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  1. Probably half the key people in this production will have retired when the film is released. @Thor's assessments of expanded soundtracks.
  2. If I'm not mistaken, blackmailing is against the rules. Bye bye, Bruce.
  3. He's a brave and honest voice that's sorely needed in the soundtrack community.
  4. Have you listened to Philip Glass' The Civil Wars? It's also got a talking female voice, and it's very well integrated and performed.
  5. At least the dialogue voice is a pleasant one, which is an important factor to succeed.
  6. Clemmensen does get a lot of reviews right, though, such as the original Planet of the Apes...
  7. Frankly, it seems like he likes almost everything. Which kind of makes his reviews pointless...
  8. Rarely happens. The only one I can remember now is Conquest of the Skies. Haven't heard of it. Any good?
  9. Repentance, no doubt. And what happened with a composer writes a good score?
  10. Well, there's one sound designer credited, so why not credit the music editors as well.
  11. I reckon it will be quite a disappointing album, with only Holt's material except for the new theme/suite by JW.
  12. The master elements "could not be found".
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