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  1. 23 minutes ago, Arpy said:

    I wish he would tone back the electronic blibbity-bloo and overall tone of the Mandalorian. He has this amazing theme that is then placed among these techno beats that instantly sour my interest.


    I'm the opposite, in that I love when he uses the electronics and occasionally makes it a kind of "Star Wars goes Gangsta" sound. Love it. 

  2. 7 minutes ago, Jay said:

    Anyone else notice that the back cover artwork picture says track 1-12 is called "The Calf and the Bear", but the press release says "Calf On The Barbie, Bear In The Sights"?


    Or that the back cover artwork picture says track 1-16 is called "Tristan's Quiet Heart", but the press release says "Love And Bootlegging"?


    I would speculate Matessino/Bulk changed Horner's original cue names into what you see on the back cover, but the original names remained in the doc whoever makes the press releases pulled the track list from

    Correct. It's a joke title, a riff on "Shrimp on the Barbie" from Paul Hogan in the 90s. 

  3. Yeah they're off the FYC, though if you play them at a loud volume you can still hear the birds. More dialed down very low than completely removed. Westenra's vocals are entirely removed on that FYC though. 

    So basically it's like this: 

    disc 1

    1. The New World (OST version)
    2. First Landing 

    3. Nature (Forest Textures on FYC)
    4. A Flame Within
    5. An Apparition in the Fields...
    6. Journey Upriver
    7. Of The Forest (Bird Demo on FYC)
    8. Pocahontas and Smith (FYC has slightly longer oboe intro)
    9. Forbidden Corn
    10. A New Life (Rolfe Proposes 1 on FYC)
    11. Rolfe Proposes (Rolfe Proposes 2 on FYC)

    disc 2

    1. Winter (edit of the OST track to give it an ending)
    2. The Battle (edit of both OST and FYC tracks, combining them together for an extended version)
    3. All is Lost 

    4. A Dark Cloud is Forever Lifted
    5. Listen To The Wind
    6. The New World (FYC version)
    7. Forbidden Corn (FYC version)
    8. Rolfe Proposes (OST track)
    9. All is Lost (ending taken from FYC)
    10. A Dark Cloud is Forever Lifted (FYC version which cuts the opening piano intro)

  4. 41 minutes ago, Edmilson said:

    Any The New World score fans here?


    A few years ago one user on that now defunct forum posted an expanded edition for the score that combined the OST and a FYC released back then. It had some interesting material I haven't heard before, specially the supremely beautiful Nature and an expanded version of Rolfe Proposes. On the OST, this track ran for 4:30, but on the FYC it was expanded into two tracks, A New Life and again Rolfe Proposes, that together lasted almost 14 minutes.

    And there's this unreleased cue that I extracted from the film, which is not present neither on the OST nor on the FYC, and on which Horner heavily borrows from the opening of "The River Crossing to Stalingrad" from Enemy at the Gates (which by itself was already inspired by the Main Titles from Braveheart):




    It would be interesting an expanded edition with the complete recordings. We don't know how many hours of material Horner recorded for this movie, but while it's certainly more than what is on the OST, I guess it's probably less than the 5 hours Zimmer recorded for The Thin Red Line, so it can be released in 2 or 3 discs. Yeah, I know, the movie was released in December 2005, but anyway...

    I am the guy who made the combined FYC / OST album. 

    I can't believe that was 8 years ago I did that. 

    I titled that cue "Nature" because I didn't really care for the name "Forest Textures". 
    Same with the cue "A New Life". I don't like the names "Rolfe Proposes 1" and "Rolfe Proposes 2" so I gave the former a new title. Just made sense at the time. 

    Adding in the bird / vocal-less versions of cues as bonus tracks off the FYC seemed like the natural thing to do. 

    Below is the custom back cover I'd done for the back of a theoretical CD years ago. 

    The New World custom back cover.jpg

  5. On 12/18/2019 at 11:30 AM, bollemanneke said:

    Mike Matessino is quoted saying that something like SW will never happen again. Isn't that a bit of a sweeping statement?


    I think he's pretty spot-on. One cannot compare this to any other film series musically, especially its endurance in the public consciousness. 
    Lord of the Rings / Hobbit for example, six films with one composer but that has not and will never resonate as much as Star Wars. Nothing really ever will, nothing has ever come close. 

  6. They're tagged with the titles so spoilers beware. 


    1. Prologue (1:45)
    2. Falcon Fight (2:22)
    3. We Go Together (2:10)
    4. In The Desert (2:26)
    5. A Prisoner (1:23)
    6. To Kimiji (1:37)
    7. Fleeing from Kimiji (1:53)
    8. Hallway Shooting (2:11)
    9. Hard to Get Rid Of (2:19)
    10. Join Me (2:21)
    11. The Old Death Star (2:14)
    12. Off The Waterfront (1:03)
    13. Final Saber Duel (1:38)
    14. Healing Wounds (2:49)
    15. Advice (1:54)
    16. Battle of The Resistance (1:54)
    17. Approaching The Throne (4:16)
    18. Parents (1:57)
    19. Coming Together (1:44)
    20. Seeing Sights (3:17)
    21. Rescue (1:10)
    22. Farewell (4:27)
    23. A New Home (1:42)

    Tracklist and times. Painfully short cues here. 

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