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  1. Tombstone, hands down. Silverado has some excellent and rousing thematic highlights, but I much prefer the themes, development, and instrumentation (occasionally ethnic/folksy) in Tombstone. Plus the powerful low trombone version of the theme at the end is just so badass. But I think I might like Broughton's True Women even better than Tombstone... Yavar
  2. Oh yeah this score is several measures of magnitude better than Baby...and I even like Baby. Yavar
  3. He was being deliberately vague, I suspect...and it might be referring to more than one Newman. LLL has released scores by Alfred, Thomas, David, and Joey. As far as I know they've never done a Randy or a Lionel score, but that could always change. Yavar
  4. I quite agree...even with your final pick, I think! Though Land Before Time has more nostalgia for me, and more emotional resonance in the film itself. Also, no love in the poll for DINOSAURUS? http://www1.screenarchives.com/title_detail.cfm/ID/5427/DINOSAURUS!/ Yavar
  5. Yup, he said that just this past week actually (and that amazing Waxman box was Intrada, not LLL, BTW). "A few answers... No more Trek this year No Batman titles Williams' titles be coming...same with Horner, Goldsmith and Newman ANNE FRANK not this year At least one Golden Age set in the works At least 3 LP releases coming Oh and in June we are revamping our entire website. MV MV, when you say ‘No Batman titles’ do yo mean for 2018?Yes for 2018" http://filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=67395&forumID=1&archive=0&pageID=78&a
  6. It would be amazing if the Varese guess is right...but of course Varese is not a studio, but a record label. That said, reading MV's clue carefully...I think it's possible that it *could* be a first non-Varese expansion of a Varese-owned score, and just by some coincidence there's *also* something tricky to be worked out with the film studio involved as well. Jurassic Shark, I'm right there with you in your Korngold hoping. Years ago on the FSM board, MV had named Korngold as one of the Golden Age composers they were looking at for releases, but nothing since then (or since that gr
  7. You guys don't like Fielding's Trouble with Tribbles? I think it's a bunch of fun! I was very glad to have that suite from it before LLL's box rendered it redundant. Of course Fielding's other score for the series was even better. Yavar
  8. You really think he conducted Korngold better than the composer himself did? Sorry, I can't get on board with that. There's just something missing. But I do think William Stromberg conducts Bernard Herrmann better than anyone else (including Herrmann). Esa-Pekka Salonen and James Conlon came close with their single efforts. Yavar
  9. Well this was before Bill/Anna/John started their own label, so I strongly suspect it wasn't their call in this case. Makes me tempted to stitch in the vocal portions from the Gamba Chandos recording though... Yavar
  10. Kojian, while incomplete and not perfect, is my favorite album of this score as well. I long for a remastered official reissue of the complete original tracks though (the Tsunami was only a single disc). Nobody conducted Korngold as well as Korngold, IMO. And of course I'm still very grateful for the complete Naxos release even though it does have some issues like the Russian singers' English pronunciation. Yavar
  11. I too lament the death of FSM as a CD label...and I loved the back cover quotes. I would also point out that the cover art vastly improved over the course of the label's life. Heck, the difference between their View from Pompey's Head cover and the Take a Hard Ride cover was already huge, and those weren't even released that far apart. Yavar
  12. That's why LLL described it as a "bonus" on this release...I suspect the price tag will be only $20, like some other Fox twofer reissues of theirs (i.e. their release with both Miracle on 34th St. scores). Even if it's $25, it'd be very much worth it for a superior sounding 100 Rifles...and they described this as "restored, remixed, remastered" so I have high hopes for greatly improved sound quality. And though I also have the Kritzerland Rio Conchos of course, it was a very fast sell out at only 1000 copies, so I'm very glad they're making this amazing Mattesino restoration availa
  13. Wow, what a wonderful thing to say Brundlefly! That is indeed our aim, and listeners like you are the reason we're undertaking this huge project -- thanks so much for your support. Yavar
  14. Thanks so much, Fancyarcher! Do you have a favorite episode of ours so far? Strengths/weaknesses to comment on? I quite agree that there should be more composer-dedicated podcasts like this, both in classical and film music. (Are we the first film music podcast dedicated to a single composer? I think so...and definitely the first chronological journey like this. What about classical composers? Is anyone out there going comprehensive in covering Beethoven or Silbelius, I wonder?) We're definitely excited to be tackling ALL of Goldsmith's output that we can find, no matte
  15. Haven't heard Hellboy, I guess? That score is chock full of melodic themes...including one that even sounds rather Star Wars-y. Yavar
  16. The latest Odyssey episode is now up, for the only other Goldsmith-scored Playhouse 90 episode we've been able to find on video: the adaptation of William Faulkner's Tomorrow: http://goldsmithodyssey.buzzsprout.com/159614/707767-episode-6-tomorrow-playhouse-90-1960 With the score running about 13 minutes in film, one might be forgiven for thinking that the whole thing was released by Prometheus Records on their excellent album, "Jerry Goldsmith: The Early Years Vol. 1" -- since this last season of the show was supposedly the first that was filmed instead of being broadcast live, it
  17. Doug Fake wrote a detailed reply to someone at the Intrada board asking why the original album was not from these superior sources: http://www.intrada.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7814 I definitely think this is worth the upgrade and I applaud Intrada for producing this improvement roughly a decade after their prior release -- also important for all the folks who missed out on that, of course! Yavar
  18. Hollow Man initially underwhelmed me somewhat (though I liked it better than Along Came A Spider) but I appreciate it a LOT more after enjoying Jerry's commentary track with complete isolated score (buy the DVD with it -- it's SUPER cheap and worth every penny!) Timeline I find pretty impressive if not quite top-drawer Goldsmith like, say, Lionheart. Last Castle is less impressive perhaps but somehow I enjoy it more...it plays kind of like a subdued Rambo IV to me...like if John Rambo was the character who went to prison. (It features further development of some of the new thematic material f
  19. THIS x 100! Glad to see there are others here who also consider this score brilliant. I think it's one of the very best things he did in the last deade of his life. I think I may like it best of all his Dante scores with the exception of The 'Burbs, which let's be honest is pretty hard to beat! I'd hesitate to label Nemesis overall as "GREAT!" but it certainly has some truly great parts...the actiony second half of Odds &I Ends and the end credits development of Shinzon's Theme in particular. Sum of All Fears I'd describe as competent and effective...with the except
  20. I mean...nobody really knew there was a problem with the earlier Intrada issue of Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend, and look what we just got. Also, there was actually no issue with the sound quality on One Little Indian and that still got reissued with the same master. As a happy owner of Boys from Brazil already, I can say I'm *really* ready for a significant Goldsmith expansion already! Lonely Guy would be really fantastic in particular... Yavar
  21. I actually like Congo better than this, Brundlefly. The action in this score is awesome of course, and I like some of the other stuff as well...but that cutesy theme for the baby dinosaur is repeated just a few times to many for my taste, on album. Sometimes it's fine but sometimes it really wears out its welcome. Still I'll definitely pick up this reissue eventually. Yavar
  22. Hah, but you know for The Goldsmith Odyssey we aren't skipping his concert works. BTW if anyone ever does The (Elmer) Bernstein Odyssey and *doesn't* cover the fantastic Guitar Concerto they're a fool! Yavar
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