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  1. ROTK CR reissue coming out in September, the Hobbit CRs get hype? let me dream
  2. Archangelo


    Sorry for offtopic but lol
  3. Yeah, I get it now. Hope it's going to turn out this way indeed, can't wait for that book.
  4. Ah, yes, I've seen that one. The way I interpreted it before still made it ambiguous for me whether both the lyrics and the score will be talked about only in their original form or just the score, but maybe I misunderstood it. Thanks
  5. I believe you and sure hope it is going to be that way, but I still would like to hear a confirmation from Doug
  6. I remember Doug saying something about lyrics too, but can't remember if it included reworked pieces like that one, so I wanna make sure
  7. Hi, it's my first post here, hello to you all This place seems like my best shot at doing this, so I've got 2 questions for the awesome @Doug Adams: 1. We know the lyrics for LotR film music come from texts in Quenya, Khuzdul, Black Speech, etc., but the actual lyrics in the tracks quite frequently used only parts of the source texts, often out of order, or even just some syllables of the original words, sometimes not making much sense in the final effect. Were the texts simply edited to suit the music or...? How did the process of turning the source texts into the lyrics look like? 2. Is your upcoming Hobbit music book going to include lyrics to "non-canon" pieces like the film version of Thorin vs. Azog cue from AUJ? I really, really want to know what that piece's text is about.
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