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  1. Doug's Corner 10/27/2018 Ok so this time it’s the 80’s and the 90’s. Two scores on one CD from two Fox TV movies from the 80’s by the same popular composer plus 1 greatly expanded 79-minute CD from a Universal film score released in the 90’s by another popular composer. Both artists notched Academy Awards into their belts during their highly successful careers. Artwork, contents and audio samples will be posted on our site Monday eve, October 29. Orders will begin shipping on Tuesday the 30th. http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/sc.13/category.60330/.f?fbclid=IwAR3_2_M9ZgkfmkyjZOrL78viyUVrf-h
  2. That's quite a load of poo for a rule. Also choose not chose. Present not past. I chose the "Fuck Her Right In The Pussy" guy on purpose just to flaunt that one.
  3. There are indeed cats in America. The streets were not paved with cheese. That film was all lies. They lied to children. And never say never was a thing way before Bieber came along.
  4. Everyone wants Willow. It’s one of those things that I just shrug and think ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  5. On the FSM board, LLL said they make virtually nothing whatsoever from any sort of digital release, as they just don't have any real stake in that and in those rare times they do, it's such a loss it's not remotely worth it. I can't recall what page but I think it was a Transformers score they cited as an example.
  6. Honestly I hope Roger doesn't give any more detail. Really forces one to Think McFly, Think!
  7. That trailer is cut slightly different than the version released on the original non-anamorphic DVD, the follow-up releases or the Blu-ray. Slightly different shots, and the music is cut a little differently as well. I'd say this is a better version than that trailer on those home releases.
  8. Epic could be one of those subjective words. Epic to you might be nothing to the next guy. I would bet that no one will guess that second title accurately. How often does it happen where it's not guessed?
  9. Epic Bio pic (not biopic...the spacing is everything, right? Right? )
  10. Sounds like this one is a tough whip to crack. I kind of love that.
  11. Not long after getting the LLL Braveheart album, I ended up watching the film twice in one week, and it wasn't even spaced out much it was like viewing one was on a Sunday while the second was a Tuesday. I was just so happy to revisit the film, which as I said before has such a stunning Blu-ray release, and getting an even better sense of the music through the LLL release really added to the enjoyment and appreciation of the film. Hard-hitting, tragic, but such a inspirational and hopeful story told by what was clearly a group of people who had a hell of a time. Horner once said Braveh
  12. I took it straight from the film, since there were literally no sound effects at all in it, and there wasn't any missing music from the center channel.
  13. In the film I love it, but apart from it I can't and never could get into it like the first film's score.
  14. Batman Returns...I admire your sense of endurance. I can't even listen to that score apart from the film.
  15. I'll refer you to a review I co-wrote about that: http://jameshorner-filmmusic.com/braveheart-expanded-release-review/ Where I stated:
  16. It is not. It is however, on my version As a loving tribute to James Horner (the album is dedicated to him), and as a listening experience.... Absolutely.
  17. It is incomplete, but not because of source music. It's missing the film version of "Betrayal and Desolation", where the finale of the cue with the choir leads into a synth string passage, but on album has a more complete resolution to it as the choir continues on. Very small piece of the score missing, but nonetheless, the score is incomplete without it.
  18. The opening to the LLL cue "Trapped on 'D' Deck" on the Titanic 20th anniversary album has the same two notes Zimmer used as his Batman motif. It's repeated in the butchered score for the film, notably when you see the first set of firework / flares go up in the sky and it then focuses on Jack looking out the sinking porthole, and again when Cal stuffs Murdoch's pocket with cash.
  19. Digital releases aren't a bad idea, but they do literally nothing for the labels. In fact, if the Titanic 20th anniversary album were ever to be released that way, LLL wouldn't make a cent off of it. Paramount and Sony would.
  20. Braveheart's score was treated with immense respect in the film, and you'll barely notice any significant editing. Such a great film, and (to me) one that despite the intensity doesn't seem so self-important and full of itself as say, Gladiator. It has a healthy sense of humor about it. It's still the best looking Blu-ray I've ever seen, and I can only imagine just how much more improved the UHD version would be with those lush greens popping in HDR, but that's not in the cards for a while. Improving on what is to me a perfect image, I don't know how it's possible but supposedly
  21. Fair enough, but I would easily say that in several places, those intended film cues are very different to what you're used to. It's really a different listen as a result. If you're not averse to YouTube videos, listen for yourself (synced along with the film)
  22. The intended film version of 'Leaving Port' is THE highlight of the LLL album for me. It's my favorite cue. The intended film version of 'Southampton' was my holy grail cue from the score, and then Leaving Port came along and usurped it. Those celebratory moments are my favorite aspect of both the film and score. 'Southampton', 'Leaving Port' and 'Take Her To Sea, Mr. Murdoch' are my favorite cues along with the trailer. The chorus was always my favorite. Thor, I have to ask you something: If I were to take the original album program, and replace the OST cues with their co
  23. without a 5.1 mix that's not drowned in sound effects, that's just impossible to do properly. It's the same thing though, any time the synth choir plays mostly on its own there's very little else playing along.
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