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  1. You don't do that with films shot back-to-back. In that case, they are released a year, sometimes even six months apart. Not two years. You don't hold a movie in the can: you do your post-production and you release it. In your mind, Episode X had been in post-production for at least a year. If it doens't come out or at least gets promoted in the next two months, you'll have to admit it was a figment of your imagination.
  2. @Mattrisdo tell me, how long will it take before you concede that no Episode X was in-fact shot? You believe it was shot back-to-back with The Rise of Skywalker. Well, its been over a year since The Rise of Skywalker was completed, and that's already way too long for post-production on a feature. Lets run with it, and say they're taking as much time with post-production on this as Terrence Malick did on The Thin Red Line (even though its a much longer film than a Star Wars film). That would still mean that within about three months the film should be out. Lets factor COVID in, and
  3. Yeah no. Lucasfilm literally exists to make the most money possible, short term and long. Please do. If its anything like this thread, it'll be a hoot!
  4. In Mattris' mind, those people will watch Episode X and suddenly, a switch will go off in their mind and the movies they were frustrated with will suddenly be amazing; and NOT in a comparative sense, but simply because Episode X will "open people's eyes" to the supposed greatness of the previous entries. Because, y'know, that's totally how movies work, obviously...
  5. HEY! My signature came out of this "godawful" thread! and that shit is pure comedy gold! Reading it again myself just now, it still cracks me up!
  6. No, no, no... You don't quite understand what Mattris is saying here. You might want to drink a couple of pints before reading the rest... You see...he believes Disney INTENTIONALLY made the sequel trilogy in a way that would seemingly frustrate fans, only for Episode X to (1) be that much more surprising and (2) payoff episodes 7-9 in such a way that even the people who are frustrated by them would retroactivelly see the greatness of them. He's said it a couple of times in this thread. It was funny every time.
  7. Good one! Not quite as funny as that anagram stuff, but you're getting there. Maybe.
  8. Yeah, there's not much to fault that part of Endgame.
  9. Isn't that the same moron who came up with the whole anagram thing?
  10. Oh it will, but I don't think it'll happen in this show. Amazon is said to have optioned a spinoff, so...
  11. As I understand it, the First Age is off-limits for Amazon at this point. Its also too outlandish for casual fans. The Second Age isn't a bad choice, honestly.
  12. I think, once the map was released, people were looking more for the island of Numenore. But just because it is the most appearant aspect of the map, doesn't mean its the most significant. I doubt this show will portray the downfall of Numenore at all. It'll probably ALL be about the period in which the Rings were forged, with concurrent events in Numenore being the subplot; or one of them.
  13. The synopsis seems to lend itself to the story of the creation of the Rings of Power, which I've called as being the subject of the show a long while ago. It is Game of Thrones-like in the sense that its not an adventure story. Its more about Galadriel and Sauron (under alias) vying for influence over the Elves. Honestly, that's a good thing. They were redoing some of the material for the opening two episodes until shortly prior to the holidays. They've resumed shooting the rest of the season a short while ago, it seems.
  14. I’m sure somewhere out there there’s probably a Wagnerite Mattris who’s still sure that Bayreuth are holding back, just waiting to unveil a secret sequel to Gotterdamerung for the last century and a half...
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