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  1. Some Small covers fro Giacchino's best compostion in my opinion !
  2. Hi ! I never do this but I would like to share with you a very interesting and funny podcast made by enthusiastic movie fans. Reel Chat Podcast Hosted and developed by independent filmmaker Adam Stolfo, Reel Chat is your quintessential movie reviews podcast. Throughout the course of their weekly (then fortnightly) show, the Reel Chat team give you their thoughts on all things cinema. It's more than just retrospective opinions and reviews mind you - it's a round-the-board discussion show with one goal in mind - the entertainment, enjoyment and re-watch-ability of movies. https://reelchat.com.au/ Adam Stolfo and his team also tackles some of our favorite movies: Jurassic Park, Star Wars 1 to 7 Back to the Future trilogy. So, listen and enjoy ! share also and give reviews on itunes if possible as it makes this podcast possible !
  3. The HARRY POTTER Scores: Book Cover Style Edition. And I also take the opportunity of sharing a set I did a while ago !
  4. Nicely Done Jerry ! I would used these if only I was patient enough to listen to the whole series!
  5. Just added Harry Potter 4, while not being part of the LLL expanded scores I might as well do the rest.
  6. I know what you mean, unfortunately I have to work with what I have and there s no such design available for the time turner or the flying car.
  7. The Star Wars Drew Struzan Style Signature Edition Tackling the star wars covers is a daunting task, especially for 9 movies at least. This series is inspired by the beautiful signature edition done by Tintacle that you can see at this link. https://lensdump.com/nielslauridsen But also the amazing work done by HQcovers who tacle this saga so many times and has done most of the covers I have been using. https://hqcovers.net/ I had to some changes on some of the covers, the original posters are not perfectly matching but I did my best to have a cohesive set. I might do some alternates for the sequel trilogies as some artworks around are really stunning and heavily inspired by Drew Struzan's work. I might also tackle Rogue One and Solo the same way and maybe even the Ewok moves and the Latest TV series. We will see. 😉
  8. A small James Horner tribute i have been doing:
  9. I agree. I started getting into scores around 2007 when HP5 was on the way and I did listen to that one a lot, more than any other. Now I realize that Hp was a musical waste. Hp 1 2 3 are amazing and the 1st one is a masterpiece and a strong settlement. Hp3 reached a peak both as a movie and as a score, this was for me the culmination point of the saga. Then comes Hp4... The movie is bad, there s nothing as intimist as Hp3, characters are boring and everything is over the top. The music which has some nice parts completely feels non potter, sounds like something made for another movie. Hp5 6: sound like tv movie scores, For blockbusters I dont understand why it lacks so much hearts Hp7 8 sound like something has been attempted at least, you got to get into the core to enjoy them, im only enjoying them now and Im happy Hooper got evicted from the saga, but what s done is done, now thankfully Newton Howard is in charge. 1 3 2 8 7 4 6 5 is how i would rank the scores
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