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  1. For anyone curious, here’s a scan of Doug’s dupe tape from the sessions which gave us the two new cues... and also confirms what we already knew from the written sketches in the Academy’s Margaret Herrick Library: that “The Castle” was written and intended as the Main Title (and first cue), despite it appearing (in truncated form) in the final cut of the film after “The Ceremony” (in truncated form) and an edit of Jerry’s End Credits cue being used as the main title music instead...
  2. IMO The Shadow complete is one that should always stay in print — my favorite Goldsmith score of the 90s! Of course since I already have a copy there are many more expansions and premieres I still want, first. Yavar
  3. Ok, I guess I get it. Pretty sure we've heard from people more recently about Legend, so it shouldn't be on the list any more than Link by your standards. When has Varese ever done this? Planet of the Apes/Escape from the Planet of the Apes seems to have been an anomaly, an exception to accommodate a big box set. The only other time I think of Varese licensing one of their film music albums out to someone else was for an even bigger box set, the $500 Danny Elfman/Tim Burton monstrosity... Ah, got it. Yeah, "belated" would be better in this context.
  4. I originally heard the two album assemblies and thought it was good music but it didn’t really click with me. I reordered it chronologically according to someone’s post at FSM years ago and suddenly the score came alive. There was a journey. There was thematic development which I hadn’t really picked up on before. It played as one long epic work and I loved it. I guess I’m curious what your reaction is to the chronological assembly when you hear it, since you already loved the existing album arrangements. Yavar
  5. What's a "posthumous OST"? After the (death of the?) film? Because Jerry was definitely alive when those scores were released. I mean, sources for things are found all the time. Stuff turns up -- look at how Batman and Die Hard got revisited, for example. We hope the same happens with Hook, obviously. So I think there's always hope for something like Under Fire, Link, or Legend. And if you're going to exclude Under Fire and Link because of lost elements, why include Legend or Not Without My Daughter? The best hopeful indicator for those two comes fro
  6. I'm pretty sure the complete score runs about an hour and 33 minutes, so there's more unreleased music than you think. Yavar
  7. I know, and kudos to you for doing it... afraid I've got some suggested revisions I hope you won't mind... In the LLL/MV questions thread at FSM recently, MV wrote, "SPYS and STRIPPER are remastered and expanded...also includes Jerry's one FLAMING STAR track". https://www.filmscoremonthly.com/cds/detail.cfm/cdID/79/ Check out that link, and you'll see that the original FSM release of The Stripper never claimed it was complete (it only claimed that Nick Quarry, its disc companion, was complete)...since the End Title cue was included twice on that album --
  8. Try removing the opening and closing tracks (the cheesiest ones, with the synths and the "SPIIIIIIES") and see if you like the remaining 15 minute suite. Yavar
  9. And I totally forgot to share the Goldsmith Odyssey Soundtrack Spotlight with Bruce Botnick here... https://goldsmithodyssey.buzzsprout.com/159614/8360054-odyssey-soundtrack-spotlight-along-came-a-spider-2001 More focus is given to additional music and elements which are different from the original album, here. Yavar
  10. Not rumors. A FB post from Folk himself on a Jon Broxton post. No details but it’s happening. Yavar
  11. Apparently. I don't know the details. I do agree it's confusing that they list a different number on the website page than on the physical disc packaging. Yavar
  12. Zemo's dastardly plan depends upon a number of things happening in certain ways and with certain timing (none of which he could control) in order to bring about the end he wanted. Everything happens perfectly conveniently for the antagonist or we wouldn't have had the story. It was very noticeable to me while watching. And it was just far too messy and overcrowded. Captain America 3 should have been primarily about Steve and Sam going after Bucky, like the end of the previous movie promised. Instead it was more of Avengers 2.5 rather than Captain America 3, and the Captain America character
  13. I mean the plot's a mess but it's well-acted and compelling at times. Yavar
  14. While easily the worst of the Captain American films (far too cluttered, the villain's plan is dumb, and I really wanted a true sequel to Winter Soldier, dammit) Civil War is easily the best of these, escaping the curse perhaps because it avoided "vs." in the title! Hey you forgot the iconic characters of Eks and Sever! Yavar
  15. I'm sure the original recording was done at higher than CD quality. I guess maybe it wasn't 24-bit, but maybe 20-bit? In any case I'll ask Doug about it in a couple of weeks when I interview him for another Goldsmith Odyssey Soundtrack Spotlight. Yavar
  16. The sonics on the most recent Intrada edition (a slight expansion -- with one great new 90 second score cue and a couple previously unreleased source cues -- from earlier generation sources set aside for the original album master but ultimately unused on the original album) are by far the best on any edition of this score. Yavar
  17. Probably a mixture of the most badass parts of The Lost World and Black Sunday, together with weirder modern stuff out of Images and Close Encounters and maybe some badass modern action a la “Anderton’s Great Escape”. I think the existing score works well enough in the film (I more appreciate the quieter moments) but a Williams score certainly would have been a more interesting composition. A pity Brian May couldn’t have returned to the franchise... Yavar
  18. Maybe it’s just relative to how it sounded before. To me the LLL 2 disc edition was a noticeable leap forward and is my preferred album for the score. I admit I haven’t heard their newer edition paired with Von Ryan’s Express. Yavar
  19. My favorite Newman score Little Women would greatly benefit from an expansion. Yavar
  20. Freud was Jerry’s first Oscar nomination, and well deserved. I can certainly understand someone not enjoying it as a listening experience though. But maybe since you do like Planet of the Apes, it would also grow on you as a modernist score. Curious what other 60s scores you don’t like. Yavar
  21. Neil Bulk just reminded me that the FSM edition of The Stripper also includes a lot of source music, bringing the time for it on that album to over an hour. (I just didn’t import the source music to my iTunes.) So a 2 CD set makes perfect sense with SPYS being expanded. Yavar
  22. It just felt like the 60s got comparatively many fewer scores listed even though he was just as prolific in that decade. Yavar
  23. Actually the 70s are currently narrowly winning the poll over the 90s Bruce, which is heartening at least... Yavar
  24. All good picks to get more music on, Bruce. I love my box too but happy for it to become obsolete and have more people enjoying wonderful Goldsmith scores. Yavar
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