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  1. That is one of the most ingenious pieces Howard ever wrote: it starts with the material associated with Thorin and ends with the material associated with Kili and Tauriel's love, both of which incorporate this figure, and so Shore uses it to bridge the two motives AND to reveal an element of tragedy that lay hidden in both of them. My understanding is this material develops into the theme associated with suffering in The Lord of the Rings (what Adams designates "Evil Times").
  2. That's fine. What I dislike is the conceit that Mordor was once this verdant stretch of land and then suddenly this big explosion/eruption happens et voilà! InstaMordor! I mean, in The Return of the King we see a glimpse of Mordor after the destruction of the Ring and it looks like: So its not sulphorous like it is under Sauron's sway, but its still an arid stretch of land by nature. Its not some heaven turned into hell in a one cheesy fell swoop. Its like how in Solo its somehow really important to explain why the Falcon later has "the most peculiar dialect", only here its even dumber, and done on a much larger scale. I really don't need to see Mordor created. I think these showrunners - and possibly their writers - got caught-up in the excitement of making a fantasy show, and they're making one which is very self-concsiously fantasy, both in the design but also in the plotting because "you can have man just fall from the sky - its fantasy!" or "you can have Mordor created by an explosion - its fantasy!" That scares me!
  3. This. Especially if you can piece-together some of the plot which, being that this is an entry into an established series and has the main beats of its plotline outlined in material many of us are familiar with, we can have some impression of what this show will probably be like, and we can adjust our expectations accordingly. For instance, just now: This video confirms that this rather lush village setting is in Mordor. I'm actually shocked at how Reddit and Discord are reacting enthusiastically to this, because I find that idea one of the worst these showrunners had cooked up: I really don't need to see Mordor created. I'm fine with it just having been there and taken over by Sauron, but to invent this convoluted backstory where it appearantly once a verdant stretch of land that magically turned sulphorous? I think that's strenous storytelling.
  4. On the album, the Shore piece is about 1 minute 29 seconds. Also, track titles:
  5. I keep my skepticism towards responses coming from glossy premieres and press screenings. Not to accuse anyone going to those of being disingenious, but something about being a little bit dazzled by all the pomp and circumstance seems to put people into a more agreeable mood. Looking for example at responses from the premiere of The Rise of Skywalker, for instance, one must wonder if those people saw the same film we saw in theaters.
  6. Am I wrong in saying that this intro seems to include allusions to all the major cultures of Middle Earth? We have the Dwarven fifths, the Ring's half-steps, the Elven arpeggios, the Mordor "chords", the Hobbits' rising scale, the "nature" progression, etc?
  7. Its great spectacle, but as a narrative it falls somewhat apart, mostly on the fact that Pitt's Achilles is too much of a brute, and his relationship with Briseis exhibits too strong a shade of Stockholm Syndrome. Yes, all the REALLLY long cuts of Das Boot are meant to be viewed serially on television, not as a single movie.
  8. Shore was contacted quite early on, so no. I guess its a combination of workload and secretiveness that led to the two composers work being compartmentalized from one another.
  9. Director of Das Boot, The NeverEnding Story and Troy, among other things.
  10. Some more of Bear McCreary's score: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/926266868694655006/1009112646143967252/khazad-dum_theme.mp4
  11. I actually don't think that would be much difficult. Nobody can copyright a perfect fifth or diminished seventh or an augemented second, or a descending halfstep or whatever - and yet those are the kind of musical building-blocks from which Shore creates his themes. The question is: what even is that main theme?! What material will we hear echoed in it? Will it be based on the Ring material? The Shire? The Gondor material? And although it would be sad not to hear Shore's theme in the underscore (at least in this season) there may be something to be said for the "cycle" starting with absolute music (The Rings of Power opening credits) and ending with absolute music (Bilbo's Song).
  12. The real disappointing aspect for me is that Bear seemingly composed his entire score before hearing Shore's theme and there's little chance it will be incorporated into any part of the underscore. Hoping it proves popular enough that Bear feels compelled to incorporate it into the score come Season Two.
  13. Ah, but you're wrong Nick. That's not Tolkien's vision fulfilled, clearly THIS is: The way this shaping up, at its worst this show would make a hell of lark if you've a drink handy.
  14. They are. Its the same as the rhetoric of "they're not Hobbits, they're Harfoots, you see, and that's why its totally different and not pandering!" This is the real killer for me, though: We've heard the showrunners parrot this line a few times now, on a couple of occasions. And from what I can see, it just doesn't jive with what their show has to offer, between the Harfoots, potentially Meteor Man and certainly this siege battle. Whether this is intentionally misleading or not is for a later day, I think.
  15. Yeah, but this isn't a case like the Scouring or like Isengard where the continuous indsturialisation and/or war preparations ravish the land: its a case of something going "boom!" (why, how and what the nature of this explosion is, I haven't the foggiest) and there's Mordor.
  16. In an interview with EW from ComicCon, the actresses of the two Hobbit youngesters made the parallel to Frodo and Sam... Also, and this is me piecing stuff together so take it with a grain of salt, but this fort will get besieged by Orcs until Galadriel brings the Numenorean cavarly to save the day (ahem...Helm's Deep...ahem):
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