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  1. Did Vangelis get this medal, as he seemed to be their go-to composer?
  2. Will the score contain solos for Mutter and Ma, or that guitar guy's mother? Discuss.
  3. I'm guessing it has to do with the credits, as suggested above.
  4. It's a greatly entertaining film, but they should have used this theme instead:
  5. Lorne Balfe auditioning for the Indy 5 composer gig.
  6. Make sure the keys are weighted, like on a real piano. I'd look into digital pianos and stage pianos.
  7. Yeah, they should have asked her about that.
  8. Geez, Deborah, what about doing a little bit more research before setting the wheels in motion?
  9. Didn't McQ state he wanted to make a different kind of film with MI:6 by replacing many of the key people in the production?
  10. Korngold's swashbuckler scores, original recordings. Bernard Hermann's Psycho Max Steiner's Casablanca You're not satisfied with the Stromberg re-recording?
  11. So what you're saying is that Holt's music is more innovative than Ross.
  12. It could have been worse - Holt's music could have been attributed to Ross.
  13. I'm glad they took the trouble of curating for an optimal listening experience.
  14. Wasn't it implied in the first film that she had known him (but not well) a while back?
  15. That's just how it was back then in a galaxy far, far away. They didn't have an abundance of themes.
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