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  1. Quite. Like, oh I don't know, a segment of the Rings of Power community applying pressure on a certain fan-group to exclude a certain Israeli member...
  2. Its some small-time faith-based studio, which is not a problem, I'm just saying one should expect the scope of an indie rather than the medium-budget period drama that was the 2019 biopic. Personally, I've never found Tolkien's biography (or Lewis') to be all that interesting, certainly in terms of dramatising it. I enjoyed the 2019 biopic as a handsomely-photographed and performed drama.
  3. As I say, what man is a man who is not game to poke a little fun at himself?
  4. I laugh at and/or make Jew jokes, Holocaust jokes, the works...
  5. Seems like a good place for a Chen update! I previously had no reason to believe Lucas read the Dune sequels, but compare these notes of his from probably November 1977: With this rather late passage in Children of Dune, which probably swam into Lucas' focus after its recent nomination for a Hugo: This would have surely steered Lucas back to the "Chosen One" angle, drove him to add the twin sister also mentioned in notes from this time, and if he had continued reading over the coming months, it may have helped inspire the "father" reveal: If Lucas hadn't necessarily read Dune through to the point where Jessica is revealed to be a Harkonnen, he may well have been appraised to it here.
  6. This sheet music, placed in one of the new Hobbit-holes in Hobbiton, is said to be a transcription of a Shore piece. The scalar motives suggest "Concerning Hobbits":
  7. Gounod's Faust. Just the prologue. But Robert Lloyd is surely the most debonair Mephistopheles ever.
  8. I don't thin k that movie has an interest in anything beside getting to its own end-credits as soon as possible...
  9. I, too, speak from experience. People like to harp on the fact that, while the films were shot concurrently, they were edited one-by-one, and that's largely (not entirely) true, EXCEPT FOR THE EXTENDED EDITION: Each extended edition was edited (and, significantly, scored) concurrently with the next theatrical one, and in editing them, I'll quote Jackson literally: "I always find these extended cuts, given the fact that they usually come on the market a month or two before the next movie is due out, as this one in fact is, I always find them useful, because you can take things and embellish them a little bit because they're gonna lead into the subsequent movies." Its evident in little things, like Merry and Pippin finding Saruman's store at the end of The Two Towers, which explains the state they're in the beginning of The Return of the King. But also more meaningful setups like the gift-giving in Lorien and other things of this sort. Its part of the function of the extended editions: they're aimed more at creating a cyclical viewing experience than to be watched individually.
  10. That's one of the ups of the extended editions: they work together better than the theatricals.
  11. Is it really repeated, though? I think its just Anakin "type" music. Not "Anakin's Theme" as such, but clearly and outgrowth thereof.
  12. Eh, he's contradictory on that account: he often says that, its true. But I can also dig up comments to the contrary. And, really, what matters as usual is not what the artists says, but what the artist does: Jackson can say the theatrical is his preferred version, but the fact that its the extended edition that's packaged with all the lavish making-ofs, with the director's commentary (!) and that, before the advent of Ultra-HD, had a separate and superior remaster, not to mention the fact that before embarking on The Hobbit, Jackson rewatched The Lord of the Rings...extended suggests that, in practice, its his preferred edition. But, really, the logic of the extended editions was that they're television versions: Jackson believes the experience of pace is different on the cinema screen (due to the sensory overload) as compared to a television screen.
  13. I think the Return of the King is the most essential extension, followed by Fellowship.
  14. You couldn't ask for a more John Carter scene if you tried:
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