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  1. http://jameshorner-filmmusic.com/apollo-13-expanded-edition-our-exclusive-review/ We also included info about the different releases and how the promo was initially distributed to the public via the DVD. The following cues are verbatim on both discs: Lunar Dreams All Systems Go - The Launch Docking The Dark Side Of The Moon Carbon Dioxide Manual Burn Four More Amps
  2. I know what you're talking about. This likely needs a quick contrast adjustment to make it all blend. I had made a cover for my own use several years ago, but I would likely change the font now:
  3. It's accurate but "Aquaris" is just a typo. It's Aquarius. It's of the same resolution as what we were given. Typically images are low resolution but text and colored panels are high resolution. I suspect it's just for preview purposes. I like the Failure quote over the Houston quote. That one's been done and then some.
  4. http://jameshorner-filmmusic.com/the-definitive-edition-of-apollo-13-available-at-intrada/ Includes a link to the review. EDIT: I jumped the gun a little. Review link is being finished...here: http://jameshorner-filmmusic.com/apollo-13-expanded-edition-our-exclusive-review/
  5. http://www.intrada.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=8069 APOLLO 13 Music Composed and Conducted by JAMES HORNER INTRADA ISC 415 Intrada kicks off 2019 with a 2-CD set showcasing James Horner's stunning, Oscar-nominated score to the Universal Pictures film Apollo 13. The film was nominated for nine Academy Awards, winning for Best Sound Mixing and Best Film Editing. The film recounts the harrowing true-life story of the Apollo 13 mission that fails when an oxygen tank explodes, crippling the command module en route to the moon. The astronauts and Mission Control despera
  6. 4K77 and 4K83 are plenty good along with Harmy's versions. Hoping 4K80 is a reality sooner than later. Plenty of 4K Blu-rays are 2K sourced anyway.
  7. Indeed, people have ragged on Horner since 1995 for the choice, but it was a purely musical than geographical one. I mean the lead instrument Tony Hinnigan plays in these scores isn't celtic whatsoever, but it's always worked and no one's said anything about that. Unless South America is part of the UK...
  8. Haven't seen that either. I'm not watching Tom Cruise movies.
  9. A Beautiful Mind is often criticized for ignoring large and controversial aspects of Nash's life, and the whole "love conquers all" trope.
  10. Splash - too long since I've seen it so I don't remember Cocoon - I love this film. It's simple, it's funny, and a bit of adventure. Willow - Do not like...I mean I just don't get it. Really. Parenthood - Don't remember ever seeing it. Backdraft - Haven't seen it...you know there's a sort-of sequel happening? The Paper - Saw it once in high school for English class or something. Apollo 13 - His best film. Ransom - I love this movie. Yeah. I do. Gibson's great, Sinise is great, and it's definitely the darkest film Howard had made up to that point.
  11. What's a 'waifu'? Is it the same as asking 'What's a Nubian?'
  12. In 2002 James Horner was interviewed and lamented that an instrument as beautiful as the uillleann pipes was a cliche at that point. He said violins uillieann pipes and accordions had become that over time for audiences. He'd use them once more for Bobby Jones and that was pretty much it.
  13. It might be useful if you also utilized the 5.1 mix of the OST since it's something to have a better control over, and the differences between the 5.1 mix and the stereo mix of the OST vary from cue to cue.
  14. It's a mixture of both. Much of it is verbatim to the film, but indeed some parts - and it's clear as to why - have been recreated as this was meant for the "Titanic Live" concert performances. That's why for example the cue 2 1/2 Miles Down is not at all like the film, leaving out all of the post-processing done to the I Salonisti segments that weave in and out of the sound mix, and is missing some of the 'violin tool kit'. It's missing the first usage of it. Those pieces by I Salonisti were performed live with everything else.
  15. As is the actual butchering of the score. To each his own though. I said my piece on that...elsewhere. No idea if it was Horner's intention, but it is not an edit (hence the title with the add-on "alt ending") It's definitely its own proper recording, likely as an insert. The funny thing is that everything TitanicFan did, I did, only I didn't recreate anything using a composition program. Instead I'd just made refinements along the way - refinements few have heard since doing them.
  16. The film itself is visually interesting with the acting no better than out of an 80s Pepto Bismol commercial. Bland. As for before, that whole misunderstanding about your remarks, to me it looked like you were directing them at me and not the link. Reading it as part of the flow of conversation that's what it looked like to me, that you were calling me a 'cunt'. Sure, if you actually cared much for what people have to say on a heavily biased John Williams board where I hear they delight in trashing people left right and center on the accompanying Discord server, where these
  17. This thread has proven the options were far too limiting. I think it's great, nothing here will change that. I guess you needed your opinion validated or something.
  18. It's not coherent and lacks a sense of structure primarily because that is the film-edited version, or the Cameron hack-job version, of the cue. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yYostbQPHqmwKGwjY55tw3ZYWRhtpBjq/view?usp=sharing
  19. So you're one of those who takes a 10 second long motif and writes off a two hour score for it. NO. Avatar and Titanic (and Aliens) do not have much in common. One minor motif doesn't prove your stupid argument. Look in the mirror when you tell someone to fuck off.
  20. Apples and Oranges. Might as well compare Aliens in there as well.
  21. Considering my assembly of the score is over 4 hours long from start to bonuses, and I have no problem listening to the whole damn thing, obviously I fall into the yes, I think it's a great score category. If others don't think it is, the fuck do I care?
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