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  1. Yeah, I'm listening to it on Spotify for the time being. Anybody got a contact at the label? @Thor? We should suggest a re-release!
  2. If you have the chance, I strongly recommend hearing Tchaikovsky's 1st in concert. It's so great, especially the diabolically energetic final movement (where you'll also spot the parts that Reyes borrowed).
  3. Then you should start writing great music. Did JW just admit that he composes instead of breathing oxygen? He's more machine than man!
  4. Fair enough, but you did say it's not your thing. Btw, you may want to know that Reyes' "piano concerto" in Grand Piano is largely a pastiche, quoting and drawing inspiration from the great concertos of the past. Especially Tchaikovsky's famous first piano concerto is quoted verbatim.
  5. It's sadly out of stock everywhere, which I guess isn't surprising considering it was a very limited release. And you keep saying you don't like classical music.
  6. Ah, that one. He's a great guy, I did some decent deals with him that were good for both parties.
  7. I listened to it again this morning at work, and there isn't much that really grabs my attention. I will, however, listen more closely an evening when I have time to sit down and concentrate on the music.
  8. So he's lying about his age now? John, UK didn't leave Europe, only the EU. Confusing, I know. It's not any longer than to the UK...
  9. He catches sharks and is a gigolo on the side.
  10. To add to the confusion, the replacement cue does contain material from Vertigo's Scene D'Amour.
  11. I know, but My Suicide it used on the BR version, according to @Smeltington.
  12. Why not throw in a fugue by Bach while we're at it.
  13. I see this contains the premiere home release of the uncut Psycho! I didn't even know that all the releases so far have been cut. I have the 14 disc Hitchcock BR collection, which can be found quite cheap, but the quality of the transfers are hit and miss (not to say a mess).
  14. I there a review of this? I reckon The Birds have gotten a facelift compared to the BR.
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