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  1. Really looking forward to see what the Williams/Mutter collaboration will come up with for the Violin Concerto...
  2. If this is the case, that's amazing! I won't be there for sure, so not waiting for months/years for a commercial release will be great.
  3. Maybe that's due to this? (and I hate that this announcement was made on the release day...)
  4. Just found it on HDtracks too: https://www.hdtracks.com/#/album/604b8e86cdf23b2392e8518c - much cheaper than Presto [for the 88 kHz/24-bit it's 21USD on HDtracks vs 32EUR on Presto]. Qobuz isn't available in my region unfortunately. No liner notes though
  5. Complete album on Spotify: Did anyone find the link for the digital purchase they're advertising?
  6. Do you think it will be long until we get a recording to listen to after the concert? Does the DSO record/broadcast or anything of the sort?
  7. Wouldn't this technically be VC no. 3? Because of Treesong?
  8. Hearing this Quidditch sequence, I wish I could listen to the entire HP3 score performed by this orchestra. Is it just this recording that adds a little pause between the Quidditch music and the pizzicato section? (Bar 87 in the Signature Edition score) I can't bear to listen to the City of Prague monstrosity again to check - once was enough.
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