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  1. Scorsese: I'll show you dead composers...
  2. I used to purchase several copies when I found particularly good sheet music deals on Amazon, as an "insurance" considering their lousy packaging for international orders. So thanks for buying my spare copy, and let me know if there's anything else you're looking for.
  3. Thanks! Just curious - what was the subject and conclusion of your thesis?
  4. How did you define this in your thesis?
  5. It's partly autopilot-ey, but quite polished. I paid next to nothing for it in a sale. Then it was worth it.
  6. I've got the OST of this score. It was good enough to warrant a purchase. Barely.
  7. Pretty much my thoughts on the score as well.
  8. As of February 2018, Varèse operates as a division of Concord Music Group's Craft Recordings label.[1]
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