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  1. I had the opposite reaction. Already a fan of Korzeniowski, when I watched the first season of Penny Dreadful, I was swept away by his music — to me all very much in his established sweeping post-minimalist romantic style (the cue I posted illustrates that quite thoroughly I think, and it was also very powerful in the show), albeit dark (*at times*) ...frankly I consider it some of his best work, and perhaps the best TV scoring of the past decade. It is FAR superior to something like Copernicus’ Star, which has moments/cues of greatness that are pure Korzeniowski, but also suffers greatly from
  2. Agreed. Penny Dreadful is incredible. Surprised you don’t care for it, Thor. Yavar
  3. Wow, man — you skipped my FAVORITE Williams score of all time, JANE EYRE. You MUST check it out...it’s incredible: Huh? Of course all Varese single CD Club titles have $5 markup at other retailers because they don’t offer wholesale prices to them, but when buying directly from Varese it’s the usual $19.98... https://www.varesesarabande.com/products/cowboys-the-the-deluxe-edition It’s a wonderful score and the prior release didn’t remotely do it justice...I say get it as soon as you can! Yavar
  4. Guys Diamond Head is a drama, not a comedy... “Richard "King" Howland is a swaggering bigoted land baron living on the Big Island of Hawaii. He objects when his sister, Sloan Howland, announces she plans to marry Paul Kahana, a native Hawaiian, even though Richard is having a torrid affair with an Asian woman, Mai Chen. During Sloan and Paul's engagement party, Mai Chen's brother attacks Richard with a knife. Paul tries to break up the fight and is killed. Bitter at her brother for Paul's death, Sloan runs off to Honolulu where she is taken in by Paul's brother, Dean, and his famil
  5. James Fitzpatrick's most recent post at FSM was just over two weeks ago (4/24): Not long to go now .... artwork and master should be going off to get manufactured early May .... https://www.filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?forumID=1&pageID=2&threadID=138322&archive=0 Yavar
  6. Ah...well at the *very* top are the two Flint scores which are 60s, not 70s. And those films actually have a following...I guess you could think of them as the original Austin Powers films, spoofing James Bond but with an American agent played by the great James Coburn. Scores are *super* fun, with Jerry doing his own 60s spy thing rather than copying Barry. But the movies aren't crap or anything, and are somewhat fondly remembered still. As for The Ballad of Cable Hogue (the highest 70s title at the top) -- this is actually a *superb* film by the great Sam Peckinpah (The Wild Bunch). I hig
  7. Ohhhh... the selling point there for me is that includes a little more music that was recorded at the LSO sessions but left off the original album because Jerry wanted it. Both versions sound pretty freakin’ amazing, let me tell you... Wall of Fire performed by the LSO is just awe-inspiring! Yavar
  8. I hadn't even realized that Intrada's reissue was remastered! (Or maybe I forgot.) I see now that they say it is slight: Doesn't sound like a huge improvement, if you already own the earlier edition. Great score though! Yavar
  9. Well that's for sure. And weird movies. And sometimes bad movies. Which among these looks weirdest to you? Yavar
  10. @Brundlefly, I thought it was time for a new poll, given the new year and the release of U.S. Marshals (which was the 3rd place winner in my initial Varese in-perpetuity poll on FSM, over four years ago, with Small Soldiers and Air Force One -- also expanded since then -- in 1st and 2nd place, respectively). I decided to make it a bit more sophisticated, with a top 10 ranked choice system to really see what people's priorities were. I also added new info about the degree of unreleased music from these titles Varese controls, which might interest you and update your own info: https://filmscorem
  11. I wonder if a new Deluxe Edition of The Ballad of Cable Hogue (not among my favorite Goldsmith western scores on disc, but in the film it is *wonderful* and perfect) might be produced some day, as it turns out the previous Varese Club release was incomplete (and missing one of the loveliest pieces of score). NOTE: Most Club titles Varese didn't get perpetuity rights on (see: LLL's ability to expand Magic) but Cable Hogue appears to be a rare exception as they are still selling a digital version on iTunes (which seems to be a good indicator of what they control). Quoting from Steven Lloyd on
  12. There was a year or two where practically *every* Intrada release was $21.99 for a single disc, Thor...even stuff like a mostly-synth score, I remember. But then a year or two ago they switched back to $19.99 mostly, and now it seems like it depends on their specific costs for each project. The last year+ of releases from them have sometimes been $19.99 and sometimes $21.99. Yavar
  13. LLL was also planning major Waxman expansions (Sayonara and Spirit of St. Louis) until the Sony Music sub-licensing freeze (hopefully temporarily) cancelled those. Maybe you mixed up the Golden Age expansions they were working on? Either that or something to do with Demetrius and the Gladiators, the sequel to The Robe where Waxman composed the score and used multiple Newman themes from the first film. That's the biggest connection I can think of between the two composers. That and the fact that Waxman resigned from the Academy in protest over their failure to recognize Newman's great achiev
  14. I don't think it's "moaning" to quote the album's own Townson liner notes as a helpful correction... Yavar
  15. You're forgetting that The Diary of Anne Frank was an Alfred Newman score, not a Franz Waxman score, for one. MV indicated it was still happening a few months ago, and there has been no indication since that that has changed. There *was* an indication re: Kamen's X-Men that it had been delayed thanks to Dark Phoenix or some other X-Men film coming out. Hopefully they got to it before the Disney-Fox purchase closed off their access to that. We should ask again in the FSM thread. Yavar
  16. Oh gotcha. I read it as a different kind of “line”. Yavar
  17. It's shockingly discounted to only $5 on LLL right now (and with the 30% off sale, that's actually only $3.50!!) There's no reason not to buy this wonderful Walker score: https://lalalandrecords.com/turbulence-limited-edition/ Yavar
  18. Is there original music Williams recorded for the film that didn't get released on the LLL album? Yavar
  19. What "line" are you talking about? Doesn't seem to be something you quoted from MV in your reply to me...somehow I'm missing your point. I presume The River is going to be another Mattesino restoration; let's see if it has any Universal Heritage Collection language on it. I doubt it will. I also investigated further on Kapp (the U.S. label that released Two Mules for Sister Sara) -- in 2017 Intrada released The Hustler on CD, which was originally a Kapp LP: http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/it.A/id.10730/.f Now The Hustler was a Fox film and not a Universal film. However, I think this is releva
  20. Not “just like”, because the MCA releases of Sister Sara were all overseas. The U.S. album was on Kapp (unlike MCA a now *inactive* label which was indeed acquired by UMG): http://www.soundtrackcollector.com/title/21577/Two+Mules+For+Sister+Sara Again, my guess is that (at least domestically), Universal Music Group does not have perpetuity rights to this title, probably because of some sort of fine print. I have no inside knowledge on this but it’s my best guess given the evidence from the past two years that the TEN film scores all released in this Universal Heritage Series s
  21. Well look at the pattern so far, @Jay — it’s been going for two years now and all 10(!) titles have been premieres. Now I know that the long-promised Two Mules for Sister Sarah would be an expansion, because there was a previous album. But look again at what I wrote: “Premieres mostly, and Sister Sarah must not have entangling perpetuity album rights I presume.” I’m betting (I would literally put money on it) that a primary reason Far and Away and Darkman are not in the Universal Heritage Collection is because the original albums are owned by a separate record label, wh
  22. That’s because they are expansions of titles controlled by a different company (a record label). The Heritage Collection is only for titles Universal Picture controls outright, I think. Premieres mostly, and Sister Sarah must not have entangling perpetuity album rights I presume. Yavar
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