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  1. Wish he got hired onto other projects besides Chazelle, dude is talented and I loved his work La La Land and First Man.
  2. See you in court. I actually also like HBP (the score that is), can’t remember much of OOTP. Yates was the worst thing for the franchise though. Just our luck he was the one who got to do a majority of the films. Wish we got Cuaron/JW at least for the final two. Though I do like what Desplat did overall, but still.
  3. Ahh, so your average nut-job Nazi you see so much of nowadays. Good to know, fuck Locrius.
  4. Didn’t even buy the CD? Some friend he is.
  5. Get with the times and stream it from YouTube, jeesh.
  6. Mostly because they have seen that movie as kids / teens, an age when you are much more impressionable. Same reason you hear a lot of them also talk about Star Wars and Blade Runner. In a few decades the new generation will probably reference the works of Nolan, Denis etc.
  7. I think it sounds like a mix of that + Vader. It does seem to work tbh, just wondering how it will hold up when he needs to let loose. As of now it is more of a build up.
  8. Still can’t get over the stupid looking cowl, especially the stitching. BvS had the best Batman look to date, just copy that.
  9. Overrated in what sense tho? Didn’t win many (any?) awards and the film score community don’t seem fond of it either. It is generally liked by those who’ve seen Tenet, that is about it. Reviewers also liked it and how it worked in the movie, didn’t set the world on fire but did okay. I’d say it’s rated fine. I like Rainy Night in Talinn and Posterity. Movie itself sucked ass, worst Nolan flick. Put all of his worst tendencies into a two hour miserable experience. Guessing Goransson is the way forward, good for him. I really would have liked Justin Hurwitz career to take off in the same manner. Sadly he only gets hired by Chazzelle.
  10. Yeah, bring back the oldies to start the new! Give it to Justin Hurwitz, would love to hear more from him. Or don't, this franchise has been surpassed by Mission Impossible anyway.
  11. Kids these days already view the likes of Williams/Goldsmith as antiques, about as relevant as floppy disks. It is just wishful thinking their output will somehow magically live on (except for nerds like on this forum), that your favourite composer who has brought you so much joy could not possibly be forgotten. Hell, Elfman and Williams aren't even 6ft under and their themes have already been replaced (multiple times). Much more likely scenario is that the likes of Goransson and whatnot define a new era of film music and be top dog, only to be replaced and forgotten by their successors. Rinse and repeat. Age of the internet has no room for sentimental bullshit.
  12. The irony that Dune will more likely get an Oscar nom than this...
  13. https://landing.studiocdn.com/studiocdn-web/201210/parcels/48d37579-8a1d-47e2-a36d-0b4731b3d799 Final Ascent is my favourite, will prolly end up on a loop in the coming days.
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