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  1. They should have used Sibelius then.
  2. Actually, I heard it was the highlight of the concert, and it would have been perfect hadn't it been for a few timing issues.
  3. He's currently planning a flash mob concert at the airport with the BPO.
  4. So you got your money back for the first ticket, but they didn't manage to put it back for sale?
  5. I was going to, but had to take care of my sick family. Luckily, @GerateWohl stepped in and did his best Jurassic Shark impersonation.
  6. Have anybody done a comparison between early pressings and fixed ones?
  7. Haven't heard the Berlin yet, but I'm sure the VPO had the best flubs and timing issues!
  8. Oh, I thought he was a young person when he mentioned working for JW getting in the way for his own career. Pope is still available, isn't he?
  9. Then he got fired and wasn't able to work ever again?
  10. I didn't know he signed for three pictures at once. I guess that made it easier to "get rid of him" for the fourth installment.
  11. I just want to get it over with so we can move on and let the master elements disintegrate.
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