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  1. So that's basically it. There is a version of the Director's Cut on Bluray that doesn't have the intermission, which I think detracts from the movie: the pacing really needs it.
  2. And the Roadshow cut is even better. The pace of the film really needs that intermission.
  3. Yeah, I was just talking about this with a friend. The only moments in Kingdom of Heaven that I find truly touching all invariably have to do with Sybila and/or King Baldwin. Especially the moment of the latter's death and the montage accompanied by Cor Meum, but also her discovery of her son's illness; and a couple of cutaways to her while the siege takes place. I also really like Jeremy Irons in this. I have a huge dislike for Marton Csokas as the villain. He's snooty, and not in a good way, and its not like he's intimidating, either. It doesn't work at all. And really, much of the script is very clumsy. Its a very mixed movie - the director's cut does not remove its issues by any means. But ultimately I just find it visually rapturous and a very impressive and evocative piece of filmmaking. The good certainly outweighs the bad.
  4. Nah, that was long before that. There wouldn't have been footage to have music composed for: it was mostly behind-the-scenes material and animatics. It had a temp track of Shore, Last of the Mohicans and Braveheart.
  5. Personally, I find that much, much more interesting that the Cannes reel.
  6. Interesting that they had Gladiator in the temp track so shortly after the release of the album. Prior to that, the temp track was mostly Shore stuff and Last of the Mohicans and Braveheart "for the more epic scenes." Of course, Ian Nathan (with whom I had a nice chat recently) had already reported that the Cannes reel had Gladiator stuff in there, but still!
  7. I'm still curious to hear some of the non-Shore pieces that are out there: there's another diegetic Hobbit sound they had composed and performed, there's another composition of Viggo's as a replacement for Arwen's Song, etc... Just because its not composed by Shore doesn't mean its not part of the musical fabric of the Middle Earth films!
  8. which - for these kinds of movies - I love. I love the idea of a movie as an ordeal.
  9. Sounds like a cool subplot, but I perfectly enjoyed the movie not knowing that subplot was ever a thing, and will continue to enjoy it as it is.
  10. I, for one, try to watch any film that I want to discuss in any detail twice. But then there are some films where I'm just not enthused enough to go ahead with that: Tenet is one such film. I didn't activelly dislike it by any stretch of the imagination, but whatever enjoyment I derived from it was purely on the level of "look, explosion!" or "ha, witty line!" and that sort of thing. It ain't nothing, but its not much, either.
  11. To me, it all comes down to whether one identifies with the plight of the characters in the story. I can't fault anyone for not empathizing with Paul. I do, but I get why some won't. Its a bit like how audiences empathize more naturally with Siegmund in Die Walkure than they do Siegfried: because Siegmund's predicament is just more down-to-earth and ultimately tangiable; whereas a character like Paul has a predicament that is in many ways "beyond" us - its just too cosmic. But I do think audiences can empathize very naturally with Lady Jessica. That stuff was extremlly compelling: just a really, REALLY worried mum; and that's not faint praise because Jessica is onscreen a hell of a lot in the movie. So I'm kind of at a loss at the notion that its hollow.
  12. There's some truth to what you say. For example Bakshi's Part Two of The Lord of the Rings was well on its way to being made - Part One had made a decent $30.5 million against ~$11 million budget, after all - but it was going to have to be made on a tighter budget, so Bakshi threw in the towel and that was that. Of course, that was made in a completely different time and under different circumstances. I'll give it a few days to at least see Warners echo Legendary on this matter, but I no longer seriously doubt that we'll see Part Two; and that's a very good thing for cinema.
  13. There's an easier solution, y'know: find a way to get the Twitterati to "cancel" him. Its a bit mean, sure (I mean, Hans seems nice and all...) but it gets the job done.
  14. Thank godness! https://deadline.com/2021/10/dune-sequel-greenlit-by-legendary-warner-bros-theatrical-release-1234862383/
  15. It wasn't somekind of revelation to me, either. But I like it a lot.
  16. The massacre at Mazriel, maybe. But not the attack of Aqaba; which is really depicted as a gallop more than as an actual battle.
  17. Kingdom of Heaven? Oh, its quite good. In many ways, its has an absolutely ghastly screenplay - just very clumsy with moving the plot forward, introducing characters and with its thematic underpinings - but somehow Scott and his terrific ensemble cast make it work. The best cut is the Roadshow Edition.
  18. Very much so, yes. Especially in the way that he prefers to treat the action setpieces more as crowd scenes than as fight sequences - lots of shots of charging cavalry, but we little of the actual fighting that ensues; which I tend to find disappointing.
  19. Sir David Lean is the kinda director that directors love. I will say, Villenueve's assertion that its "a perfect movie" is a dubious one: nearly everyone (including those who worked on the film) agrees the second part of Lawrence is not as good as the first. I bet Villenueve had seen it, like the rest of us, in its 216-minute "director's cut", which only heightens the issues of that part of the film.
  20. I dunno - it was fairly long by Star Wars standards, wasn't it? Its just that everything in that 2.5 hours flashed-by with very little chance to actually settle into situations, characters, feelings and so forth.
  21. It is curious that both certainly suffer from the same main issue: pacing that's too fast.
  22. Not an anthem, but Wagner quotes the Dresden Amen in Das Liebesverbot, Lohengrin, Tannhauser, and Parsifal.
  23. Yeah, there are a few things the film doesn't explain quite well enough, but they're fairly minor. People talk all the time about how the elipsis in the original Star Wars heighten the film's realism - I think the same could be said of those things here.
  24. I can't attest to that, I didn't watch it. But I'm tempted to at least give it a look.
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