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  1. I love how they incorporated the original poster into the disc art. "Send in the Probe" is my most wanted addition. Love the light choral moment in the ending where Catherine says to Jackson that the probe is on the other side of the known universe, and the gate closes. Then you've got the very creepy choir of the Ra - The Sun God film version added to this release...marvelous stuff.
  2. I'm going to work to make "Cameronized" a proper term. It went over well with the inner circle of the composer.
  3. I'd pay to see a concert with the score as-written, but that just does not happen and will never happen with any Cameron film. Those films would have to be changed because the music as-written doesn't fit by and large for Titanic and Avatar. Only Aliens would survive intact without having to change the film.
  4. We've not heard a single word about an Avatar concert, and honestly like Aliens and Titanic, it would be yet another "Cameronized" experience that would frustrate anyone who knows the score and how cut up it is. That being said, if such a thing does become a reality, of course we will be obligated to talk about it.
  5. I've never warmed to Goldsmith's fanfare, and find it a little boring. Then again, I've never warmed to Goldsmith in general with some exceptions.
  6. He's A Beautiful Mind's Akiva Goldsman to me.
  7. I can't see the facebook link, so I have no idea.
  8. As I said on the fsm board we are ambitious and hopeful about a recording. It’s just too soon to say anything definitive about that aspect. Kim has gone above and beyond while keeping us in the loop even when he had to go down his own path to make this happen.
  9. Composing RoboCop, a new tribute to composer Basil Poledouris featuring film music experts Jeff Bond, Lukas Kendall, Daniel Schweiger and Robert Townson Two Isolated Score tracks (Composer’s Original Mix and Final Theatrical Mix) in lossless stereo https://www.arrowfilms.com/product-detail/robocop-limited-edition-blu-ray/FCD1918
  10. Truth hurts don't it? He's not wrong.
  11. Neil S. Bulk has revealed that the previously mentioned "Stargate" expanded album is being assembled at this very moment. https://twitter.com/nsbulk/status/1163941768787742720?s=20 Follow him for updates, but so far he's said it's going to be a 2-disc set released in a few months (possible Black Friday release?) and David Arnold said it sounds terrific. Neil also said that August 20, 1994 was the first day of recording the score.
  12. No, but it does when they tie in older films to the new releases with special editions full of extras and remastered pictures, etc.
  13. It's always been interesting how these labels can't put out an old score while a new film is coming, but the studios themselves won't hesitate to cash in with repackaged Blu-rays and DVDs of those same older films, or release special editions of the older ones to tie into the hype for the newer ones.
  14. I believe Braveheart is Horner's best score. Absolutely. I have that stance because of the total overall package of film and music and how perfect they work together. That to me makes it his best score.
  15. Correct. It's rehearsal footage of Horner conducting the string section for that climactic cue. I'd love to hear that on its own, especially the ending with the...I want to say quivering / cascading strings that were one of his staples in his string writing...I just don't know the musical term for it. Apocalypto is technically a Disney title.
  16. I can’t reveal much about the missing pieces except to say that it’s effectively righting a, not a wrong per se, but rather giving overdue attention. I can say that LLL has nothing to do with it though. Sorry. Now how about I vague it up a little more.
  17. James Horner featured Joshua Bell's violin in "Iris" and Clayton Haslop did one cue in Casper ('Casper's Lullaby') and a couple of cues in Avatar.
  18. Three films, three butchered scores, and a notorious reputation for his treatment of actors and crew. Most definitely Jim Cameron.
  19. Jim Henrikson said there was never any plan to because the film was cut so much that Horner's intended score doesn't fit the final version anymore, with few exceptions. So they were literally stuck with having to recreate the butchered edits. As for restored score excerpts, I'm working on that and have been for a while. I'm also busy. I did "Leaving Port" and the Trailer already. Also (slightly related) take a wild guess as to who was uninvited from the memorial service....here's a hint: no one wanted him there. At all. And none of James' team wants to deal with this pe
  20. Southampton and all that main theme stuff in the score and film are my favorite. The film completely butchers it, yes. For me the revelation of the LLL album was that all of the shorter 4-note statements of the choral theme which was always my favorite version of it, compared to the longer versions on the OST. The trailer had it, but I'd never known the complete 'Leaving Port' since so little of it is used in the film.
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