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  1. For some reason this section from TFA always reminds of this...might be the timpani pounding the same note.
  2. Would really love to see the analyis if possible, @WilliamsStarShip2282! I've never had a chance to analyze it myself, but his movement between keys in that piece was always fascinating...
  3. Could almost imagine Ron saying "I got about 6 of him" to Harry's "Hey, I got Ross!"
  4. The variety of musical styles in PoA still amazes me to this day...no idea how he could mix them all together and it somehow still works!
  5. I love both, but I grew up with the music of JW in HP, so I'm obviously biased towards it!
  6. From my end, I love the fact that, unlike many other composers, a lot of his most famous cues are available for purchase in some form or shape - and that they are not just arrangements made by anyone.
  7. Do these things ever surface after a long time? Or can we just assume we're never going to hear it?
  8. @Holko Thank you so much this is amazing! I wonder if the decision for the trumpet to play the voice part in bar 67 of Double Trouble came from the conductor, or if its indicated in mancanza in the parts (nothing written in the score).
  9. Love the deconstructed parts, even though I can't understand one word of Hungarian
  10. Got the €1 refund from JPC too - does anybody know why why these are being issued?
  11. https://thumbs.gfycat.com/ImmaculateShorttermGoshawk-size_restricted.gif
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