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  1. Well you just made my day - I can now say I have a photo with JW
  2. This guy insists on doing even more as he gets older! What an inspiration. I'll do my best to be there - my only wish would be that there's some of his concert works included in the programme, but the fact that this is even happening is already amazing.
  3. From ASM's FB post - is this confirmation that it will be a live recording rather than a studio recording? Also seems like we are getting more film themes after all!
  4. Since it seems the recording took place in New York, that would probably mean that it's 2 separate albums as I think ASM mentioned that the recording of VC no.2 would be taking place in Boston, unless I'm mistaken
  5. Thank you @Henry Sítrónu! That should give us a lot to do in the 3-day stay!
  6. Would those who have already been to the city be able to recommend locations to visit/things to do/food to eat/etc. which are essential in Berlin, from personal experience?
  7. I think we'd better move this conversation to the meet-up thread so we don't invade the concert thread...I have a few more questions
  8. Would the Motel One at Mitte option be a good choice too? Which location would be in a central location which is both close to the Philharmonie and the rest of the attractions in Berlin?
  9. By any chance, do locals/previous visitors of Berlin have any suggestions for places to stay? Was thinking of accomodation in a hotel rather than Airbnb, but not sure which areas are ideal...
  10. Happy birthday to Seiji Ozawa, the amazing dedicatee of this wonderful piece!
  11. I think there's one of these in Tintin too...can't remember which track it is or if I'm imagining stuff. Will have to look it up tomorrow.
  12. Would someone be so kind as to explain how to do this...I normally rip using EAC which detects gaps automatically.
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