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  1. As does all of Hollywood, with the few exceptions I mentioned.


    Its what George Lucas did with his films, too. Or do you think the incest in Empire Strikes Back (of which there was a lot more left on the cutting room's floor, thankfully) was intentional? Or Qui-Gon Jinn? Watching Star Wars, there are no two films that feel like they were cut from the same cloth, continuity-wise.

  2. Williams doesn't do "a lot of callbacks." It's almost as if reprising themes too much feels to him like retreading musical grounds. For a score to feel "original" to him, he has to base it on new thematic material as much as possible.


    As for that motif specifically, its for the more lighthearted action scenes (where there typically is humor to be had with Finn's scared-out-of-his-mind behavior, hence the tendency to associate the motif with him). As the action becomes more dire, this "driving" motif is left by the wayside as it would be out of place.


    If the marketing is to be believed, this upcoming movie will have little room for the former kind of action. Still, I suppose the motif could recur once or twice.

  3. 1 hour ago, Not Mr. Big said:

    I wonder if there'll be a theme for Rey and Luke (a bit like Luke & Leia) as their relationship is apparently pretty central to the movie.  


    That's actually quite likely. He doesn't want to repeat themes from earlier episodes too often, so don't expect too much of Luke and Rey's existing themes. A new theme for their entire storyline would be a good way around that.

  4. 15 minutes ago, Bajak said:

    I read the normal edition has some "alternates" that the special edition doesn't have, namely for example Roast Mutton, so I suppose I have to buy everything available to have a complete collection?


    There are a few alternates in the shorter versions for An Unexpected Journey, a little one for Desolation of Smaug and nothing in particular for The Battle of the Five Armies.


    They're not complete, but they are as close as an OST release gets. There is some additional music to be ripped from the credits and the music for the trailer of An Unexpected Journey is available for download, as well.


    Doug's book (which we were now told is awaiting release) is set to include a rarities CD holding some of the unreleased bits, like the diegetic appearance of the new Rivendell theme.

  5. Its a bit too modern sounding for me. It's not like its assaulting my sensibilities, or anything: I like that it uses a melody from the score, and I also like some of the instrumental choices such as anvil and Cabasa. The "ya-ya-ya", while an inspired choice on paper (it does sound like Nigunim!), doesn't work quite as well as one would hope.


    Its also sung in a deeper voice than the other two, so you can chart a transition from men's voices in The Hobbit (fitting of a dwarf-centric story) into the female-dominated Lord of the Rings, with the lighter tenor voices of Sheeren and Boyd serving as a transient.


    But "I See Fire" uses Guitar in a way that feels more in line with how its used in the score, and it's such a little Song that even if offends your sensibilities in any way, it at least doesn't hit you over the head with it.

  6. Yea, that's obvious. What I meant is that, because there is so much singing in the underscore, a lot of tracks are songs, in a way.


    15 minutes ago, Stefancos said:

    I See Fire is the best of the Hobbit end credit songs though.


    It's alright.


    I really like The Last Goodybe. As with Billy's "Edge of Night", it fits well into Shore's celtic vibe for the Hobbits, and Victoria Kelly's orchestrations really ground it in the sound-world of the Shire.

  7. Anyhow, it's worthwhile to have the Original Soundtrack around, as well as the Complete Recordings. Lots of alternates, a different mix for choir and special instruments (which I prefer) and also just as an abbreviated and "concertized" (and very well constructed, at that) experience of the soundtrack, when you don't have the time or desire to sit through the whole thing.

  8. 4 minutes ago, publicist said:



    Why am i now dreading your 'Best films' list?


    I'm not sure that I have a list.  What I meant is that, if there isn't a moment in the film that just assaults the audience with overbearing emotion, it isn't really deserving of being counted among the "best."


    Take Citizen Kane: on the level of non-linearity, cinematography and clever transitions - brillliant. But when that's the main claim that a film has to greatness, it just becomes more of an academic exercise, for me.

  9. 2 hours ago, El Jefe said:

    2001 - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 


    Oh, lots of people (by which I mean people who view film critically) share that view, myself included. It's visual splendor is beyond belief, but it's so lethargic that I'd watch An Unexpected Journey on loop.


    My confession is that I, a man who loves examining films critically, cannot for the life of me watch "art cinema" - a movie based around an allegory or a statement. To me, film is just not the right medium for that kind of intellectual exploration: that's what books are for. Films are about taking themes, basic themes of humanity, and exploring them in a visceral, emotional way. Not about making a cerebral statement.


    Because this is my criteria, I judge film by the emotional impact. As such, a lot of famous films mentioned in this thread - Godfather, Citizen Kane, etc - aren't anywhere near what I'd consider "the best films" (which is different to "favorite films") because they're not aiming to evoke a strong emotional response in the viewer to begin with.

  10. Interesting. I do recall that section of the film being nigh dominated by Han's charming persona.


    I do however think that, while Rey, Finn and Kylo were good characters, JJ was concerned with putting the weight of the whole film on their shoulders. And maybe he has a point: maybe we like them because they're given to us in moderation?


    If you think about the quirks that give them their character, than they are things that can easily be overdone, e.g. Kylo's anger outbursts or Finn's scared-out-of-his-mind demeanor.


    Which is to say nothing about Poe not-really-in-the-movie Dameron.

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