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  1. Other labels were brought up to make the point that *even if every Varese Club release is an expansion* (and that has never been the case), you still have plenty other sources to get the premieres you crave. There is literally no need for Varese to cater to your premiere-only tastes; your needs are met. On the other hand our needs (yes, they're wants really I know) for Varese to get a move on and expand their many 30 minute (and sub 30 minute) 90s albums before compact discs die as a format... these can only be met by Varese continuing to release expansions you don't care about.
  2. His logic's pretty sound. Say you're right about LLL, even if your figure seems a little high to me -- that still means that 10% of their releases are premieres. And I recently outlined how well *over half* of Intrada's releases for the past half a year were premieres (or practically so). And some of their other releases have been straight album reissues (like their recent The Collector/David & Lisa twofer) which also don't bother you. So why are you acting like Richard's logic is faulty when he specifically said "I'm seeing them [premieres] a lot from Intrada", and then you proceed to ign
  3. I doubt it, since it's *their* album recording. Also, there are multiple examples of Varese producing Deluxe Editions with both album recording and film recordings included (The Fury, Damien: Omen II, Justine, etc.) In the case of Elmer Bernstein's The Great Escape, they released the film recording on its own as a 2 disc Deluxe Edition, but that was after they had reissued the album recording on its own within the previous year or two before. They haven't reissued Brainstorm any time recently, so including a remastered original album on a separate disc from the complete film recording makes to
  4. Literally any label can do those, Thor. Varese only puts out a handful of Club titles every year. Don’t begrudge the rest of us our few expansions which only the Varese Club can do because the label holds rights in perpetuity. Yavar
  5. If this batch does include US Marshals (as we all hope and expect), what a month it will end up being for Goldsmith fans! Yavar
  6. Maybe not, but it’s more than was missing from Magic (admittedly a much greater score) when LLL expanded it! And I still bought that when they put it on a $15 sale even though I had the perfectly fine Varèse. More likely: I reassess the score thanks to the improved sound quality. The London Symphony Orchestra re-recording of Rio Conchos used to be my go-to for that score (and I still love that Intrada album, don’t get me wrong — especially because it’s still my favorite recording of The Artist Who Did Not Want to Paint, the companion score on the disc) but after Kritzerland reissu
  7. If you’re a Jerry completist you’ll want it. I spoke to Doug privately about this last year, and he told me basically that it would be a major improvement over the FSM. A lot of tech advances have occurred in audio restoration technology since those earliest FSM Fox titles, with the Rio Conchos restoration being the most dramatic improvement from the same sources (for Goldsmith at least...Kritzerland has done wonders with some Golden Age Fox titles too of course... Prince of Foxes probably most dramatically this past year). It used to be that in cases of bad wow, pieces either had to be mic
  8. Oh, definitely. If he'd pitched himself to be the straight man captain on a direct Next Generation homage, there's no way he would have gotten the greenlight. But a Seth MacFarlane comedy vehicle? Much easier to sell the Hollywood suits on. Brilliantly done on his part, and we only had to endure one or two relatively dumb early episodes. Yavar
  9. It gets funnier in some episodes over the course of season 1 (I can think of one or two absolutely hilarious moments off the top of my head), but not in a straight comedy way -- it's essentially Star Trek but with a little more humor. As for the super awesome...that comes in season 2 but I don't want to say any more. Yavar
  10. Not all TNG fans liked Voyager, either (I thought it was generally a pale facsimile, when I wished it had been its own unique show and delivered more on its exciting premise). But both Voyager and The Orville are clearly in the TNG tradition (like them or not), much moreso than Star Trek: Picard is. Yavar
  11. Seth MacFarlane seems to be doing a pretty good job of it, somehow. Yavar
  12. Neil Bulk posted this at Jerry Goldsmith Online: http://www.jerrygoldsmithonline.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=5133#pid21077 Yavar
  13. The first Odyssey Interview of 2020 is here, and I would like to offer special thanks to guest editor Wes Deckers, who last year offered to help us out should we ever have a scheduling crunch...and he really came through with some fine work, here! Join me for the first half of my conversation with Iranian film music scholar Nasrollah Davoodi, who gave a Jerry Goldsmith lecture in Tehran early last year... we cover a host of fascinating subjects: http://goldsmithodyssey.buzzsprout.com/159614/2873533-odyssey-interviews-nasrollah-davoodi-part-1 And there will be even mo
  14. Preview of the booklet art: http://www.warmbutter.com/cds/swarm.php Looking forward to this! Yavar
  15. Super glad to have all of these scores in existence (including the Scott). Yavar
  16. Am I the only person amazed to realize that Jeri Ryan is 52 years old? Yavar
  17. THIS. Or the guy who made Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. That said, much as I admire Beltrami and his work for Mangold.... if John Williams isn't still scoring this (hey, he scored all the Star Wars sequel trilogy despite never previously working with the directors) my interest falls precipitously. Yavar
  18. I know for certain that multiple labels are hard at work on more Goldsmith releases. We'll all just have to be patient and wait and see what they are. Yavar
  19. There's less of that than you might think. I'd give Age of the Dinosaurs a try sometime, if you're willing. There's a situation on the CD similar to Powell's X-Men: The Last Stand, where CD tracks run into each other and create longer continuous pieces of music (personally, I never like jumping into a track mid-music; it's very jarring...I'd just as soon they had long tracks). Listening to the full Call of the Wild album on YouTube right now... and LOVING it. Yavar
  20. Two items to add to the list of unreleased Goldsmith from the 1970s -- a couple of "lost" pilots which never made it to series. The Best of Times (Fox TV) - unsold, unaired 1974 pilot starring Topol. I found this recently while searching the UCLA archives online. If you live in L.A. you might be able to visit and view a copy of this program at their library! It sounds as it if might fit alongside the wonderful "Going Up of David Lev", as intimate Goldsmith TV scoring in his "Jewish mode": First listing: https://cinema.library.ucla.edu/vwebv/holdingsInfo?searchId=137&recCount=50&recP
  21. Fair criticism of the choral writing, I suppose. It's not QB VII or The Omen. I find the themes in the score very memorable. You don't even like the love theme? I think it's among the most thrilling action music of Jerry's entire career, and it (along with The Shadow) completely disproves the notion that his action writing became simplistic in the 90s. There are plenty of complex lines and complex rhythms at work. Yet you're acting like it some generic U.S. Marshals type action scoring... That surprises me. I find King S
  22. He's "widely regarded as one of Australia's greatest film composers", but has only composed music for "over 9" (meaning 10?) films? No offense intended! I've just never heard of him myself (unlike say Bruce Rowland or Christopher Gordon, who I would consider among "Australia's greatest film composers"). I thought it might possibly be a typo. Yavar
  23. And don't forget Honey, I Shrunk the Audience! This will actually be his FIFTH time playing the role! Yavar
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