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  1. Tasty indeed! Such lovely arrangements!! Thanks for bringing that up Datameister.
  2. Wow - the overall traffic my homepage got within the last weeks is quite insane . Alone the printed PDF scores for my works got over 2000 downloads. If you have any comments, questions or need my serviced I'll gladly help out. Anyway, happy score study! best, Frederic
  3. Hey fellow musicians and composers, A while back I did several live recordings with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra. They had just around 25 minutes to record each piece, but pretty much nailed all of them ( for instance the runs in the middle part of "Spaghetti Con Brio" and those in "Kitchen Fiasco" should be extremely hard). Also, feel free to visit my homepage for recording session videos, more info about me etc: http://fredericbernardmusic.com/ I've also decided to put the full orchestral PDF scores up there (for free at this time) - just in
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  5. Hey!I'm Frederic Bernard, 28 years old composer and orchestrator from Germany! What a wonderful forum - glad I'm not the only one who adores JW!!I'd love to introduce my website to you guys:fredericbernardmusic.comPS: always looking forward for any feedback/critique; regarding the music, the website or just anything else! best,Frederic
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