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  1. George Lucas didn't win an Oscar, but he had won an Academy Award: the Irvin G. Thalberg award.
  2. I don't either. I mean, I knew her name but I don't really have a good knowledge of her filmography. Nevertheless, its but one of potentially several nuggets of information (and not necessarily the most interesting of the lot) that could pop-up in the coming days/weeks...
  3. I suppose @Nick1066 is correct and that its best to write something a bit more substantial about George Lucas. Now, I'm going to preface that I'm looking at his legacy as a filmmaker - i.e. director and screenwriter - more so than as an innovator of film technology or a buisnessman. I don't think I have the tools to assess the latter, nor does it interest me. I'm looking at Lucas the filmmaker. I think most creative people have big variations in their output - for every Tristan there's a Liebesverbot, for every Lawrence a Ryan's Daughter, for every Jaws a Kingdom of the Crystal Sku
  4. Just orchestra or also solo instruments/bands, soloists, choir, etecetra?
  5. Not all, but some. Today is the first day with no masks required in public. COVID cases have dropped very rapidly once a large part of the populace got vaccinated.
  6. It doesn't. Its just nice to be in the know... Thought I'd pass it around.
  7. Do we by any chance have the orchestra's first reading of the piece on the album, or is it some later take?
  8. I don't have any campign against Lucas as a filmmaker. Like I said, I'm far from the biggest critic of his lesser films (except maybe Attack of the Clones) and I certainly don't subscribe to the idea that Star Wars was somehow succesfull in spite of him. I'm just saying it like I see it. I think the success of the original Star Wars is more to do with Lucas the writer than Lucas the director. Its all perfectly servicable, yes. But its just nowhere near as good as in the sequel, I think.
  9. More like the story, the effects and the score. The acting - Guinness and Cushing notwithstanding - isn't really that good, either.
  10. There are definitely some great-looking shots in there. But on the whole its very high-key, "lets put the camera on a tripod and get this done with" type of film. The secret to its success lays in other departments.
  11. Indeed. Even the original Star Wars doesn't really excell on the way its directed. There are some arresting shots, but overall the camerawork and performances are...servicable.
  12. I think the minister is conflating season one for the first two seasons, which will obviously share sets and costumes, and which are to be shot back-to-back. So its more like $200 mill per season, which sits well with the initial figures. Meanwhile, suspicions mount as to the identity of the show's third director...
  13. Indeed, and with arguably the strongest cast out of all the entries! They also found some way to make Cate Blanchett completely unappealing. Go figure.
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