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  1. Hopefully that means that it won't take very long to release this!
  2. So due to all of the issues listed above - which release of the original trilogy soundtracks would you recommend for the best audio experience?
  3. I'm really curious what the cameramen have written on that "script" - anyone who has done that work (or sat close enough) care to enlighten us?
  4. Thanks for reminding me of this! Meant to ask after the concert on Sunday but forgot.
  5. It looks like Sunday - judging from the gesture towards the 1st violins at 3:00. Saw a video form Saturday and he didn't do that gesture (see below)
  6. Book Depository is normally very reliable for such pre-orders so it seems we finally have confirmation for something. Two weeks ago I sent an email to Hal Leonard asking for an estimated publication date for TROS Signature Edition, and they said it wasn't even slotted for production on their production list yet
  7. If I noticed correctly from my seat, the score you can see in the video is the score to Raiders. I don't think he even had a score to the Imperial March...
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