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  1. This. John Williams scored Attack of the Clones and The Rise of Skywalker, and out of this we actually got two very accomplished scores for our pains.
  2. The theme that, in the classic trilogy, we associated with the Rebels becomes very strongly associated with the Falcon: a prime example of a leitmotif changing its association. Interestingly, in Star Wars' liner notes, that theme is dubbed the "Rebel spaceship fanfare", i.e. it was initially linked to the Blockade Runner. Williams typically doesn't read scripts, but in the case of Star Wars he made an exception and, at the time, the design of the Blockade Runner was the Falcon, so that may be the origin of this switch.
  3. Its in Return of the Jedi that the theme starts losing its specific association with Luke and becomes associated more generally with heroics (the Rebel forces often get it), and that's how its mostly used in the following trilogies: my memory of the sequel trilogy is that this theme is often associated with Poe.
  4. Still better than Robert Bailey's "the theme we hear when x."
  5. Over time, I've moved away from calling leitmotives by name. Not that I go as far as Robert Bailey who refers to motives only insofar as he's referring to the circumstances in which we hear them. Rather, I prefer to instead of talking of "The Force theme" talk about it in terms of "The theme associated with the Force." Its a subtle difference, but it allows for more freedom in the reading of the theme and for change. The whole point of leitmotives is that they change, and not just in musical form but in dramatic association, and that happened to practically all the themes from the original Star Wars. The theme associated with Leia being played for Ben's death was Williams call: he explains it in the liners and even in a few interviews since: it just felt right to him, just like the theme associated with the Tarnhelm probably just felt right to Wagner when Waltraute tells Brunhilde that Wotan's Spear is broken: there's no straightforward, compelling "explanation" for why its there that I've ever read other than it sounds right (which it does).
  6. For cataclysmic chorus you quite simply cannot beat "The End of all Things." Sorry, can't be done.
  7. Screening prints of the original-ish cut is not so unheard of. Its getting to see the original cut off of the negative that people want.
  8. Right. Are the names of musicians listed in the show's IMDb page telling us anything? Felix Erskine seem to be listed for the trailer, but the rest? I see that they do work in London, so maybe we can hope for the return of the London Phillharmonic, and Shore with it?
  9. I agree. I loved the movie, but I don't think its as readily-accessible as the other major franchises. Works fine for one, two, maybe three movies (and Part One's box-office wasn't terribly big) but its probably not going to spawn a lot of sequels.
  10. I get your argument, but much the same could also be said about back when it was just one film...
  11. James Newton Howard is also cited.
  12. Avatar's 3D was beautiful and hopefully so will its sequels. In these days when the multiplex is awash with CKC (Cutesie Kiddie Crap), I'll take any Cameron film (with its face-value earnestness) that I can get.
  13. It doesn't. Even at 60'' you'd need to sit pretty close to benefit from a 3K-sized image. The size of the image compared to the grains does make a difference, even on smaller monitors: that's why Nolan's IMAX footage "pops" even in an 1080p copy: out of those 1080p, much less is grain.
  14. Kinda but not really. In theory, Super-35mm resolves 3.2K-2.8K, depending on stock speed and exposure. But if you only look at picture information, it’s a lot less: probably around 2.5K - the rest is grain. It’s typically scanned at 4-6K for the purposes of oversampling.
  15. Harry Potter presents a better opportunity to craft a musical saga in the style of Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings: its less anthological than Jurassic Park. There's the same cast of characters, the same central conflict, Hogwarts and so forth: there's more of a chance to introduce a body of material and continue to develop it and expand on it. But, alas, that opportunity was never siezed.
  16. https://variety.com/2022/film/news/lord-of-the-rings-warner-bros-zaentz-rights-1235184414/ The whole may prove to have merely been a ruse of Zaentz' estate to get Warners to pay-up.
  17. They hadn't been officially announced by Amazon (their recent news blitz seems to have been Elf-centric, and they're keeping most of the Numenorean characters for a later reveal), but its true. I have a list of the cast somewhere: Number Character Actor Role Codenames 1 Galadriel Morfydd Clark Protagonist "Eldien" 2 Young Galadriel Lady Amelie Child-Villiers Minor character "Young Eldien" 3 Elrond Robert Aramayo Deuteragonist "Beldor", "Neldor" 4 Gil Galad Benjamin Walker Major character "Galanion? 5 Arondir (Silvan Elf) Ismael Cruz-Cordova Major character "Calenon", "Everard" 6 Celebrimbor Charles Edwards Major character ? 7 Finrod Will Fletcher Minor character ? 8 ? (Elf) Kip Chpaman Minor character "Selwyn"? 9 Adar(Tortured Elf) Joseph Mawle Antagonist (Galadriel's brother?! Sauron alias?) "Oren" 10 Durin III Peter Mullan Minor character "Khain" 11 Durin IV (his son) Owain Arthur Major character "Brac" 12 Disa (his wife) Sophia Nomvete Major character "Eira" 13 ? (Hobbit elder) Dr. Sir Lenworth Henry Major character "Hamson"? 14 ? (his wife?) Sara Zwangobani? Thusitha Jayasundera? Major character? "Cora" 15 ? (Hobbit, their daughter?) Megan Richards Major character "May", "Hennah"? 16 Elanor "Nori" Brandyfoot Markella Kavenagh Major character, comic relief? "Tyra" 17 Bronwyn (Middle Earth native) Nazanin Boniadi Major character (Arondir's love interest) "Kari" 18 Theo (her son) Tyroe Muhaffidin Major character "Kyrin" 19 Elendil Lloyd Owen Major character "Loda" 20 Carine (his daughter) Ema Horvath Major character "Shay", "Ema"? 21 Isildur Maxim Baldry Major character "Cole" 22 Nollon (his friend) Alex Tarrant? Anthony Crum? Ian Blackburn? Minor character Hildrun 23 Ontamo (his friend) Anthony Crum? Ian Blackburn? Alex Tarrant? Minor character Leofyn 24 Valandil (his friend) Ian Blackburn? Alex Tarrant?Anthony Crum? Minor character Ferrin 25 Tar Palantir Goeff Morrell? Minor character "Sarador" 26 Tar Miriel (regent) Cynthia Addai-Robinson Major character "Asta" 27 Pharazon Trystan Gravelle Major character, minor antagonist "Welyn" 28 Kemen (his son) Fabian McCallum? Leon Wadham? Major character "Cadmon" 29 Halbrand (fugitive, Northman?) Charlie Vickers Major character, anti-hero? Aric 30 "The Stranger" (Gandalf?!) Daniel Weyman Major character Daric 31 Lara (Queen's Lady-in-waiting) ? Minor Character ? 32 Cirdan ? (Elf) Simon Merrells Minor character "Tervyn" 33 ? Dylan Smith Minor character ? 34 ? Peter Tait Minor character ? 35 ? Beau Cassidy Minor character ? 36 ? Augustus Prew Minor character ? 37 ? Maxine Cunliffe Minor character ?
  18. He was also the one to chop-up Once Upon a Time in America, but De mortuis nihil nisi bonum and all of that. A great producer who put his eggs in risky baskets and was greatly rewarded. Both Star Wars and Braveheart were risky projects to undertake. A great loss.
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