (I know nothing about this imminent batch, but -- and I can't believe I'm saying this -- I would welcome a momentary respite from Goldsmith expansions personally!) That said, the Varese-controlled Goldsmith titles I most want expanded are: The Other, Medicine Man, Mom and Dad Save the World, Our Man Flint, and (the partially rejected) Love Field. See more, including fun custom cover mock-ups of the possiblities, here in this FSM threa
  11. It's really good but alas apparently out of print from them, which is why I didn't mention it! Nice overview of his whole career though, and the recordings are up to the usual high Tadlow standard. If it can be found second hand it's worth picking up too. I'm usually an original recordings guy, but the performance on the Tadlow is just as great if not better. The sound is a LOT better. And it's got the complete score, with so much more music than the old album of the film recording. Plus, he specifically asked for modern recordings. Yavar
  12. YEAH! This one most of all; it's amazing: http://www.tadlowmusic.com/2010/11/lawrence-of-arabia/ Then this: http://www.tadlowmusic.com/2016/07/is-paris-burning-maurice-jarre/ Then if you like both of those, this: http://www.tadlowmusic.com/2011/06/villa-rides-the-western-film-music-of-maurice-jarre/ Tadlow also has some very good sounding releases of three Jarre scores from the original recordings: http://www.tadlowmusic.com/2010/11/mad-max-beyond-thunderdome/ http://www.tadlowmusic.com/2010/11/the-message-lion-of-the-des
  13. My favorite Mancini is and probably always will be Wait Until Dark. But don’t just buy it on album. Seek out the excellent film and experience it there, first. Incredible serious scoring. Yavar
  14. Oh man. It leaves off so many great thematic highlights, callbacks to Star Trek: The Motion Picture even... in favor of very low key suspense underscore, for like half its runtime! Yavar
  15. Yeah, The Sea Hawk is the one I really want. My favorite Korngold score by far, and even the terrible-sounding bootleg of it is a single disc and leaves off a huge chunk of score. Yavar
  16. Star Trek: Nemesis got a longer assembly (at 48 minutes it was the longest OST a Star Trek feature ever received up to that point)... and Goldsmith (or whoever) still fucked it up. A totally badass 48 minutes of highlights *could* have been cultivated from that score, that might have even lived up to Varese's hype-filled product description at the time (which set everyone up for disappointment). Yeah, The Sand Storm aside The Mummy (and 13th Warrior) are excellent original albums... I still want the other 15-20 minutes of 13th Warrior because it's all good stuff; it do
  17. Oh man that would be awesome @Jurassic Shark! After it was put out as an isolated score track (and a pretty decent sounding one at that) I felt certain that some label like FSM would release Korngold's original Robin Hood recording. Alas, it never happened! We did get The Sea Wolf and Kings Row which were both fantastic, but no other restorations from Korngold's Warner Bros. recordings. I want a box set of everything that survives, to be honest! Yavar
  18. Wouldn't the WB title have to be the long-imminent The Adventures of Batman and Robin? Yavar
  19. @blondheim there are no Goldsmith scores *quite* like The Shadow, but I do think you'll like both The Edge and Star Trek V: The Final Frontier very much, when you explore them. I would also highly recommend adding Star Trek: The Motion Picture if you don't know it. There are certain cues in The Shadow (the ones full of dark grandeur, is how I'd describe them) which very much call back to that score, for me... and it also has one of Goldsmith's most gorgeous romantic melodies of all time in Ilia's Theme. Yavar
  20. And that list is outdated Jay because it still lists The Shadow as in print. (Is it just out of stock, and could be re-pressed like Psycho II was recently?) Yavar
  21. Yeah that would be great, though we’ve learned that even the “permanent unlimited” releases really aren’t either! They can sell out and stay out of print from Intrada, like The Great Train Robbery did (thankfully reissued by Quartet so it came back into print). Yavar
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