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  1. I absolutely hate whoever thought it would be a good idea to make a verify you're not a robot button after choosing tickets rather than right before payment. Lost 2 tickets twice...
  2. Love seeing the parts to JW's music stamped with the VP logo...the fact that his music now has a permanent place in the Vienna Philharmonic's library just brings a smile to my face. 8340863F9DF12D7C22C571901E3DC8B9_video_dashinit.mp4
  3. Same here. Sent them an email, and they basically said 'contact our third-party service provider yourself' - the definition of stellar custom service.
  4. A recording of VC no.2 by the Vienna Phil would be amazing!
  5. Well, it’s safe to say that this is the top contender for ‘Surprise of the Year’ so far…
  6. Found these interview on vimeo. Not sure if these have been posted elsewhere or featured in any other release, but thought I would share, maybe there's something new... https://vimeo.com/188293660 https://vimeo.com/188289969 https://vimeo.com/188282869 https://vimeo.com/188280588
  7. Can't find the 4-disc version on Amazon DE...will it be only available on the DG website?
  8. https://www.pbs.org/wnet/gperf/great-performances-a-john-williams-premiere-at-tanglewood-about/13028/
  9. Well you just made my day - I can now say I have a photo with JW
  10. This guy insists on doing even more as he gets older! What an inspiration. I'll do my best to be there - my only wish would be that there's some of his concert works included in the programme, but the fact that this is even happening is already amazing.
  11. From ASM's FB post - is this confirmation that it will be a live recording rather than a studio recording? Also seems like we are getting more film themes after all!
  12. Since it seems the recording took place in New York, that would probably mean that it's 2 separate albums as I think ASM mentioned that the recording of VC no.2 would be taking place in Boston, unless I'm mistaken
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