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  1. Wrote to Hal Leonard support re. the Signature Edition and the piano books and got the following response:
  2. Not even piano solo books yet. I'm sure the Signature Edition concet suite will be published eventually, but it makes me wonder if they would publish the piano books now that so much time has passed and the hype around the movie has died down...
  3. When I contacted Hal Leonard customer support team in January, TROS wasn't even on their production list. No piano books as of yet either.
  4. Is there a way to purchase the DVD material digitally? As far as I know only the regular release was on iTunes store.
  5. Was the interview/conversation between JW and ASM published in a more complete form anywhere, other than little snippets in promotional material?
  6. Hopefully that means that it won't take very long to release this!
  7. So due to all of the issues listed above - which release of the original trilogy soundtracks would you recommend for the best audio experience?
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