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  1. That makes me feel like I've never heard this soundtrack before.
  2. There are some great documentaries about the architecture and construction of the Philharmonie on the Digital Concert Hall. Amazing how thouroughly it was planned, up to the point of even including openings for cameras - in 1960! Wish to visit someday and listen to the Philharmoniker in that beautiful acoustic space - imagine if it was with JW conducting...
  3. Say you wanted to burn this to 2 discs, where would be a good point to split?
  4. And directed by Wayne Marshall! (Who lives on the same island as I do so I'm probably going to end up with a restraining order when I go knock on his door everyday for him to show me the score ) I'm afraid you might be right - although I hope you're not. Why would he name the piece after Grubinger's ensemble otherwise?
  5. https://royalphilharmonicsociety.org.uk/awards/gold-medal/john-williams
  6. Thank you for the insight! Will make sure to check out the articles you mentioned.
  7. Interesting...I always assumed it would make sense to keep to related keys to give the entire thing a more coherent aspect.
  8. Thank you @Score and @Oomoog the Ecstatic! Will have to revisit The Mission! Maybe @Falstaft can offer some wisdom about this?
  9. I was wondering whether anyone has looked into the the key relationships, if any, between successive cues or maybe a predominant key or tonal center across an entire score by JW. Do you think this is an important consideration when JW writes a score?
  10. No idea what he does here but I love it (tuning? playing with nails?)
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